Visible Origami | Las Vegas; the False Flag Waving and the Gonfalon of the Everlasting.

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Good day my friends. We will suspend the usual interests in the ineffable in the usual manner today; not forgetting the mention because it will come but… information is rapidly coming in as proof that yesterday’s attack in Las Vegas was a false flag. Here is some information and speculation. Of course there is the twisted evil of those who celebrate what happened because they imagine it happened to people on the opposite side of their ideology. That she is a full blown member of The Tribe should come as no surprise. In passing let us note this telling tidbit from Breitbart and the source of the commentary as well. It is obvious at this close point to the event that it was an orchestrated false flag. It gets more and more amazing as I watch Mr. Apocalypse dance, this information in this article is riveting. Speculation follows speculation but it is fairly obvious if you know anything about physics and guns that a lot of the speculation seems more accurate than what we are being awkwardly fed. Follow that last link with this one and it becomes more and more clear.

My apologies for so much information from so many locations but one must set the stage, just as they did.

Now they are trying to cover their tracks. It won’t happen. Here is the latest from that Tribe Sleaze Fest at TMZ. The head guy at this sewer pipe production formerly operated as the shit fly reporter from the “Meet the Feebles” movie, who spent most of his time buzzing an unflushed toilet. This stars Muppets like you have never seen them before. I was telling a friend about how outrageous this film was and I guess he wasn’t paying attention cause he went home and put it on and started watching it with his 12 year old daughters. Yes, you are correct. I burst out laughing. After a decent pause he laughed too. “Well, you could have warned me.” “I did warn you, you just weren’t paying attention when I was describing the contents.”

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Visible Origami | Musing on Invictus, while Trapped and Riding in Slot Cars on the Freeway of Karma.

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Thoughts of gratitude swirl about my head and course like surging tributaries; like cloverleaf expressways, in and out of my heart. The ineffable is always sending me evidence of the need to be grateful. Yesterday I was in a location for no reason I could think of, except that I was vaguely thinking about the concept of barter and what people were looking to trade in these times. The answer to that was, practically everything. There was even the picture of a woman around 30-35, who was attired in skimpy shorts, with one leg thrown over the other. She was musing whether anyone might like a massage in exchange for car mechanic service. The impression one gets is that a great deal more than massage was on offer.

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Visible Origami | Why I Call God, The Ineffable …and other Considerations.

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Hurricane Maria has now knocked out all of the power in Puerto Rico. They say it is not coming to America. Of course, there are things coming to America. Possibly the gravest danger America faces is already in America. Let’s change ‘possibly’ to ‘very likely’. Of course. These are the times that have always been spoken about. September 23rd is coming on Saturday. I don’t know if that means anything. The general trend of Fundie prophets has been in the direction of nothing whatsoever so… yes, they are batting about as well as the New Age prophets. The Harmonica Virgins are still virgins. Y2K has resulted only in LBGTQiA. They keep adding initials. I expect P to be added soon, as well as N for Necros. B of course will be added too for the real pet lovers. 2012 was a big bust. I’m probably leaving some out. I’m not up on everything but… everything isn’t up on me either and that brings me to today’s essay which would be an extrapolation of sorts of the last posting, if we bypass the prediction aspect of the word. I’m not going to be predicting, just stating.

Why do I use the word, ‘ineffable’? Hmmm. I believe I have very sound reasons and I think once you hear what they are, you are going to agree with me. The wisest minds that have ever been, all believe in a supreme being. I do not include the merely intelligent among the wise. You can be very smart and still a complete fool, which is how I view them; how I view those who insist there is no supreme being. The problem with most very smart people is that they use the history and behavior of organized religions as proof that there is no supreme being. What has organized religion got to do with God? Organized religion seeks to define God. That is impossible. God is incomprehensible and indefinable. Here is the definition of ineffable; “indescribable, inexpressible, beyond words, beyond description, begging description;” Does it not seem that I am using the most accurate of terms to reference God? It does to me.

Visible Origami | Do Not let The World Distract you from the Possibility of your Eternal Peace Within.

A short interlude in a place where there is nothing to interlude into so… let’s call it a prelude instead. If I were doing this on the QT maybe it would be a Quaalude.

First… and absolutely irrelevant to anything else that happens, here is an opportunity to see an example of my checkered acting career; not the real life one, which is still ongoing. This was my breakout role in an indie abortion that, strangely enough, never went anywhere. Now… on to the matter at hand.

We’ve had a bit of a dust up around here recently and that calls for me to be as honest as possible and if I hurt your feelings; not altogether impossible in the snowflake environment of these times, I apologize but… without me being completely honest there will be something missing. This dust up involves the usual suspects, who are consistently the only suspects, in this ongoing saga that could have been written by James Michener, if Michener actually wrote any of the books attributed to him. What I am saying is that all of the parties bear equal responsibility for what has been taking place.

I’ve received communications from different people. One of them is an Ivy League professor, who mostly lurks in these environs but goes by the initial, R. He made some very good points, none of which I am going to repeat here, since my whole point all along has been to not take sides. As some might remember I got sucked in at one point because I wasn’t paying attention to not taking sides. Now I am paying a lot more attention (grin).

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Visible Origami | How do I Love You? Oh Let me Count the Ways…

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The world has done so much to intrude upon our lives and more specifically upon our minds. The proper response from most of us was not forthcoming. We just accepted it all as conditions we had to live with, so we shrugged and went our way as the darkness gathered around us and within us. I will refer to a Bible passage that is meaningful to me; “Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” I counsel all who come here with similar concerns as we have to pay close attention to those words. Let me rephrase them slightly (grin)… Surrender your fate to the ineffable and put all your trust in the ineffable and hold fast to what you know is true and that which seeks to divide you against yourself will depart from you.

The shadow of previous weakness would not trouble us if it had not once had a foothold. It looks for that point of weakness; some crack in the facade of our badly assembled self, where it can gain access and seek to increase its influence. I know it well. I have been caught in the mix and tumbled like clothes in a washing machine. Only by the grace of the ineffable am I able to sit here today and write these words. I literally cannot remember how many times I have been hammered on. It seems that I should have been broken and lost. It is inconceivable that I could have gotten through it but I did. It was not possible for me to survive what I experienced but the ineffable was there.

His invisible hand worked in impossible circumstances and made what should not have come to pass, come to pass. At one point I was facing life in prison, where no one had gone free before under similar circumstances and the ineffable did such wonders that it still leaves me incredulous; no one since has experienced this either, in that location. It had the highest conviction rate in the nation. It was a slam dunk and I had no visible means to counter any of it… yet… it happened and that was only one event. There were several of similar kind and some involved life and death circumstances and even worse than that. I saw it going on around me but the ineffable prevailed because the ineffable ALWAYS prevails. Put your fate in the hands of the ineffable and according to your faith it will be done unto you.

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Visible Origami | Lady Kundalini Dances in the Mirror of the Perpetual Moment.

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Last night I was trembling and shaking. It might have been less egregious if I had slept the night prior but I did not. This made the disorientation much greater than it would have been. I was so out of touch that I did not even realize it was a Kundalini experience for some time. Then I started weeping in an out of control fashion. It was like being torn to pieces in every direction and… this would have been catastrophic, if the total loss of sense of self was able to impact on me but it wasn’t. I’m used to dissolving into nothing; for there to be no one there afterwards. It might have been awful for someone who expects to find themselves there after all the wrappings are removed. What was disturbing was the force of it.
The episode went on for hours and it was so exhausting that it is difficult to keep my eyes open as I write this. I fell asleep at some point last night and when I woke up this morning I did not remember what had happened the night before. I was drinking a cup of coffee when it all came flooding back. How could I not remember such an excruciating series of events for so long? Nothing like that has ever happened before. This is the third event of its kind in the last couple of months. Not since Italy has there been such an intensity of changes. I don’t remember discussing the other episodes. Maybe I did. So many things get written with such frequency around here that it can blur together. Last night was a great deal more powerful than the other ones. I’m hoping there won’t be any followups for awhile (grin). My friends are used to strange occurrences and are less concerned about them happening and more concerned about whether I am okay. One of them said to me this morning that it is incredible that I can bounce back so quickly. I guess that comes with practice… heh heh.

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Visible Origami | Pedos and Necros and Zombies Oh My!!! …and Total Eclipse Ironies.

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{this is an important posting and I hope that you will give serious attention to it. One portion will address a specific agenda and the other the pending eclipse. Of course, what I am saying and concluding is the result of personal observations and a powerful intuitional input but my sense of it is that I am very close to spot on in many regards and a lot of it is backed up by historical/astrological symmetries and traditions. What you make of it is up to you.}
Remember when all this sexual nonsense was peripheral? You could hear the Village People singing off in the background somewhere and those of alternative sexual persuasions were pressing for legislation to legitimize what every religion and stable social order used to prohibit or caution against? Mind! This is not my POV in the genesis. I am merely presenting what’s been the general mindset on the planet according to the more long lasting traditions of iconic and archetypal infrastructure, which is fluid within particular parameters. For literal evidence of what happens when certain behaviors operate without constraint, I refer you to Rome and the despotic bacchanalia of the times; Babylon, the aptly named Sodom and… (drum roll) Gomorrah. For modern parallels, I direct your attention to Las Vegas, Tel Aviv and… sundry. Argue if you want to. Dispute it if you want to and keep in mind I could give page after page of reference.
Remember all the outrage about associating homosexuality with pedophilia and how one thing leads to another? Well, there’s Ginsberg and Bukowski and the rest of the filthy leftist crew that insist Liberty is License. Then there is NAMBLA. What was supposed to be a recognition of differently aspected people; a general expression of tolerance and inclusiveness that celebrates our humanity toward one another led through permissiveness to this sort of thing and people in gimp (Pulp fiction reference) outfits waving erections and corporations financing it and politicians trampling one another to get to the microphone to defend it all. THEN came the tranny bathroom meme, which directly feeds out of the former and coming, I mean guaranteed coming, is a relentless and powerful push toward legitimizing Pedophilia, Bestiality, Necrophilia and some form of a Zombie Apocalypse. It’s simple math! One and one is still two, so far as I know, regardless of debates about it in the halls of academe. It is not unlike the hockey stick math used for proving global warming.

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