The American Dollar, the Canadian Dollar and the Mexican Peso Being Replaced by the Amero Currency


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There has been some discussion in the media lately about a North American Union to replace the USA.

Or you can google “North American Union.”

Associated with such an alleged agenda is the plan to replace the Dollar with the ‘Amero.’

Google “The Amero.”

Predictably, certain individuals are alarmed by the prospect of replacing the Dollar with another currency called the Amero.

As a line in the above National Ledger article reads, “Our currency will be replaced with the “Amero.” And, we’ll be one giant step closer to the U.N.’s perverse dream of a one-world government.”

Whether or not there is any truth that some individuals or groups would like to economically or politically unify Canada, Mexico, and the United States, the peripheral alarm regarding the replacement of the Dollar with a currency named the “Amero” is worth exploring.

The first thing that jumps out at me is the expression, “Our currency….” That is an interesting choice of words. This phrase implies that the currency of the Federal Reserve System is ours, yet, somehow the Amero currency of the North American Union would not be ours and therefore be objectionable.

The second thing that jumps out at me is the expression, “…will be replaced…;” My choice of words would have been, “has been replaced.”

Let’s hypothesize that Federal Reserve System currency is already not ours.

Let’s hypothesize that our currency has long since been replaced.

Here is how it was done.


6 Responses

  1. It is a mere slip of paper signifying nothing more than a way by which to discharge your tax liabilities, with the right to spend your surplus slips of paper on other things as if they were lawful money of gold and silver.

  2. The truth is… when this thing hits… there’s going to be civil war in the U.S. Our Government has sold us out. THAT is the reason for all the gun legislation. So they know “who” has a gun and where they live. The government doesn’t want us to be able to fight back.

  3. Good point Claude. Thanks for adding it to the mix and helping to make others aware of less obvious consequences of gun legislation.

  4. […] of a North American Union between the U.S., Canada and Mexico A Common Currency for the Americas? The American Dollar, the Canadian Dollar and the Mexican Peso Being Replaced by the Amero Currency … Amero, Debut of the amero Video for Amero YouTube – Amero Debate – CNBC Worldwide 11-28-2006 […]

  5. “Come out of her my people, lest you suffer with her for her iniquities.”

    I’m moving, as soon as I get permission from my king.

  6. This is a wonderful oppotunity that the Amero becomes as strong as the British Pound and stronger than the Euro.

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