Abby Martin peddles Jewish exceptionalism, fears WW2 truth | Veterans News Now

by Brandon Martinez

Abby Martin Breaking the Set 290 x 290

Abby Martin of Breaking the Set

Recently, Abby Martin, the host of “Breaking the Set” on the Russia Today network, released two segments on the subjects of the Nazis and the “holocaust,” an event which she described as “a horrific genocide that forever changed the world.”[i]

One wonders why Martin – like her compatriots in the Zionist-dominated Hollywood establishment — places exceptional status on the “holocaust” when in fact a far greater number of non-Jews — particularly Germans, Russians and Chinese — perished during the Second World War than even the highest exaggerations of the sacred Shoah.

Why have the Western media and academia placed such an importance and focus on Jewish deaths in World War II? Are Jewish deaths more tragic than non-Jewish deaths? Are Jewish lives worth more than those of non-Jews? Does Jewish suffering trump that of non-Jewish peoples? The supremacist and racist disposition of Jewish eminence in this regard must necessarily be the viewpoint of those who promote the “holocaust” as a seminal event in history, elevating it to sacrosanct status. Whether they realize it or not, commentators who advance the primacy of Jewish suffering are enabling the Zionists’ continued genocidal subjugation of the Palestinians.

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Smoking Mirrors | The Coming Judgments and Liberations of the Avatar.

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We’ve mentioned professional ‘hot legs sex shill reporter’, Abby Martin before. A couple years ago she jumped on Putin over The US financed, neo con orchestrated, Ukrainian coup, while working for RT. I’m guessing RT is only occasionally some form of veritas alternative press. This time she has come out in a full frontal exposure of who her paymasters are. They’re feeling the heat over there in the Rothschild, Crime Syndicate, Banking Nation.

It’s okay to expect a small town super market cashier or an Iowa farmworker not to be aware of the massive fabrications of the Holocaust Industry but to understand that a journalist, whose job it is to uncover political, cultural and historical inconsistencies, can be as completely (seemingly) ignorant as Abby Martin is, well… that is a stretch and a half. What makes such enforced denial even more outrageous is how she could also be ignorant of the Oligarch Jewish Banker responsibility for the tens of millions killed in Soviet Russia by the Jewish Cheka and who also murdered up to ten million in the Holodomor and another couple million, give or take, in the Armenian mass murder escapade; mere pocket change by comparison with their long haul of death and deprivation across the centuries. Have there EVER been predators and murders like this? Sure, the Mongol Khans did pretty well in the death numbers game, though they can’t approach these monsters for reach and longevity. They did impress this genetic strain enough to forge an alliance, including intermarriage and god knows what kind of dark rituals as well.

One can be forgiven for not knowing the difference between Tartars and Mongols and Khazars. History is constantly being rewritten at the request of those who own the publishing media …and the likelihood of being published if you stray from the party line is slim and none. The last paragraph of this short essay is revealing. There is no real difference between Tartars and Mongols. They’re just different tribes and one absorbed the other some time ago; same with the Khazars and you can throw the Turks in for good measure, which adds something more than coincidence to the fact that it was The Young Turks who were behind the Armenian slaughter and, of course, The Young Turks are Tribe members. As wacky as Brother Nathaniel can appear on occasion, he usually has his facts in order. You’ll note the name Kaganovich from that short essay earlier.

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Greek Banks To Run Out Of Physical Cash “In A Matter Of Days” | Zero Hedge

by Tyler Durden on 07/02/2015 19:30 -0400

Over the past several weeks we’ve documented the acute cash crunch that’s crippled the Greek banking sector and ultimately brought the country to its knees.

Since March, Greek banks have subsisted on a slow liquidity drip administered by the ECB through the Bank of Greece. Once Syriza swept to power on an anti-austerity platform in January, it quickly became clear to Mario Draghi that accepting collateral backed by the full faith and credit of the new Greek government in exchange for cash loans wasn’t a safe bet and so, the ECB shifted the burden to the Bank of Greece, making it more expensive for the Greek banking sector to obtain emergency funding.

As the crisis unfolded and Athens’ negotiations with creditors became increasingly contentious, Greek banks began to bleed cash. Eventually it became clear that the banks were relying entirely on the Eurosystem to meet outflows.

Meanwhile, banknotes in circulation surged, as cash usage jumped 44%, prompting Barclays to note that “the amount of banknotes in excess of the quota for Greece represents a liability of the BoG to the Eurosystem.” Essentially, we said, Greece was quietly printing billions of euros.

Now, with the ECB holding steady on the ELA cap and the banking system still hemorrhaging deposits despite the imposition of capital controls, Greek banks are running out of cash — literally.

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Donald Trump: Only rich people should be allowed to play golf ~ News Forage

The major golf organizations are likely to want a mulligan after a shamelessly tepid response to Donald Trump’s racist remarks about Mexican immigrants.

But then again, golf has always been a bigoted sport. And still is.

That joint statement issued Wednesday by the LPGA, PGA Tour, PGA of America and USGA — who are all connected to Trump via tournaments — insisted the organizations don’t share Trump’s inflammatory views on immigrants.

Trump, a New Jersey icon, has put his name on 18 courses worldwide, including one in Bedminster, N.J., which is scheduled to host the 2017 U.S. Women’s Open and the 2022 PGA Championship. The USGA, which awarded the Women’s Open to Trump, is headquartered in Far Hills, N.J.

The Spineless Four said they have a “strong commitment to an inclusive and welcoming environment in the game of golf,” but failed to say whether they would take action against their openly racist partner.

The statement is, frankly, laughable.

Here’s what they’re committed to: Issuing weakly-worded, attorney-washed statements that poorly feign indignation while protecting a narrow-minded billionaire they’re in bed with.

But if Trump’s remarks about Mexican “rapists” weren’t enough, he also doesn’t believe golf should be inclusive. So, he spits in the faces of the LPGA, PGA Tour, PGA of America and USGA there, too.

Before entering the race, the GOP presidential candidate told Fortune magazine in February that golf should be for the rich elite.

Trump wants a limited number of courses (his, of course) with exorbitant greens fees that would naturally drive up the cost — and price regular folk out of the game.

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Fraudulent Big Pharma science leads to half a million psych drug deaths every year –

by: David Gutierrez

(NaturalNews) Psychiatric drugs kill an estimated 500,000 people per year, looking only at people over age 65 living in Western countries, according to an analysis conducted by a world-renowned Danish researcher.

Peter Gotzsche, research director at the Nordic Cochrane Centre, cited the figure in an article published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ), in which he argues that psychiatric drugs have only “minimal” benefits but very severe side effects. Most use of these drugs could be halted without doing any harm, he says.

The article is part of a discussion published in the journal as a lead-up to a debate that took place at King’s College London on May 13. The debate and discussion both focused on whether psychiatric drugs do more harm than good. In the BMJ discussion, the article supporting the importance of psychiatric drugs was co-authored by John Crace – a psychiatric patient who writes for the Guardian – and Allan Young, a researcher who admits to major financial involvement with the drug industry.

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Visible Origami | Circling and Spiraling on the Helix of the Ineffable.

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The elements dance within… sometimes. More often they make war. In this war, they win and you lose because you are sent on your way and the elements return to themselves. They are part of an endless repeating cycle that runs in a circle and those devoted to that process are acolytes of the varieties of nature worship as well as the occasional perversions of the same, which flourish in darker times. There are other methods of celebrating the unknown, which are attended by other forms of devotion, that manifest in the shape of a helix and others that manifest in a spiral. Maybe we are drawn to what we are drawn to because of our particular composition and maybe we are only composed a certain way because of the needs of experience to flesh and un-flesh us out. Then again, a circle is always a circle. A helix is always a helix and a spiral is always a spiral and they lead in different ways. One might say that all of these are infinite in their continuance but that not all of them repeat, or that perhaps all of them repeat but not in the same fashion. One of these processes always takes place HERE, endlessly rising and falling in seasons. There are those who are devoted to this process and they remain contained within it.

Long established religions become highly complex over the passage of time. They all start out simple and the truth has yet to be concealed in a Byzantine embroidery of dogma and cant. The teachings of the founders of their faiths were unfailingly simple in their message and it is to be presumed that there are always two specific teachings for two specific audiences. I believe Christ spoke about that; how there was one message for the public and another for the disciples, or initiates… after awhile the system (is dis a system?) turns into something that would put the Gordian Knot to shame. The Catholic religion was already a preposterous drag ball before Thomas Aquinas wrote out his laundry list of convolutions. I’m not saying that Thomas didn’t have a contribution to make, although I have never yet met someone who has read him.

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Reflections in a Petri Dish | The Man who Squats Behind the Man who Works the Smoke Machine.

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Be on your guard against a silent dog and still water.

Dying cultures are unpredictable, like a drunk at a party who is about to pass out. You never know which direction he will fall in and if he falls in your direction, there is always the possibility that he might also puke in your lap as well. It’s not an attractive image but neither is the culture under discussion. This is the first time in recorded history when that particular culture is worldwide, due to the level of information technology and international trade. One shouldn’t be surprised that some number of psychopaths have joined forces in an attempt to take over everything that is left, once the war of intended culling and assimilation has take place.

It’s evident that psychopaths have an unfair advantage because they don’t care what happens to anyone else and we, those who remain conscious enough to oppose them, even in a quiet manner, do care what happens to others. There is nothing they won’t do but we have our limits. George Soros is a classic example of a full blown psychopath. He has left tens of thousands of bodies in his wake and apparently he can’t be touched. He’s publicized as a philanthropist. The only philanthropy he is engaged in is a liberal giving of death and destruction worldwide and it’s not taxable.

Some are aware of the following but most are not. Behind these psychopaths is a fraternal organization of Satanic practitioners of impressive power. The reservoirs of fear and despair are overflowing and it is from the deep waters of humanity’s tears and torment that they draw the energy for the performance of their dark arts. You will note that there is no publicity of who these men and women are. Oh, they might be public figures but a public association with them and their affiliation with Satanic lodges is not mentioned.. They keep under the radar, just as do the good guys who move among us and whom we do not see. They bring the prismatic colors of light and the others bring waves of darkness that flow over the stunted consciousness of those too dumbed down to know what’s happening. If we have a common enemy it is the ignorance that is as ubiquitous as fast food joints and just as nutritious.

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