Do Not let The World Distract you from the Possibility of your Eternal Peace Within.

A short interlude in a place where there is nothing to interlude into so… let’s call it a prelude instead. If I were doing this on the QT maybe it would be a Quaalude.
First… and absolutely irrelevant to anything else that happens, here is an opportunity to see an example of my checkered acting career; not the real life one, which is still ongoing. This was my breakout role in an indie abortion that, strangely enough, never went anywhere. Now… on to the matter at hand.
We’ve had a bit of a dust up around here recently and that calls for me to be as honest as possible and if I hurt your feelings; not altogether impossible in the snowflake environment of these times, I apologize but… without me being completely honest there will be something missing. This dust up involves the usual suspects, who are consistently the only suspects, in this ongoing saga that could have been written by James Michener, if Michener actually wrote any of the books attributed to him. What I am saying is that all of the parties bear equal responsibility for what has been taking place.
I’ve received communications from different people. One of them is an Ivy League professor, who mostly lurks in these environs but goes by the initial, R. He made some very good points, none of which I am going to repeat here, since my whole point all along has been to not take sides. As some might remember I got sucked in at one point because I wasn’t paying attention to not taking sides. Now I am paying a lot more attention (grin).

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The Grand Guignol has the Wind at it’s Back and the Precipice before It.

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Well… it’s one of those days for the self righteous to stand up and be counted. Here is a beaut, a truly revealing expression of deep and abiding caring from a real Nimrod. He says (and I quote) “Relatives and friends of those who died were just as desperate for clarity.
Kenny Nova, who was briefly married in the late 1960s to one of the deceased residents, Gail Nova, said he was consumed with anger when he learned of his ex-wife’s death.
“I can’t come to any reasonable idea of how this happened, how people could be that careless and that cold,” he said.
Nova had not spoken to his ex-wife in about 10 years, but knew she was living in a nursing home.
“She had no way to take care of herself,” said Nova, 73. “When you’re dependent on somebody, people have got to step up. You can’t just walk away.”
I love the fact that he hasn’t spoken to her in ten years but at least he knew she was in care. He had been briefly married to her in the 60’s and he is consumed in anger now; sounds like my kind of guy- NOT.

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Israel did 911. This is True the Day After as it Was the Day Before.

Dog Poet Trans (Alfred E) Neumanizing- Zionist Neo Con 9/11 Orchestrating, with the Masses Somnambulistically Masturbating as… day after day after day the Zombie Nation marches on in lockstep…….

I had nothing to say yesterday. I knew that the day belonged to clueless buffoons, scratching those places where the glue meet the polyester under the toupee on their scalps. They probably made solemn speeches about America’s resilience after being attacked by a handful of cave dwelling Arabs who had nothing to do with any of it but Israel did. The Neo-Cons at PNAC and a bunch of Israeli companies like Odigo and Comverse did and a bunch of Israeli politicians did and Mossad operatives who were living on the top floors of the Twin Towers and who were involved in wiring the building did and a handful of Israelis, celebrating across the river did and you can be sure that this is Anti-Semitic because it’s true and the truth is anti-Semitic but as is usually the case, the whole affair is laden with irony because the perpetrators aren’t Semitic, they just claim to be.

Israel did 9/11 and you can pick any one of the in depth articles about it. You might want to skip the Wikipedia article. Jimmy Wales is probably not onboard with the truth and he’s got his reasons I am sure. Yeah… Jimmy Wales knows which side of his bread is buttered and what it’s buttered with and I can definitely believe that it’s not butter.

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The Temporary Trends and Story Lines of a Never Ending Tale.

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If you want to see where the world is headed, you have only to look at the Story Lines, which could also be called Trends. You might look at Story Lines and Trends as snapshots of the whole; series of images captured from a segment of the whole. The real whole, the real entire, extends beyond every Story Line and Trend and that is what makes it so hard for so many people to comprehend the idea of a divine being who is compassionate and caring; given that terrible things can happen in a life, in a particular Story line and certainly in most stories but that would never be the whole story because over the long haul, in and out of view, every story is connected to the whole.

A recent Story Line has to do with a marginally talented, former quarterback with the San Francisco 49ers named Colin Kaepernick. What seems clear to me is that he knew he was steps away from being dismissed from his position so he took hold of a Trend that was… well, trending and started kneeling for the national anthem in protest of the treatment of black people in the United States. He matriculated from that into wearing socks that depicted cops as pigs. Then he came out in support of Fidel Castro and did a number of things highly disturbing to the majority of mouth breathers that make up a significant portion of the football watching public. If you go to Pro Football Talk, which is operated by a lawyer named Mike Florio, who is a foaming at the nostrils sycophant for every marginal cause that comes along, you will find Kaepernick prominently mentioned most of the time. Today there is only a brief mention of him by another football player. Meanwhile, Spike Lee is mustering an all out protest for this Kaepernick in NYC. Florio talks about this poor abused fellow nearly every day. When you read the comments after the articles you get a picture of what the rest of the world thinks, running 20 to 1 against Kaepernick.

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Donald Trump Acts Presidential while Social Justice Warriors run Amuck.

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Finally Trump did something courageously presidential; something that went contrary to all the efforts of the deep state forces that are trying to paint everyone that disagrees with the ever increasing pressure of the historical revisionists, the sexually dysfunctional, the color coding Nazis, the gender bending lunatics and the aggregate tiny splinter of population, whose needs triumph over those of the much greater majority …because the Satanist say that they should because they represent the destruction of the family unit and all of the core values of a functioning society that stands in the way of bat shit crazy and howling chaos.

He said that both sides represented at Charlottesville were equally wrong and that they were equally responsible for the violence that ensured and oh! Oh the faux, staged and fabricated outrage!!! The self righteous wringing of hands and sanctimonious holier than thou, offended parties, who are Hell Bent on tearing away the underpinning of society that holds us together! It may not have been the best we could collectively come up with but it is nowhere near as bad as those seeking to destroy it say it is, or intend to replace it with.

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Madame Dufarge Rides the Jabberwocky, Naked through the Streets of Virtual Coventry.

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The faceless ones move through the gathering darkness. They twist the elements of logic and reason. They distort the mirror in which we see ourselves. Is that me? Who is that who looks back at me? The face in the mirror is speaking but I am not speaking. I am watching. In tens of millions of mirrors the face on the other side is speaking but few are watching with any awareness… drones hover in the air. Virtual reality coils out of the cellphones and holographic maidens dance in timeless writhing, as if touched by invisible flames. Their bodies shift away from the flames but there are flames unseen all around them. This is the painful inspiration of the dance.

Across the country, the very young are herded into understandings that reshape them into something Nature never intended. It is an incremental passage. The space between any two points seems reasonable, as if the place they departed from, the space they are moving through and the place they arrive at are all a logical sequence. There is nothing alarming to be seen or experienced but… when one draws back and further back, so that a multitude of points and spaces can be seen, a pattern emerges and natural order appears to be bent in unnatural ways toward some lasting perdition. The landscape becomes torturous and there is no stable place for one to stand on and view the entire from a sane perspective. The points of view that permit a sane perspective have either been roped off or transformed into pits, over the lip of which one can see nothing but walls and obstructions.

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Is it Better to Reign in Hell than to Serve in Heaven?

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The Obama posse, Antifa Isis clone, is cooking up a pot of old hatreds.

They’re back in some alley, sick all over their shoes, while I discovered there wasn’t any news …on the paper I just happened to be reading. I suppose the world was always filled with lies, I just didn’t know it, even though it had been lying to me ever since I got here and I suspect it will go right on lying long after I am gone.

Innocence and wisdom are funny things. Innocence is often mistaken for Ignorance and vice versa. Wisdom is often misidentified as Foolishness and… vice versa. Seems like I heard somewhere that ‘the wisdom of God is as foolishness to men. I went looking for something similar and wound up in one of those
Corinthians and located this: “the foolishness of God is wiser than man’s wisdom.” and I found, “the weakness of God is stronger than man’s strength.” I know that certain things which I believe and in some cases, know to be true are considered lunacy and it wasn’t until I got tired of pandering to big hair radio personalities and atheistic webmasters that I soon found myself no longer a beneficiary of ‘inclusiveness’.

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