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When a man’s best friend is his dog, that dog has a problem.
Saw a video yesterday about the potential for a seismic event in California. Unlike a lot of folks who come and go, this fellow has a very measured take on the whole affair. This doesn’t make him more right or less wrong than the next guy but… we’ll know one way or the other in a week.
I mentioned this to an acquaintance of mine here today and he said, “Yeah, everybody is talking about that.” I don’t know what this means. I didn’t ask him for details.
In wandering through the news gathering sites where I go, I came across some mention of Alex Jones, David Icke and others having, ‘heavy premonitions’ about something big going on on the subconscious radar. Given Alex’s fascination with the geographic complexity of his own navel and Icke’s endless fascination with shape shifting reptiles and both of them with their larger than life fixations on self promotion, I don’t know what to think about whatever it is they are thinking about. Yet there is a great deal of tingly speculations concerning the creeping unknown going on hither and yon. It’s widespread and not the sole province of cigar store celebrities of dubious provenance.


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Depopulation test run? 75% of children who received vaccines in Mexican town now dead or hospitalized –

by Mike Adams

(NaturalNews) Despite the insidious attempts of the corporate-controlled U.S. media to censor the stories about the deadly side effects of vaccines, the truth keeps surfacing. The latest vaccine tragedy to strike has killed two babies in La Pimienta, Mexico and sent 37 more to the hospital with serious reactions to toxic vaccine additives. 

“…14 children are in serious condition, 22 are stable and one is in critical condition,” the Chiapas Health Secretariat said in a statement via

What’s especially alarming is that only 52 children were vaccinated in all, meaning that 75% of those receiving the vaccines are now either dead or hospitalized.

The vaccines were administered by the Mexican Social Security Institute, known as IMSS. The IMSS confirmed the deadly reactions occurred after children received injections of vaccines for tuberculosis, rotavirus and hepatitis B — the same viral strains targeted by vaccines routinely administered to children in the United States.

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US Government Admits Americans Have Been Overdosed on Fluoride

By Dr. Mercola

The US government has finally admitted they’ve overdosed Americans on fluoride and, for first time since 1962, are lowering its recommended level of fluoride in drinking water.1,2,3

About 40 percent of American teens have dental fluorosis,4 a condition referring to changes in the appearance of tooth enamel—from chalky-looking lines and splotches to dark staining and pitting—caused by long-term ingestion of fluoride during the time teeth are forming.

In some areas, fluorosis rates are as high as 70-80 percent, with some children suffering from advanced forms.

The former recommendation called for a fluoride level of 0.7 to 1.2 milligrams per liter (mg/L) of water. The new upper limit set by the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is 0.7 mg/L, to prevent these visible signs of toxic overexposure.

Why Is a Drug Added to Water When the Dose Cannot Be Controlled?

It’s quite clear that when you add fluoride to drinking water, you cannot control the dose that people are getting, and fluoride is in fact not only a non-essential mineral but a toxic drug. This alone is one of the reasons why fluoride shouldn’t be added to drinking water at any level.

If a doctor somehow managed to force a patient to take a drug with known toxic effects and failed to inform them of the dosage and frequency, and never monitored their health outcome, they would be medically negligent and liable to legal and medical board action.

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Smoking Mirrors | Try as Hard as You Can and then You Let Go.

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My goal in life is to be as good of a person my dog already thinks I am.
I’d like to point out that I will use links from anywhere based solely on the content and credibility of the article and not any past associations the writer may have had. This is apropos of nothing. It just needed saying.
We’ve been mentioning Lady Nature and her performance angle in the mix of circumstance. Here’s more indication of her potential, revving the engines in the darkness of her garage. Her garage is where she keeps the heavy motors that, in better times, account for all the profusions of color, ambiance and atmosphere; not to mention the bounties of her larder, upon which we depend without exception because… what are the exceptions? Unless you live on sunlight and aether, you are dependent. There are very few exceptions, although they do exist.
Then, there are those messing with Lady Nature, for whatever their reasons amount to be. This is in the same country where they are poisoning the Karachi street dogs. Some countries have turned to a better philosophy and one might well expect the lady to shine on their efforts. Here lies a glimmer of the coming mini golden age. It’s being brought into being by the precipitation of the avatar, down onto the physical plane. Avatar time is not our time AND… a new broom sweeps clean. The areas in need of cleansing are the astral and mental planes and… of course… other places as well. Across the length of extended time between visits, a lot of evil plaque builds up on the invisible planes and the cosmic dentist has to come in and see to all of that; not to mention the lacquer of Materialism that coats the sensory apparatus of the willingly deaf and blind. It’s all about those principalities and powers in high places. Even demi gods can be corrupted and enslaved in times of material darkness.


Smoking Mirrors | Try as Hard as You Can and then You Let Go..

▶ Predictive Programming Reveals The Biggest False Flag In Human History (2015): Part 1 – YouTube


▶ Predictive Programming Reveals The Biggest False Flag In Human History (2015): Part 1 – YouTube.

Yet another huge diplomatic victory for Russia | The Vineyard of the Saker

By the Saker

Unless you read Russian or monitor the free blogosphere, you might not have noticed this, but something big just happened in Russia: Kerry, Nuland and a large State Department delegation have traveled to Sochi were they met with Foreign Minister Lavrov and then with President Putin.  With the latter they spent over 4 hours.  Not only that, but Kerry made a few rather interesting remarks, saying that the Minsk-2 Agreement (M2A) was the only way forward and that he would strongly caution Poroshenko against the idea of renewing military operations.

Welcome back to reality John!

To say that this is a stunning development would be an understatement.

For one thing, this means that the so-called “isolation of Russia” is now officially over, even for the “Indispensable Empire”.

Second, this is, as far as I know, the first official US endorsement of M2A.  This is rather humiliating for the US considering that M2A was negotiated without the Americans.

Third, for the very first time the US has actually warned the Ukronazi junta against a military attack.  This, at a time when the Ukronazis are in a state of bellicose frenzy and Poroshenko just promised to re-conqueor not only the Donetsk Airport, but all of the Donbass and even Crimea, show that for the very first time the US and Kiev are not on the same page.

Not on CNN

Fourth, the USA has, for the first time, declared that if M2A was implemented, EU and US sanctions would be lifted.  Interestingly, the Russians were not even interested in discussing the topic of sanctions.

So what does that all mean?

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Why the California water crisis will lead to a housing collapse, municipal bankruptcies and a mass exodus of climate refugees –

(NaturalNews) The only proof you need that many Californians are still living in a water fairy tale is the fact that California real estate prices haven’t yet collapsed. Even as the California Governor has declared a state of emergency — and emergency water rationing is under way — there are still people purchasing commercial and residential real estate in precisely the areas that will be hardest hit by that rationing.

What is the value of a home or business that has no functioning connection to a water system? Essentially ZERO.

How many California homes and businesses are headed for a zero-water future? Many millions.

How many Californians are aware of all this and already have their homes on the market so they can move somewhere else? A very small number… a tiny fraction of the total number of home and property owners invested there.

What these people are unfortunately not yet seeing is the catastrophic consequences of a continued drought and how it can utterly destroy the value of their property.

via Why the California water crisis will lead to a housing collapse, municipal bankruptcies and a mass exodus of climate refugees –


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