Visible Origami | There’s Nothing here that Matters. It Matters not at All…

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Two nights ago, I went to bed and never slept at all because the ineffable paid me a visit and didn’t leave until the dawn’s early light. It seems that a certain segment of humanity is engaged in seeking to communicate with the ineffable. Some of them come from religious traditions and then there are people from all walks of life. The ineffable said that I had passed a certain gate that now permitted me to have a deeper relationship with the divine and the process that expedites the… process? There is a general evolution that takes place over the course of any number of lifetimes. Kind of like if one is pushed along a route. This is an internal route where levels of awakening take place. There is some amount of interplay between the creator and the created. The speed of the process is dependent on the passion of the supplicant. There is a general push but it is a slow road. Something like a pinball that bounces off of the bumpers …but unlike a pinball machine there is no quick downward ball through the chute. It’s a level plane. The predictable events of human existence keep bouncing off of the bumpers. Eventually one comes into a conscious partnership with the objective.

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Reflections in a Petri Dish | The Tranny Nanny, Gender Bending, Term Torturing Facade of Satanic Legerdemain.

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They just can’t help themselves, mostly because of the particular direction they are relentlessly devoted to and that is, dragging humanity into a pit of toxic depravity, for no purpose beyond that, except for getting a 50 yard line seat at Hell’s ever lasting bacchanalia of Sisyphean despair. Hell, like Heaven, has its attractions and… if you’re going there anyway, due to temperament and native disposition, you want a decent rank for the system in place. What was it that got said in Paradise Lost? “Better to reign in Hell than to serve in Heaven.” This is, of course not true because, “the devil is the father of lies.”
In a world where people’s perceptions are controlled by appearances, by a constant manipulation of icons; maintained by a redundancy of presentation, one has only to keep putting the same images forward, to have those images pinging in the self conscious minds of the hypnotized and then shuttled down into the sub-conscious, where they can weave up into the dream matrix, to shape the false realities that most adapt their existence to. Sex is the building block of the manifest, as it expresses itself in a social dance out of the family unit. Display and maintain it wrong and it destroys the foundation of the family dynamic.

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Smoking Mirrors | Bitches and Ho’s and Mop Glow Floes with Smiley Face, Polar Bears.

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It’s Sunday! Sunday afternoon. Here at Aquasco Speedway. Big Daddy Dan Gurlitz is rolling out of the hills of South Carolina, just north of the Lee Correctional Facility at Bishopville, SC. With his 4-barrel, hemi-topped, microcephalic, chrome plated, pinhead 457. It’s all good.

Something happened in the night last night; don’t know what it was. It was good and charged with energy. Yesterday I woke up in the early evening after a short nap, disoriented and hearing that I was in countdown mode and might not be here all that much longer. Time passed and I understood that not much longer did not mean sometime the next day or next year but time to think about winding up those details that have been hanging around, waiting for me to get a clue about them; not time for me to start making plans, cause it never is or will be.

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The Devil is what we Thought was Real, When we Forgot that God is all that was Real.

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Recently I have been hearing people talking about their Bucket List. It’s some kind of a trendy-generation whatever it is called this time, Generation X, Millennial’s..? Are we still on Millennial’s? kind of thing, meaning it’s weirder than two shotgun weddings at a Mormon funeral, with blind snake handlers for the after party. Also meaning they are awfully young to be having a correlative list of things to do before they die and I guess ‘live’ is not included for some reason.

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Smoking Mirrors | Death by Hypocrisy and Demon Worship; the Israeli Way.

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Please forgive the use of bad language to punctuate bad behavior. There is no culture on Earth more evil and Satanic than that of Israel founded on the Nazi formula of Theodor Herzl and financed by the Satanic first family of arch-devils, Rothschild clan. The evil of the AshkeNAZI empire had its origin in the translation of the Ashkenazim into Khazar’s. In the 9th century, King Bulan of Khazaria got hoodwinked by a filth peddling Talmudist. The Ashka-nimrods object to this linkage which is all the proof needed that it is so. If they say something is so, it is not and if they say something is not so, it is. This is a good rule of thumb to measure them by and it is always a spiritual affirmation to stick that thumb up your ass for emphasis and their version of an holy oil immersion process.
The evil done by this microscopic reptile, virus population, is by far greater than that of any people on Earth, no matter what you call them. For thousands of years, when they were called other names, they have been a predator clan unlike any ever seen before, they have done monstrous things to everyone else. The Bolshevik Revolution and following Leninist Stalinist regimes were entirely their construction and tens of millions died brutally, the victims of torture and a virulent atheism, which probably can’t be called atheism because they do believe in the various devils for whom they perform terrible blood rituals of slaughter on their so-called holy days; more properly called Unholy Days.

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Visible Origami | The Confinements of Complexity and the Freedom of Simplicity.

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Lawd! Lawd… I got 99. Every day, you ask yourself, or at least I ask myself… is this the day? Is this the day that by some miracle of prayer and faith… some simulacrum of myself is made whole and real, despite all of the cosmic cock-blocking and mirage frottage of the laying on of hands to the end result of the real, shining through the unreal and acknowledging that the gossamer has never been so opaque as when we are actually trying to see through the cowpies of some idiot talking about manifest destiny? Maybe I am that idiot. It would explain a lot but given my concentrated focus on the truth at all costs and my relentless error of thinking I know what that is in the first place, I have to say, “it’s not all me unless it is all me.

I got a wack zone email a little while ago from some well meaning soul who wanted to let me know he has my back and that, more people than I know about, do as well and I know he means that. Regardless of the scattergun delivery, he sounds as sincere and as informed as I sometimes do when I forget that it is me doing it and… of course it is not. God is amazing in more ways than anyone can comprehend because through all of our convincing arguments with ourselves about who is responsible, God pulls it off while we are busy distracting ourselves about some cul de sac to and fro, in full display of what we don’t know. I don’t say, “I don’t know” as the fruit of some poorly manufactured false humility. I don’t say it because it sounds good or for any number of excuses we tell ourselves about the matter. I do it because I really don’t know. The more time that passes, the more I get the deeper meanings of what the man on the beach said to me. It comes to seem as if the entirety of my life, following the exchanges, has been clearly defined and clarified by what the man on the beach told me.

The Confinements of Complexity and the Freedom of Simplicity.

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Smoking Mirrors | The Sexually Dysfunctional Social Justice Nazis and the Portal to the Ineffable.

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It can be difficult to maintain a serene mood in this conflicted and lying world. Most people don’t know why they feel bad. They just know that they feel bad and they are looking for something to fix it. Since we are in the West and most everywhere is the west now, in the populated zones, they’re looking for the quick fix and damn the side effects and contraindications. They’re taking the anti-depressants. They’re taking oxy as a stand-in to numb the anxiety and distance the fear, for the same reason some people eat the wrong things all day long, using flesh as an insulator. They drink so that the uncontrolled side of their nature can take the heat but of course, although it devolves to that effect, it hangs around to manifest as shame and regret in the aftermath; no getting around it. Sooner or later the bill collector is going to knock on the door. They take all the other drugs to create the time sensitive, porous walls of temporary respite and now they have a monkey to go with the organ grinder, who started the whole business in the first place; maybe, ‘called it to your attention’ is a better way of putting it. It was always there as a byproduct of the stress generated by living in times of material darkness. Then it grew, fed by stress and desperation. Perhaps the increasing size of it was the preliminary announcement.

Some say that stress is the biggest killer because it is parent to a host of maladies that are born from the tension and negative emotion. As the pressure of materialism increases, the stress does too. The way most of us live is unnatural and the truth of it can’t be dealt with unless one simply walks away and then the harridans of responsibility and the guilt follow after the abandonment of the responsibilities… let’s just say it’s a no win situation in a zero sum game and someone has to pay if someone else wins. Meanwhile… we all take turns so… I guess you could call it a form of cannibalism, which is one of the sure and certain results of materialism. We get a skewered perspective on the process because appearances tell us that some people seem to always be winning and some always losing but many a deal gets cut in the off-stage locations as agreements are made for periods of time and then accounts come due. We don’t remember when that happened. It goes on between the plays and sometimes between the acts.

The Sexually Dysfunctional Social Justice Nazis and the Portal to the Ineffable.

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