Mind Control Through Extra Low Frequency Waves

PUBLIC LAW 95-79 [P.L. 95-79] TITLE 50, CHAPTER 32, SECTION 1520 “CHEMICAL AND BIOLOGICAL WARFARE PROGRAM” “The use of human subjects will be allowed for the testing of chemical and biological agents by the U.S. Department of Defense, accounting to Congressional committees with respect to the experiments and studies. The Secretary of Defense [may] conduct tests and experiments involving the use of chemical and biological [warfare] agents on civilian populations [within the United States].” -SOURCE- Public Law 95-79, Title VIII, Sec. 808, July 30, 1977, 91 Stat. 334. In U.S. Statutes-at-Large, Vol. 91, page 334, you will find Public Law 95-79. Public Law 97-375, title II, Sec. 203(a)(1), Dec. 21, 1982, 96 Stat. 1882. In U.S. Statutes-at-Large, Vol. 96, page 1882, you will find Public Law 97-375

From Barium Blues:

Poor Monkey  



  “Give me the money and three months,” she says, “and I’ll be able to affect the behavior of eighty percent of the people in this town without their knowing it.”  


Monkey in restraint experiencing electrode stimulation to its brain in experiment by José Delgado, infamous mind control researcher.

excerpts from:

Mind Control

By Harry V. Martin and David Caul

Copyright, Napa Sentinel, 1991

…In California, it was discovered by Dr. Adey that animal brain waves could be altered directly by ELF fields. It was found that monkey brains would fall in phase with ELF waves. These waves could easily pass through the skull, which normally protected the central nervous system from outside influence.

In San Leandro, Dr. Elizabeth Rauscher, director of Technic Research Laboratory, has been doing ELF/brain research with human subjects for some time. One of the frequencies produces nausea for more than an hour. Another frequency, she calls it the marijuana frequency, gets people laughing. “Give me the money and three months,” she says, “and I’ll be able to affect the behavior of eighty percent of the people in this town without their knowing it.”….


The American public was never informed that the military had planned to develop electromagnetic weapons until 1982, when the revelation appeared in a technical Air Force magazine.

The magazine article stated, “….specifically generated radio-frequency radiation (RFR) fields may pose powerful and revolutionary anti-personnel military trends.” The article indicated that that it would be very easy to use electromagnetic fields to disrupt the human brain because the brain, itself, was an electrically mediated organ. If further indicated that a rapidly scanning RFR system would have a stunning or killing capability over a large area. The system was developable.

Navy Captain Dr. Paul E. Taylor read a paper at the Air University Center for Aerospace Doctrine, Research and Education, at Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama. Dr. Taylor was responsible for the Navy’s Radiation Laboratory and had been studying radiation effects on humans. In his paper, Dr. Taylor stated, “The ability of individuals to function (as soldiers) could be degraded to such a point that would be combat ineffective.” The system was so sophisticated that it employed microwaves and millimeter waves and was transportable by a large truck.

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in the South Bay, are working on the development of a “brain bomb”. A bomb could be dropped in the middle of a battlefield which would produce microwaves, incapacitating the minds of soldiers within a circumscribed area.

Applications of microwave technology in espionage were available for over 25 years. In a meeting in Berkeley of the American Association for the Advancement of Science as early as 1965, Professor J. Anthony Deutsch of New York University, provided an important segment of research in the field of memory control. In layman terms, Professor Deutsch indicated that the mind is a transmitter and if too much information is received, like too many vehicles on a crowded freeway, the brain ceases to transmit. The Professor indicated that an excess of acetyl choline in the brain can interfere with the memory process and control. He indicated excess amounts of acetyl choline can be artificially produced, through both the administration of drugs or through the use of radio waves. The process is called Electronic Dissolution of Memory (EDOM). The memory transmission can be stopped for as long as the radio signal continues.

As a result, the awareness of the person skips over those minutes during which he is subjected to the radio signal. Memory is distorted, and time-orientation is destroyed.

According to Lincoln Lawrence, author of Were We Controlled, EDOM is now operational. “There is already in use a small EDOM generator/transmitter which can be concealed on the body of the person. Contact with this person, a casual handshake or even just a touch, transmits a tiny electronic charge plus an ultra-sonic signal tone which for a short period will disturb the time-orientation of the person affected….it can be a potent weapon for hopelessly confusing evidence in the investigation of a crime.”

Thirty years ago, Allen Frey discovered that microwaves of 300 to 3000 megahertz could be “heard” by people, even if they were deaf, if pulsed at a certain rate. Appearing to be originating just in back of the head, the sound boomed, clicked, hissed or buzzed, depending upon the frequency. Later research has shown that the perception of the waves take place just in front of the ears. The microwaves causes pressure waves in the brain tissue, and this phenomenon vibrates the sound receptors in the inner ear through the bone structure. Some microwaves are capable of directly stimulating the nerve cells of the auditory pathways. This has been confirmed with experiments with rats, in which the sound registers 120 decibels, which is equal to the volume of a nearby jet during takeoff. Aside from having the capability of causing pain and preventing auditory communication, a more subtle effect was demonstrated at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research by Dr. Joseph C. Sharp. Dr. Sharp, himself, was the subject of an experiment in which pulsed microwave audiograms, or the microwave analog of the sound vibrations of spoken words, were delivered to his brain in such a way that he was able to understand the words that were spoken. Military and undercover uses of such a device might include driving a subject crazy with inner voices in order to discredit him, or conveying undetectable instructions to a programmed assassin.

But the technology has been carried even a step further. It has been demonstrated by Dr. Ross Adey that microwaves can be used to directly bring about changes in the electrical patterns of different parts of the brain. His experiments showed that he could achieve the same mind control over animals as Dr. Delgado did in the bull incident. Dr. Delgado used brain implants in his animals, Dr. Adey used microwave devices without preconditioning. He made animals act and look like electronic toys.


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  2. They are torturing us here in the United States, I know the military is involved, and I know I am going to sound crazy, but they are working with these hybrid bloodlines, possibly fallen angels? I know that sounds crazy but please trust me, they plugged me into this machine, it had star symbols on it and they were following me for days, and this corrupt church in Kent Washington was working with these people who had glowing eyes. Nobody else was abnormal, just them, and they told me personal things about myself and were threatening and layed hands on me, and also tried to get me to eat some kind of strange donut thing and go to sleep, then I left and my bicycle and backpack was stolen, the man at the church took my knife and close to 1000 dollars, all of my money from my backpack, and there were all these columbian looking guys there. I was being followed by all these brand new expensive looking cars and people were yelling things out at me, they were using some kind of strange frequencies that made me very confused and before this it seemed like everything in the system was being rigged so that I would fail. There were always these blue eyed white haired people, and I wanted to learn more about these corrupt secret societies and covens of so called “vampires” or witches or whatever, and it just got worse and worse. After they plugged me into this machine, they scanned me, it said a number, and it was a guy disguised as an ambulance worker, then he left and got in a car and the ambulance drove off, the staged police had glowing rings around their eyes, glowing blue rings, and the guy with the star machine that had the light wand thing they scanned across my forehead had a nose that started at his forehead, and went down smooth and had no hair or anything and reddish looking skin, almost glowing skin, and black eyes. or very dark brown. He was huge, very powerful, and I was in shock the whole time. I was still in shock after what happened before. I kept hoping it was just a drug or something, but it just got worse and worse, and none of my friends listened to me, and now looking back I think they were all involved in some kind of sorcery alchemy stuff, witchcraft, Satanism, etc. and I was just learning about the Holy Spirit and having this spiritual awakening, it was real, I’m not crazy. The ambulance took me to a hospital and they did all kinds of experiments and had all this equipment there, they were testing something, and there was military and guys with suits involved, and people with weird egyptian stuff, and these huge people with star eyes like stars glowing gren and blue and red and orange and people who were threatening me and saying they are higher on the pyramid and their eyes turned black and shook back and forth and the phones had weird battery packs and weren’t any brand name and just said “Renton” and “Kent” and things like that, and these really tall firefighters that had the same red glowing looking skin were always in certain places, and it was like they took over the city, all these strange people, and they were torturing me and making me afraid, and it wasn’t a hallucination. Then I saw a girl change her form, her face and ears changed, and she was talking about my blood and looking at my veins and they forced me to give them my blood, then they used some kind of weird technology that made me feel like everything was fine, I felt like I loved them for no reason and they opened the door, I couldn’t leave, my mind wouldn’t let me leave, I asked for a bible and started praying and these alarms went off and they would say “he’s doing it again” and “I think he likes it” and there was some kind of low vibration sound, and there was a person or being of some kind screaming in the room next to me and they were studying them, and the whole floor was empty, they had steel doors covering all the equipment, they had planned this obviously, and they knew where i was going to be. They put me in another staged hospital, another facility, and did more tests, they sprayed gases, they did surgery on me, they killed at least one other person in front of me and let me know I couldn’t win, they injected me with stuff, they tortured me, and they went over past memories and things that happened that they could only know if they were psychic or they had some machine that could go through my mind. I’m not lying about this, it happened in Kent and Seattle, and nobody did anything to help me, and I gave up my repentance and quit trying to help people, and everyone just mocked me and made fun of me and said there’s no spirit world or Jesus or anything and none of the churches believed me and I tried to kill myself but it didn’t work, and these same people would follow me around, and now I’ve met other people who have had similar things happen, and I’ve read the book of Enoch and all these books about these secret societies and stuff, and I’ve met lots of other people who don’t think I’m crazy but they’re framing us for crimes, it’s the government, and they don’t care about us. They’re executing my people, my friends, my loved ones, they’re killing them and experimenting on us, like we’re animals, and I’m NOT CRAZY, they want to keep us from knowing the power, it’s like the force almost, the power of good and evil, there IS a real force, a Holy Spirit, and Jesus really does raise people from the dead, LITERALLY, there is a spirit world, there is a living God who created all things, and don’t ever believe their lies. This whole system was set up to enslave us and destroy our spirits and connection to a higher dimension. Please someone listen to me. I’m not crazy.

    • It is NOT: Paranoia,If they are Really OUT to GET YOU!

    • You are not crazy. I know your world very well and can tell you you are not crazy if that is any comfort.

      Keep the faith and believe it or not, I find myself doing the hail mary during the attacks of pain that are sent upon my body when they decide I have figured out too much for the day. I get severe rib pains and throw up. My DNA has changed 2 times this year alone. I have died and come back. I was also taken to a strange situation of a room where they “cleaned my blood” My blood has changed and I am missing peices, I have had a peice of my intestine absorbed, just gone, and so on and so forth.

      Just hold on and know you are not alone.


      • I have documented proof of an ongoing behavioral modification/dream manipulating project. the parties responsible have been kind enough to manipulate cameras in my eyes. I have a pdf. (proof) RAND CORP., DOD, UC system are amonbst the wonderful people involved. any good hackers out there contact me. gregoryrager@yahoo.com

      • If it is hypnosis or memory implants, then how do you stop it?

    • mate its alright even if ppl have no idea of the experiences your talking about. Usually if you were insane it would be so very obvious to those closet to you; but anyway GOD is real and many of the signs of jesus 2nd coming have come to pass. So remain true to the end. These gov ppl are decieved really badly they do not believe in our god. Our lives are insanely short. I’m already 46 and it feels like yesterday that I was 30 and before that 23. soon I’ll be 57 and so forth; we will return to God who has said that he has created for his ppl a new heaven and a new earth free of all suffering. Chin up mate and focus on what you still have. Daylight warmth the ability to seek out answers even if all your able to do is find charities to feed you; you still have liberty. It’s better than sitting in a concret cell. I know I’ve been there. I’ve been homeless heaps. I sometimes earn fantastic money othertimes cant afford a bus fare. Just concentrate of the basics and pray for forgiveness and we must forgive those who pursecute us.
      See ya

    • Hey i love your story,sounds 100% legit. I just wanted to know if you can email me more about these things.Im with you 1100% on this .God bless.
      Email: Optimistman_@hotmail.com

    • I believe you. Similar things happen to me but without kidnapping and experiments. I live in the United Kingdom.

    • Those who abducted you are not as evil as they seem. They are desperate to find the solution to their problem not fitting in to the new reality currently evolving, just as us “normal” humans. They know it is only a matter of time before the real solution is finalized and they can’t resist the power they would have if they manipulated or controlled it. (think utopia at the end of zietgist). The “force” is much more than even those scary glowing eyed thugs can even imagine. Don’t let their shenanigans fool your deepest self, they targeted you for a reason and left you with memories for a reason. I have been aware of them and the ones with glowing orange eyes have visited in my dreams. If they try to tempt you with power don’t accept. Don’t fall for their comforting Utopian visions of eternal heaven, it’s a sell out. They aren’t any closer to god then we are, really they need us more then we need them. As a Washington resident I should also say, you are not far from the star.

    • Hello I believe you
      Can you email me at
      So we can talk more please as soon as possible

    • Your story sounds eerily similar to mine. I also feel the government was behind it and it has something to do with suppressing the power we can harness when a higher frequency is attained. I feel like I can never again reach that blissful and powerful state after it was terrified out of me in a facility last year. I also experienced impossible to know personal stories being told to me to make me aware of their capabilities. I saw a man in a room screaming for his life and other very disturbing things. When I prayed there, a light went off and an alarm sounded. I can relate to other aspects of the story as well, so as crazy as it may sound, you are not alone in this. Once I was released, I was followed around the city for the next few days. I feel like we are lucky to have made it out alive. God bless and may the light continue to keep you safe.

    • I totally believe you and I don’t live too far from Kent Washington in eastern Oregon. I think I live in a pilot town honestly. But for some strange reason, I feel safe here and can’t bring myself to leave. Thank you for sharing your story.

    • I’ve seen it all, and am the undeniable inevitable absolute destroyer of them. my frequency controls all that is here and grants or deny’s life. if you who wrote this is still in existence

    • Hello let me tell you that you need to know that you are 100% not crazy, in fact your sanity is probably clearer then its ever been, though to everyone around you it may not seem like it. The best advice I can give you is to figure out what causes you to be paranoid and scared and work on changing that. Also you need to stop discussing this with anyone because it only makes it worse in the long run and could possibly turn your loved ones against you and probably not by there choice either. It is important to no that any cell phone or GPS device computer and anything that someone can hack isn’t something you carry around with you and look into emp protection for yourself. Be carefully driving because they can kill you by hacking your vehicle. Don’t ride with anything that will get you arrested but look into concealed carry weapon permit. Never use it unless it is life or death. Do not go to a therapist or participate in any kind of rehab facility even aa or na. Believe you are very very unlucky it is happening to you. I suggest you make sure to start making amends with people and your god and live day by day with a thought of fulfillment and be at peace that at anytime you can go. Though it may not happen at all or anytime soon. Cconcider leaving to another country not a in country either. This is happening to 1000s of people and only grows bigger. Use your intellect over emotions but don’t be no bitch. If you want call 209513194? -ask for mike Jones, the last number is for you to guess.

    • This is a disinformation agent to make us look crazy. You are putting too many of us on your torture list, we are all starting to speak out.It is not to late to repent of your sins, ask God for forgiveness, and turn to Jesus with your whole heart. Your time is running out. I know how this all ends…..God wins!!!!!

    • This is so true

  3. Go ahead and leave an email or something, I’ll write back, I’m saving this on favorites, I just typed that up fast, it doesn’t really make sense and people will think I took acid or something, but that’s not it. This was real. They have some kind of interdimensional stuff going on right now, and I was always able to go into those worlds growing up because I’m a hybrid myself, and I know I’ve always been different. They are targeting us for our gifts and ruining our lives. I know there are real angels, holy ones and fallen physical ones who pretend to be holy but really work for this collective consciousness alien stuff or whatever. It’s real, don’t write off the so called “schizophrenics”, some of them are actually telling the truth.

  4. Anonymous,
    I believe your story. But what do you mean that you’re a hybrid yourself?
    Does that mean you’re half Reptilian? Red Elk believes in God the Creator
    and Jesus Christ the Son, our Lord and Savior and knows about the Reptilians and the Ant People. He talks about them in the YouTube Videos: 12 Hours with
    Red Elk. He knows that some Reptilian Hybrids believe in good and want to be
    saved by Jesus Christ and he (Red Elk) can help them, whoever wants it, to receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Red Elk knows that the Hybrids
    need special help because of their situation.
    I believe and know that Jesus can help you. You are right that you are not crazy.
    You just need the Lord Jesus as your Lord and Savior. The Kingdom of God will
    crush all the kingdoms of this world, just as God’s Word says. Jesus is The
    Savior of all mankind and the whole world. Don’t give up on The Lord, which is
    giving up on repentance. Examining yourself and Repentance Daily is even more
    important than the daily routines of eating, sleeping and working on time.
    We should pray always that we may overcome by God’s Holy Spirit within us and
    the Precious Blood of Jesus who died for us on the Cross. Look up on Youtube:
    An Interview with Derek Prince, 8 Exchanges on The Cross, The Cross at The
    Center and Cross In My Life.
    I’ve been to many websites like this one and read some of the threads and
    I’ve seen ‘Anonymous’ comment many times on these different websites.
    The comments are very informative and helpful. I am very thankful for them.
    And I don’t know if you’re the same person. But, I want to thank you for the
    comments you just made. Because people need to know, there is a war going
    on – A spiritual war – which many are blind to. But, we need to give our lives to
    Jesus Christ and Know Him, before it is too late. Because I know that no one
    wants to go to hell forever. And if we don’t choose Jesus over the Devil – we can’t
    go where Jesus has prepared a place for us and where the Heavenly Father is.
    My favorite Christian website is: DivineRevelations.info. Excellent site. Good for
    Building Up Faith in Jesus Christ.
    Reach Red Elk – his website has his address and phone number.
    The website is: redelk.org or redelk.com.
    May The Lord Bless you and keep you as you seek Him.
    Ask Jesus Christ into your heart and mind, that you would be born again by His Holy Spirit. Get a 1611 av King James Bible and Pray For Understanding before,
    and as you read it. Pray to the Heavenly Father that His Holy Spirit will guide you all your thoughts, words and deeds. Gods Ways are higher than our ways.
    I think Red Elk can help you. He has helped others like yourself.
    By the way, I have a question. I know someone who could possibly be related to
    the late U.S. President Martin Van Buren and do you think that person could be
    a hybrid? The reason I’m asking is because – from research that I’ve done – if this is correct: The Royal Family and U.S. Presidents have been replaced by hybrids
    since before Queen Victoria’s time. Her Grandmothers family came over on the
    Mayflower. I think it is history that the Kings Colony came to Virginia on the Mayflower. Her Grandmother always talked about naming their boys with the
    middle name ‘King’, and how she was raised democrat and memorizing all the names of the U.S. Presidents and became the member of an Optimist Club.
    Sorry for the long post.
    I hope you can answer my question.
    I wish the best for you.

  5. Sounds like everyones pineal glands are a little over stimulated.

  6. you obviously have schizophrenia
    you need psychiatric help
    i suggest psychotropics
    i know anti-psychotics

    • MK- Ultrad lately?????

      Do some research, talk to those of us who were military expriments and know it because our children are as well.

      Egads, it is people like you who let the NWO stay in charge. Shame on you. Where is your Dr degree? Where did you do research? Obviously you took your MK-Ultra pills very well.

      How does it feel to be asleep and a slave? I do hope you wake before the end comes and you are looking at the MK-Ultra going wow, I wish I would have listened.

  7. Could the ELF assaults on the masses of Americans by the Hoardes of Illegals Thumping their way across the boarders into the Now Third world blighted areas of the Metropolis’ be an: Audio Attack meant to foment Retallition to provide kindlings of Revolution to predicate the Reconquistas of La Raza?

    The Mobile assault BOOM Boxes, with: E.XTREME L.ow F.req [3-9 hertz cyclic waves, ] to stimulate Psychosis, Neurosis, violence and Death, must surley VIOLATE some Codes, Laws and I am sure DISTURB the PEACE, but Law Enforcement; excercises their perogative: to “NOT ENFORCE the LAW or PROTECT” the Public from an AUDIO WAR, NOt Silent, just ExLOW FREQ!

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  9. Look up HAARP and chemtrails and see the relationship… It’s mind blowing! For all of you in here who are finding difficulties dealing with strange events and phenomenon, if nobody believes you, remind yourselves that God All Mighty KNOWS the truth. And pray for guidance, true guidance. There is only One God and He is our Creator and from Him we came and to Him we return. This is the final destination. This world here is only temporary and we are being tested in our faith. Be strong and trust that the Good will win because that is already written.

    Here is a very important interview with an ex military who explains the different purposes of chemtrails among which one has is a means to protect our skies from low frequency attacks from foreign entities such as Russia for example. When I first heard this, it started making sense.

    I wish you all the best, may peace be with you.


  10. Ok! I am doing so research on this subject. Can you give me more info. What are you up to today. The most important thing is “Who do you say Jesus is?”

  11. Gino Barcal

    To whom it may concern,

    I would like to request your immediate attention and help in this case of extreme urgency.

    I am at the moment under tortured and attempt of assassination through the Remote Neural Monitoring System (RNM), and the gang of psychopaths that are torturing me and trying to kill me identified themselves as members of the family Zugman, Salmo Zugman, Ariel and Ana Zugman, Ilan and Tali Zugman (Curitiba residents).

    The concerns and the risks caused by this system of torture and assassination are pointed by agencies of human rights in the whole world as one of the worst violations.

    The main purpose of this report is to look for aid, and to understand how such crime can be fought.

    I would like to remind that I’m under invasion and manipulation of e-mails and internet connections in general.


    Gino Barcal

    This document was meant to describe the details and facts related to the torture I’m under through the System RNM.

    This monitoring system can send direct codified signals to the auditory cortex of the brain, ignoring the ear, and also transmits commands to the subconscious of the monitored, producing visual disturbance and hallucinations, manipulating and reading the emotions, thoughts, memories and dreams from a long distance, and can cause pain to any nerve of the body.

    The people behind the RNM identified themselves through the system as members of the family Zugman, Salmo Zugman, Ariel and Ana Zugman, Ilan and Tali Zugman (Curitiba residents).

    They are torturing me remotely with a direct attack to my digestion system by locking my intestine and destroying my liver and kidneys, they are invading through the system RNM every thought and memory that pass through my brain and they are torturing me remotely with abusive commentaries related to intimate parts of my body, psychological torture during the day and night, motivation to suicide, invasion of privacy with cruel and promiscuous commentaries and invasion and manipulation of e-mails and internet connections in general.

    The consequences of such torture have characteristics related to the attack of the nervous system, and such invasion of privacy can take a person to the debilitation of physical and psychological state. I am living and experiencing this personally. Such invasion of privacy exposes the tortured person totally, it is a very efficient method developed to control the human brain and the nervous system. The technology of the Remote Neural System Monitoring (RNM) can send messages from a long distance to the nervous system of a tortured person in order to attack the nervous system, to alterate the metabolism in general, to influence the performance and thinking in a desired way, and provides the possibility to read and control the thoughts, dreams, memories, subconscious and emotional states of the person.

    Trough the Remote Neural Monitoring it is possible to torture, manipulate, intimidate and assassinate average civilians, business competitors and government representatives.

    This technology underestimate the power of justice, the medicine, the state security procedures and human rights, and the authorities do not acknowledge publicly such threat and do not offer transparency in such violation.

    For all those who are concern with human rights, dignity, justice, privacy and security, this technology is an way of agretion that does not leave prove.

    The invaision of privacy trought this technology exposes the monitored person totally; It is a very eficient method developed to control and manipulate the human brain and the neural system. The medicine should be helped to recognize the simptoms of mental and neural abuse trough remote neural control, and the information about this technology should be desclasified, so this type of abuse can be seen as it is.

    The concerns and the risks caused by this system of torture and assassination are pointed by agencies of human rights in the whole world as one of the worst violations.

    The main purpose of this report is to look for aid, and to understand how such crime can be fought.


    Gino Barcal

    PS: More information can be found in the sites:






  12. I can relate to your story. Although I have read about technology that allows for people to do this (RNM & RNI) without the use of implants, in my case, I believe this has been done to me, throughout my life, with the use of two RFID-sized implants in each ear. I have photos at my blog, & there is also a link to a youtube video showing my implants.

    Just know that you are not alone & I hope you & all of us are able to find some relief from the atrocity that is going on every day.


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    I felt this was pertinent to those who think they’re going crazy from this nightmare of severe physical & psychological torture.
    Like Kate Bush said in her song “Experiment IV”… “they told us what they wanted was a sound that could kill someone from a distance…”

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  15. Is there a way to tell if this has happened to you because i believe that i might have experienced this myself, and everyone thought it was a depression’

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  17. I am at the moment under tortured and attempt of assassination through the Remote Neural Monitoring System (RNM).

    They are torturing me remotely with a direct attack to my digestion system by locking my intestine and destroying my liver and kidneys.

    The gang of psychopaths that are torturing me and trying to kill me identified themselves as members of the family Zugman: Ariel Zugman (Eichmann), Ana Zugman, Ilan Zugman, Tali Zugman, Salmo Zugman (medic-Mengele) (Curitiba-Brazil residents) and Fernando Potrik (Sao Paulo Resident).

    This case should be at the United Nations top subjects for discussion, since it is the first gang of psychopaths revealed, and still haven’t been caught by the Brazilian local authorities; And the world should understand the importance of fighting Remote Neural Stalking Gangs.

    Please contact the UN Counter-Terrorism Committee at:



    Some tips for the victims:

    My Internet connections such as facebook, yahoo, gmail and Skype are safe; I don’t know my passwords since I typed them with my eyes closed in the Microsoft word (Angsana New-size: 8), and whenever I access the Internet I just copy and past them with my eyes half open, so the psychopaths can’t read the passwords; The passwords look like that: Sadfstujmhtjpkfjg7

    Another important recommendation is to listen to music or radio as much is possible; The psychopaths that are torturing me are attacking me 24 hours a day, so I listen to radio 24 hours a day; I bought some really good ear-seats and wherever I go I’m listening to radio (don’t forget to keep a ear-seat spare, since they don’t less for too long); Keep a radio near the bed during resting time, since you can choose in which transmission your brain can focus, it helps to create interference to the RNM transmissions ; Remember it’s a mind game, and you must to win.

    I been reading a lot of theories related to psychopaths that are seating behind RNM’s, and I’m sure that this technology patent leaked from the official authorities, and some psychopaths electronics engineer’s decided to make profit by selling RNM equipments illegally to other psychopaths.

    Try to understand in which areas of knowledge the stalkers are strong and weak; That way the authorities may be able to track them, psychopaths are egocentric and have the tendency to talk about themselves; Remember it’s a mind game and for sure your mind is way stronger than the mind of psychopath.

    Please check my manifest against neural weapons in the facebook; And don’t forget to approve it by pressing like.


    Thanks a lot,

    Gino Barcal

    PS: More information can be found in the sites:









    • I am going through the same thing for three years. I also will listen to music when they get bad. I have a lot of experience with this. They can cause pain if you try to ignore them. I refuse to listen to them so they don’t get me to listen to them. I would like to know more information about elf.

  18. Boycott Brazil / Boicote o Brazil


    Due to the period of dictatorship, Brazil has developed an entire infrastructure for manipulating brain function by radiofrequency . Like Brazil does not have satellites, this infrastructure was developed using television and radio antennas and subsequently cellular antennas .

    Currently many citizens worldwide , when they arrive in Brazil , are targets of this technology , see the case example of John Gregory Lambros , with the knowledge of local authorities.

    In Brazil , the technology is used to try to legitimize evangelical voodoo cults , as well as a way of trying to adjust individual behavior through physical suffering and threat.

    Note that the radio waves , by itself , does not cause any effect on the human brain, only when these radio frequencies are in the frequency of the brain and within specific modulations is that different brain regions are activated and produce effect psychotronic torture (psychological manipulation using electronic media ).

  19. […] Mind Control Through Extra Low Frequency Waves […]

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  21. […] For the B.H. crowd–you know, Black Helicopter, Bush Hitler, etc–there is the mind control microwave device. […]





  23. To The White House
    President Mr. Barack Obama
    and to The Embassy of the United States
    in Tel Aviv – Israel

    Gino Barcal
    Fone: (972) 54-903-7576
    Kibbutz Horeshim
    Po Box: 11426
    Tel Aviv-Israel

    Tel Aviv, December 22 2013.

    To the President of the United States of America Mr. Barack Obama,

    I would like to request your attention and help in this case of extreme urgency.

    I am at the moment under torture and attempt of assassination through a Remote Neural Monitoring System (RNM) for over 23 months.

    I would like to request from the Government of the United States asylum or temporary protection status with work authorization in the United States (for the minimum period of 18 months, based in the American Temporary Protection Program), since I’m at the moment under life threat.

    The gang of psychopaths that are torturing me and trying to kill me identified themselves as: Ariel”a” Zugman (Eichmann) and Ana Chapaval Zugman (Curitiba-Brazil residents).

    Ariel”a” and Ana Zugman are pedophiles that turned their son Ilan (dead) during childhood into a sexual slave of the father (Ariel”a”), and the father presents himself through the RNM as a pederast travesty obsessed with male attention that used to be a prostitute travesty in the streets of Curitiba and suffers from social rejection.

    The Zugman’s psychopaths gang syntonized the brains of pregnant women and the fetus in the womb of the mother, and they are torturing their victims till death.

    I’m under high pressure at the moment; This is the beginning of a list with the names of the victims from the psychopath’s Zugman’s.

    Dr. Max Zugman ז”ל
    and family

    Sr. Isac Zugman ז”ל
    and family

    Dr. Helio Rotenberg ז”ל
    and family

    Sra. Julima Sender ז”ל
    and family

    Sr. Jael B. Barros ז”ל
    and family

    Sr. Cecilio R. Almeida ז”ל
    and family

    Sr. Leandro Bergerson ז”ל
    and family

    Sr. Leon Barg ז”ל
    and family

    Sra. Eva Barg ז”ל

    Sra. Sulamita Paciornik ז”ל
    and family

    Sr. Samuel Paciornik ז”ל
    and family

    Sr. Hans Czazckes ז”ל
    and family

    Sra. Paulina Chapaval ז”ל
    and family

    Sr. Jaques Chapaval ז”ל
    and family

    Sr. Pinkas Falbel ז”ל
    and family

    שיהיה זכרם ברוך וברור

    Srta. Carol Marach
    and family

    Ph.D. Ami Klin (USA Citizens)
    and family

    Sra. Vanessa Raiz (USA Citizens)
    and family

    Sra. Rosane Chamecki (USA Citizens)
    and family

    Sra. Andrea Lerner (USA Citizens)
    and family

    Dr. Marcio Guelmann (USA Citizens)
    and family

    Sr. Menachem Klin (Israeli Citizens)
    and family

    Dr. Baruch Klin (Israeli Citizens)
    and family

    Sr. Sergio Mamber (Israeli Citizens)
    and family

    Sr. Marcelo Guelmann (Israeli Citizens)
    and family

    Sra. Cecilia Kapiluto (Israeli Citizens)
    and family

    Barcal Family (Israeli Citizens)

    Sr. Fernando Potrik (SP) (USA Citizens)
    and family

    Sra. Sandra May (SP)
    and daughter

    Sra. Matia Falbel (SP)
    and family

    Sr. Artur Lescher (SP)
    and family

    Sra. Karen Schnaider Rochlin (RJ)
    and family

    Sr. Edson Barg
    and family

    Sr. Celso Sender

    Sr. Saul Hirsch
    and family

    Sr. Michel Weishof
    and family

    Sr. Isac Nudelman
    and family

    Sr. Sigmund Morgenstein
    and family

    Sr. Sergio Weishof
    and family

    Sr. Celso Smargowicz
    and family

    Sr. Arthur Frenkel
    and family

    Sr. Jacques Kohane
    and family

    Sra. Simone Wolokita

    Sr. Nelson Barbalat
    and family

    Sr. Rubens Teig
    and family

    Sr. Mario Fisbein
    and family

    Sr. Beno Paciornik
    and family

    Sr. Daniel Katz

    Sr. Sergio Apter
    and family

    Sr. Leon Knopfholz
    and family

    Sra. Cira Wikler
    and family

    Sr. Gil Montag
    and family

    Sra. Eliza Terapin

    Sr. Jaime Zugman
    and family

    Sr. Ari Zugman
    and family

    Sr. Samuel Zugman
    and family

    Sr. Julio Zugman
    and family

    Family Reich

    Family Chapaval

    Family Guelmann

    Family Chamecki

    Family Mamber

    Family Kohane

    Family Calachi

    Governor Jaime Lerner
    and family

    Governor Saul Raiz
    and family

    Sr. Fernando Brafman
    and family

    Dr. Mauricio Brik
    and family

    Dr. Salmo Zugman
    and family

    Dr. Paulo Czazckes
    and family

    Dr. Joel Paciornik
    and family

    I’m trying to survive and to obtain as much information as possible from the psychopaths that are torturing me; While governments stay silent, the psychopath’s Zugman’s (Ariel”a” and Ana), are syntonizing new victims; Among the victims many kids are suffering and dying from such attack!!!!!

    The psychopaths Ariel”a” and Ana are pedophiles and they syntonized many kids in the Jewish Community also.

    The pictures of the psychopaths and this horrible story should be released to the media immediately!!!

    The theories of the governments involved in this case are generating a new holocaust, and they are not protecting the interests of the humanity.

    The best defense is the attack through the media.

    Terror Organizations are already using the RNM technology, and the human society should be informed about this type of crime, that reached the proportions of a new holocaust, and receive confirmation from their governments about the thousands of victims that are suffering and dying from attacks of psychopaths using RNM’s.

    We have thousands of victims all over the world that are dying from such attack, and they are not receiving support from their governments.

    I’m still receiving from the psychopaths “Zugman’s” new names of their victims; To prevent the pain and suffering of the victims family’s I decided to not add new names to the list until the authorities arrest the psychopaths.

    They are torturing me remotely with a direct attack to my digestion system by locking my intestine and destroying my liver and kidneys, invading and controlling through the RNM system every thought and memory that pass through my brain with abusive and promiscuous commentaries and motivation to suicide; It’s a psychological torture during day and night (24 hours a day).

    The concerns and the risks caused by this system of torture and assassination are pointed by agencies of human rights in the whole world as one of the worst violations.

    This case should be at the United Nations top subjects for discussion, since it is the first gang of psychopaths revealed, and still haven’t been caught by the Brazilian local authorities; And the world should understand the importance of fighting Remote Neural Stalking Gangs.

    I would like to let you know that I can be found at Kibbutz Horeshim as a member of the Refet worker’s team.


    Gino Barcal

    PS: More information can be found in my web-site:


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  25. here in mo as well it f**king my life around





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