Bwak!!! Obama is on his Way to the Gay St. Tropez of Palm Springs.

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Greetings my dear and beloved friends, known and unknown and welcome as ever to Dog Poet Transmitting, where we like to let the thoughts and feelings, the ideas and inspirations, that come from those cloisters of eternity, where the ineffable invests the sweeter portions of his being, in a kaleidoscopic holding pattern, for those so inclined to seek after the hidden joys of our dear author, who made us precisely to see if we possess sufficient interest to inquire into the camouflaged beauties that lie beneath the superficial shit lagoons, where the masses cry, ‘feed me! …and let slip the dogs of Microcephaly.

It should be apparent by now that, for whatever the reason, we are caught somewhere between Lil’ Wayne’s iliocecal valve and Shakespeare’s IBS, or Wayne Madsen and the broken hinges of Pizzagate. As you can see, we are all about precision here.

They are going after Trump in a way I have never seen before and I sincerely hope he’s got some kind of platinum security service. Between the delusional retards of the entertainment industry and the stool sample Baal worshipers who run it, there is a whole lot of rocks and hard places getting sand polished in a tumbler, the way Elisha’s biographer must have whitewashed the way he had those bears tear forty two children to pieces.

Ordinarily Trump would have been slandered into a TMZ coma by now but this is an apocalypse, so all the Zio-bots have been able to accomplish is to expose themselves for what they are before an ever increasing audience. At this juncture, I would like to point out that Mr. Slip Sliding Away, Bwak! Obama will be on his way to the Gay St Tropez that is Palm Springs, where he intends to hang out for around two weeks, while whatever his handlers have set up following the inauguration in Washington DC goes down. I don’t know what that is going to be but I do know that they hate Trump with a passion I have never seen before.

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Looking for God in All the Wrong Places.

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Oh… I could tell some tales, were I of a mind to. I’m not inclined to lie. I am a poet though, so I do embellish a bit here and there. I guess you need to know that going in… and out. Can I help you out? Sure! Which way did you come in? Life can be deadly and worse than that due to the cost of time passing and resources you are losing. It happens to entire countries. It can certainly happen in a relationship between you and someone else.

Aye… there is the thing… are you fortunate in your possessions? Do you have nothing? Are you somewhere in between? You love someone. What are they worth? Really? Really. Are they true? Are they a scoundrel? Are they on a mission of some kind? Meaning… are they driven and do you like where they are driving? Are they driving you or are you a sluggish, hard to move individual. Complexities? Welcome to the game board of life.

There are two critical features at work always (unless you are alone ((you are never alone))); you have to get along with other people and you have to get along with yourself. This is stated in terms of creating harmony, if harmony is what you are after. There are other options and I leave it to the reader to decide for themselves what they are after. I will guarantee that you will find what you seek. I guarantee that what you put out will come back on you, or were you sleeping in science class? Math?

It’s good to know your limits too. I am not gifted for things like chemistry. Imagine the trouble I could have gotten into. What I am trying to say is that for most of us, more of our lives is in our hands than we think it is. We can choose how it will be and I choose harmony. It can be difficult making the personal adjustments that are necessary to achieve this and one must be careful when it come to compromise, deals and arrangements. But you are in love.

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9/11 Trillions: Follow The Money

9/11 Trillions: Follow The Money

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Eisenhower Farewell Address

Eisenhower Farewell Address (Best Quality) – ‘Military Industrial Complex’ WARNING

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Does The CDC Have Something To Hide?

By Rosanne Lindsay

President-elect Trump has wasted no time in filling his cabinet before inauguration day. He has appointed men and women from both sides of the aisle who have been criticized as “anti-establishment.” Trump is someone who questions the status quo. And being so, he has appointed others who do the same. The time for questioning has arrived.

As the new chair of the Vaccine Safety Commission, Trump has chosen Robert Kennedy Jr.

President-elect Trump has some doubts about the current vaccine policies, and he has questions about it. His opinion doesn’t matter, but the science does matter, and we ought to be reading the science, and we ought to be debating the science. – Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

The response has triggered inflammatory editorials from government-sanctioned mainstream news sources to send an orchestrated message that not only is “Fundamentalist Trumpism” dangerous for questioning vaccines, but his supporters are “anti-vaccine fanatics.”

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The CDC wishes you weren’t aware of these four polio facts

 by: Ethan Huff

(NaturalNews) If pressed on the matter, the average person would probably insist that vaccines save lives, and that the science is incontrovertible in support of this position. Even many vaccine skeptics who reject some of the more modern vaccines like HPV and the flu shot would be quick to interject that society would still be facing epidemics of polio, for instance, if it were not for the advent of vaccines.

Though a commonly held belief, vaccines are not lifesaving medical tools as many people have been falsely led to believe. In fact, evidence compiled over many decades suggests that the exact opposite is true — that not only are vaccines not responsible for eradicating communicable illnesses like polio, but that in many cases they have actually caused them.

Here are four solid pieces of evidence from history showing that the polio vaccine — the holy grail of vaccinology — was basically a fraud from the outset:

1) Polio was already on the decline long before the first polio vaccine was introduced

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by: Mike Adams

(NaturalNews) On top of all the sicko pedophilia and child trafficking going on in America, there’s also the vaccine industry: A cartel of toxic mercury pushers whose denial of the periodic table of elements (yes, they are science deniers) turns them into “medical child molesters” as they demand more and more children be injected with toxic mercury, a known neurotoxin and potent heavy metal that causes brain damage.

As any genuine scientist or chemist knows, there is no such thing as a safe quantity or safe form of mercury for injecting into children. The continued advocacy of vaccines containing mercury — which continue to be pushed onto children and pregnant women all across America — is a crime against children and a gross violation of the American Medical Association’s code of medical ethics. (RELATED: Read more news about modern medicine’s ethical failures at

As the lab science director of an internationally accredited heavy metals laboratory — — I’ve personally tested vaccines for their mercury content, and I know more about heavy metals than most vaccine pushers will ever learn in their lives. (I wrote an #1 Science book on heavy metals in food called Food Forensics.) The simple truth is that mercury is a potent neurotoxin and it’s still being deliberately used in vaccines injected into infants, children and pregnant women all across America.

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