Wayne S Peterson, Maitreya and a Brighter Future For Humanity

A few months ago I had the pleasure of meeting Wayne Peterson. Along with Benjamin Creme, Wayne S. Peterson is a leading authority on the reappearance of Maitreya the world teacher.

I have to admit that part of me is skeptical of this information though part of me is hopeful that some of what Wayne shares is true. After meeting Wayne and hearing him speak to a private audience I will say that I was very impressed. His credentials are strong, his intelligence is high, and his integrity appears to be even higher. He doesn’t appear to have any agenda besides spreading information and helping to raise consciousness.

You can read Wayne’s fascinating book Extraordinary Times, Extraordinary Beings: Experiences of an American Diplomat With Maitreya and the Masters of Wisdom  for greater detail.

The following interview is from Share Berlin:

Wayne S. Peterson, a 32-year career diplomat posted in Asia, Africa and Latin America and recently retired as a director of the Fulbright Scholarship Program, has come forward to speak about his extraordinary experiences with influential world figures. He asserts that personal friends of the pope, businessmen close to the president and leaders of foreign governments including reigning monarchs know, as he does, that a group of highly-evolved spiritual teachers led by one referred to as Maitreya, the World teacher are about to make their presence known on a world-wide scale. Barbara Simpson – hostess of the radio show “Critical Times” which is broadcasted nationwide in the US – conducted the following interview with him on Coast-to-Coast-AM on June 24th 2000.

“It is much bigger than you think!”Interview with Wayne S. Peterson by Barbara Simpson

B. S.: Wayne, you say that you have met many people and through meeting these people you started to learn something else. What are some of these other things?

W. P.: I will start in the year 1982 because that is where things really began to change for myself. When I was watching TV one evening I hit on the old Merv Griffin Show from Hollywood. He used to do a couple of interviews, they were usually very short, ten minutes, and he went on to the next guest. But on this night I was quite intrigued, because he said, he was only going to have one guest: a man named Benjamin Creme from London, England.

To help him with this interview Merv had also invited his friend Gore Vidal, one of Americas best know authors perhaps. Gore Vidal himself had written a book about eastern mysticism and spiritual beings and was rather interested in Mr. Cremes book which was entitled “The Reappearance of the Christ and the Masters of Wisdom”. I remember Merv holding that up to the camera and say “We will be right back” and I thought how weird this was for Merv Griffin, what was up with him.

When they came back they went into this very long discussion, and Mr. Creme basically said that he knows that the one that Christians refer to as the Christ is back and he does not come alone. He said that people have different names for this man but Mr. Creme called him Maitreya. After I heard all from Mr. Creme about how the Christ is back to help humanity because we have gotten ourselves in such deep trouble that it literally needs the intervention from the spiritual hierarchy as he referred to it, I found this interesting and decided to go out and buy the book.

When I finally read it through, I found it really bizarre and didn’t think that I was ever going to be involved in this or hear much more about it. If Mr. Creme was right as he said that Maitreya would eventually appear on television, first in the US and then internationally, I thought “well, sit back and wait for the TV show”.

B.S.: Exactly. Let me just ask you in terms of the program. Did Merv Griffin and Gore Vidal treat this as what you would say legitimate?

W.P.: Absolutely. It was a very serious discussion. I was very much surprised how Gore Vidal thought the book was quite fascinating and Merv took it very seriously. I think that’s one of the reasons that I took it seriously enough to go out and buy the book myself. By coincidence I heard about this again while I was standing in the parking lot one day, waiting for two women to get in their car.

They were talking about going to a lecture from Mr. Creme who would be in Washington D.C., otherwise I would never have heard about it. So they gave me the number and address of someone who knew all the details. There was a private meeting with forty people, which I got invited to, on the second day Mr. Creme gave a public lecture and on the third night there was a special transmission meditation with 150 people. On each of those days something dramatic happened to me and that’s what turned me around I think.

On the third evening I had just sat down and the meditation with 150 people was about to start. I thought my experiences were sort of over after the first two evenings.

As we sat down and were about to begin meditation, I had this powerful thought form going through my head that said, “Why don’t you go into the lobby of the hotel?” For whatever reason, I got up and walked right out of the room and went to the lobby. Of course it was abandoned, there was no one there. It was a Sunday evening; there weren’t even any clerks behind the desk. As I was about to walk back into the ballroom thinking, “Why did I come out here in the first place?” the door opened up and a tall young man with long slightly wavy hair came in and walked right up to me.

He said “Hello” as if he knew me what I found rather strange. I thought that he might be going to the meditation but he said nothing about it. As I didn’t know him, I simply walked back to the ballroom. When I closed the door I suddenly heard this voice behind me saying, “What’s happen-ing here?” I turned around and there was this young man again. I do not know how he got past me into that room before I got there because I had left him.

Suddenly I began to think that Benjamin Creme had said that Maitreya had taken on the form of someone from Northern India or Pakistan sort of in the Himalayas and this person in front of me had this sort of olive skin was very tall and spoke absolutely fluent English. He asked, “What is going on here?” I answered that we were doing a transmission meditation and he asked what that was about. I said, “The people here believe that the Christ has reappeared and that he has taught Mr. Creme this new meditation which he is passing around to groups around the world.”

He said “Oh, how interesting, can I join?” and I said, “Well, sure.” I looked at him and thought that he looked how Maitreya after the given description should look like, but I rejected him because he was wearing a pair of bicycle shorts. I thought that the Christ would not wear bicycle shorts and come to a meditation. So I went back in the front and sat down in my empty chair, which was the only empty chair there, the only free chairs were at far back of the room.

As I turned back and looked at this man, he stood there staring at me as if I had left him out. Suddenly the man next to me jumped up and said that he wanted to sit in the back of the room. And this young man, which I discovered was Maitreya, came and sat next to me. After a few minutes he said, “Would you come out into the lobby and talk with me?”

Many people have since asked me “How do you know that is was really Maitreya?” The reason you know is what Maitreya calls giving an experience of himself. There is no real way to describe this except that he sends energy directly to you, bypasses the mind completely and goes right to your heart.

There are thousands of people in the world who have had that experience. By that they absolutely know that it is the Christ or the Madhi or however you want to describe this man in religious terms or just use the name Maitreya if you have no religion. Maitreya will give this experience of himself to every man, woman and child on this planet on what we call the Day of Declaration.

B.S.: Which is what?

W.P.: On that day Maitreya will go on international television worldwide and telepathically every human being will hear his message for his plan to transform humanity in his or her native language but it will be telepathic. Then he will give what he calls this experience of himself so there will be no doubts in anyone’s heart of who he is because people recognize him instantly when he does this.

B.S.: Is Mr. Creme forming a new religion?

W.P.: Absolutely not. There is not even organization because Mr. Creme says Maitreya forbids him or anyone else who is talking about the reappearance to create an organization. There can be a loose group of volunteers but when they communicate, there can be no structure.

So that’s why there is no organization worldwide, only a loose structure with a magazine called Share International. It keeps everybody informed about what Maitreya is doing and what are the major changes he is working for around in the world and how he forecasts what political events are going to happen in the next years.

B.S.: I’ve got so many questions to ask; I am not even sure where to start. I guess, let’s just start with a question: Who and what is Maitreya?

W.P.: It is very difficult to explain this even for me and I often tell people “Wait for Maitreya to come to see him explain it himself.” Most people who are religious say there are us and there is God and there is really nothing in between. Mr. Creme is saying that in between are Maitreya and his group, the Masters of Wisdom.

The Masters are not angels, but a group of spiritual beings that can take on dense physical bodies as they are doing right now. But Maitreya is not a person that was born into this world. He fabricated a body of light in 1977 and stepped out into the world as a man who is tall and handsome and looks to be 29-30 years old and he stays in that same image. In other words, when I had opportunity to touch him, he felt like any other human being I met.

At the same time we have learned from other people where he has allowed them to put their hands into his body, which is hollow. So it is sort of a shell, it is an illusional body, but yet it is still dense enough that it appears like anybody else’s body. This body is different though because with it he can appear and disappear at will as he often does at religious meetings. To humanity Maitreya appears to be a God-like person because basically he can do anything most religious people think God can do. At the same time he says, “I am not God.”

There is a higher consciousness than his so we don’t want to make the mistake that we are making Maitreya out to be God himself that is not true. Benjamin Creme is also not the only one speaking about this. Medjugorie, if you are a Catholic you will know about the visionaries and their messages from the Madonna in Medjugorie. That’s simply to prepare the way for the Christ to come back into the world, but they speak in a language that can be understood by Christians.

In other words: they say that there is a great event coming and all humanity should prepare for this and it’s coming very very soon. That’s the Reappearance of the Christ. So Maitreya is preparing people in different religions and non-religious groups in different ways. Benjamin Creme prepares people in the most scientific way about this when he goes into the background and explains why this is a science because much of this is a science we don’t quite understand.

But our physicists are beginning to understand that, I mean the Unified-Field-Theory and such. It is all part of our understanding in the change of consciousness that is about to sweep over us when we understand that there are guides to this planet existing and that there is a plan.

This plan is carried out by the Masters, which Maitreya is the head of. He’s got quite a number of these Masters who work for him. They are called Masters of Wisdom because they have mastered everything there is to know about the science of this planet and how it is run.

B.S.: Before we talk about how it might be different: You say that you know that there are leaders of other countries and our country as well, people in positions of power and business and industry, etc. who are aware of all of this. Who was chosen and why and what are they supposed to do with the information if you are the only one, right now at least, who is talking about it.

W.P.: I can publicly talk about it for a very good reason and that reason is, nobody knows who I am, really. My name is not a household word. But most of the people that Maitreya is working with are people whose name would be recognized by millions of people, if not internationally, at least in their own country. I will tell one little story.

I was invited one day not too many years ago, when a friend of mine got together 16 people more or less in a private residence in Washington. The reason for this was that a delegation from Europe had arrived. All I can say about this delegation is that among it was a man who is a very close friend of the Pope. And you can put two and two together if you like.

The White House was represented at this little dinner and there were people who were very influential in the political plane of things in Washington as well as some lawyers and a few other people. It was my role to talk about the Reappearance of the Christ. This is pretty tough, when you’ve got one of the men who have the ear of the pope sitting across the table from you and you don’t know if he is going to get up and try and ring your neck or not.

It was an attempt to see how much these people knew. Only afterwards did we know that they knew very well about this. I talked on and on and on and not a word was said by anyone. Finally I stopped and said to the host and hostess “I think I have said enough. Doesn’t anyone have anything to say?”

They finally prodded this European visitor who knows the pope very well and he said, “I cannot speak about this. It is up for the Holy Father to speak about this. I can only say: we know all about this, this is not new to us.”

The party broke up after that and I was the last person leaving. When I was walking across the yard of this huge area that was build for foreign ambassadors, the bushes were moving and someone jumped out of the dark out of these bushes. It was one of the dinner guests who said, “I wanted to talk to you, but I didn’t want the other people see me talk to you.”

That’s how secretive they are. They wouldn’t even open up at the dinner party. He said, “I have met this man you are talking about, I see him several times a week.” This man who jumped out of the bushes is a man who is a close friend of President Clinton. He is in the White House and dealing with senators on a daily basis. He said that we should meet and talk together and then said to me “You don’t understand how big this story is!”

I answered that I believed that I understood this quite well but wasn’t able to express everything on that evening. I said that I had also read Benjamin Creme’s books and knew that there would be great changes. But he said, “No, you don’t understand, it’s much bigger than you think!” And I said, “No, I really think I understand how big the Reappearance of the Christ is” and he said, “No, no, it is much bigger”

B.S.: Bigger than that. Did you meet him then?

W.P.: I did in fact meet with him and he spent five hours telling me about all the contacts he has had with Maitreya.

B.S.: Wow. You say and write that in fact journalists are being prepared, too. How is that being accomplished?

W.P.: There have been, from what I have been told at least, some meetings. If people know this story you can sort of read between the lines of a number of journalists who have written articles about the changing of consciousness and the changes we can expect.

Even in Time magazine back in 1993, there is a little code here and it goes like this, it says “The past few years have been an Age of Miracles, unimaginable events, constellations devoutly wished for, but never really expected have succeeded one another as if the Creator has whistled up a new world: the Berlin Wall tumbled, the Soviet Empire melts away, Nelson Mandela, free at last, begins to bring democracy to black South Africans and now comes what must be considered one of the greatest miracles of all, the first acknowledgment by Israelis and Palestinians that they can share the land both call home.”

There you can see that people know something more than what they are just saying up front here. They are waiting for Maitreya to go on TV. When he does that which is going to be in this country first, Mr. Creme tells us, then every journalist will come out in a more flamboyant fashion. But until that happens – and this is the same reason that many people in powerful positions are not speaking up – they are often asked not speak out about this because Maitreya tells them “Your name is too well known, do not speak publicly.”

Because, for example, if the Queen of England went on Radio and TV and said “I know that this man named Maitreya who lives in London is the Christ reappeared”, half the British Empire would believe it was true, just because the Queen said it. Maitreya says, “I don’t want this, that’s the old way of doing things. I want each man and woman to experience me in their hearts and know this is true, not because they heard it from someone who is influential”.

I [Wayne Peterson] can talk about this because I am not influential in the world. Many of the people I met have told me that Maitreya has told them not to talk publicly. There are some who could speak publicly but they are so fearful of their important positions within Governments that they feel that they would be laughed at and they probably would be. There are a few who are willing to speak out and unfortunately one of them was the late King Hussein of Jordan.

But as also Benjamin Creme is saying: Gorbatchev, Mikhail Gorbatchev is one who doesn’t mind speaking about this topic and certainly Nelson Mandela. If journalists really went to these people and interviewed them on this, they would tell you quite a bit. Gorbatchev would have a lot to say about why the Soviet Union ended up extinct. He had a big role to play in that.

Nelson Mandela already has said in public speeches that it was the Christ who came to him and helped him out of prison and to become the new leader of South Africa.

B.S.: Give me in just a couple of sentences, how the world will be different, when all this comes to pass.

W.P.: It’s very simple in one way. We already have the ideal of what humanity thinks we should have and that is: the brotherhood of man, sharing, justice and world peace. That’s what we’re going to have but in order to make it happen, we have to change all of our institutions, our political system.

The government we have today will not survive 15 even 10 years after Maitreya’s TV address. As much as we may worship our current system and all the other institutions we have build for 2.000 years in the western world under Christianity which then spread to rest of the world: these are not going to exist any longer.

Just as in the old Roman Empire when the new Christian consciousness came in and swept over it. They build new institutions from the ground up because there was nothing the Christian consciousness could use from the old Roman system. But of course, they had several hundreds of years to deal with it, we don’t. Our change is going to be more dramatic; we just have a couple of decades at most, to make the transformation.

B.S.: It’s that close?

W.P.: It’s that close. It could happen any day. As you might know, Benjamin Creme who is in constant telepathic contact with one of the Masters has said and Maitreya has also said this a number of times that you can be sure, he will appear as soon as you see the American stock market crash. Almost immediately after that he will go on TV and calm the fears and say, “This is a necessary step towards the new world we’re moving into.”


4 Responses

  1. “For false Christs and false Messiahs shall arise and shall deceive many.” Benjamin Creme has public and greatfully acknowledged the role of none other than Lucifer himself in all of this.” If Creme’s “Maitreya the Christ,” “Betraya the Christ” or whatever his name is supposed to be, than one lousy Christian saying the Lord’s prayer in his Detroit audience, November 4, 1981, should not have prevented him from having a “transmission directly from the Christ” as he had told his audience would happen and didn’t. The real Christ, JESUS CHRIST, warned “take heed that no man deceive you . . .”

    By the way, Creme was unable to have his promised “transmission” from Maitreya on November 4, 1981. I was the praying Christian who said the Lord’s Prayer over his “Great Invocation.” Creme waited, and waited, and waited, and the expected transmission did not occur. He thereafter dismissed his large Detroit audience saying, “that will be all, you are dismissed.”

    Who has the greater power? Creme/’Maitreya’ or God who was able to restrain that phenomena for that night?

    Think hard about it. It could well affect your eternal destiny! You don’t really have to keep company with Lucifer for eternity in his rather less desirable location!


  2. WOW! Thank you for posting this interview.
    It seems now more than ever that this story needs to get some serious traction. This is the biggest story ever in our human history, and it seems, according to Wayne Peterson, the media is just sitting on it. This is totally irresponsible. The world is in desperate need of practical answers to poverty, climate change, energy needs and world conflicts. The media will not cover this story unless the public demands it. Let’s demand it.

  3. “WHO is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son,” 1 John 2:22.

    Jesus of Nazereth, is the one and only Christ!

  4. Wayne Peterson is quoted as saying “Maitreya has also said this a number of times that you can be sure, he will appear as soon as you see the American stock market crash. Almost immediately after that he will go on TV and calm the fears and say, “This is a necessary step towards the new world we’re moving into.” Well it has now been several years since the crash of the stock market. How much longer until Maitreya makes himself known?

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