David Icke Exposes The Secret Truth of What Happens to Missing Children

Another point not mentioned in this article is that missing children and missing pets will be a major excuse to usher in microchipping the population. I was just told of someone in Europe reporting that she couldn’t buy gas at a gas station because she didn’t have a chip in her card. Microchipping ID cards and microchipping people is already becoming a way to control freedoms.

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Hello all …

I have a crew from Belgian national television coming to see me on Monday to talk about the global trafficking of children. This is especially significant in Belgium after the child kidnappings and murders in the mid-1990s that threatened to implicate the country’s political establishment and other famous names.

How they got away with it and pinned it all on a sick and pathetic paedophile and child-supplier called Marc Dutroux was the classic establishment response to danger that is repeated constantly across the world.

Often I hear people say that if child abuse, kidnap and murder was happening on the scale I suggest then ‘they’ would not be able to keep it under wraps. What happened in Belgium shows that they can.

As I have said so many times, people generally don’t get their views and opinions from researched information, but from an ‘image’, an ‘impression’, of how things are. With regard to missing children, this ‘impression’ is heavily influenced by the number of lost children stories they see in the media.

If we are talking the national media there are very few. The enormous coverage of the missing British girl, Madeleine McCann, who was abducted while on holiday in Portugal, is a rare example compared with the number of children who disappear every year.

While people get their impression of scale from the lost children featured in the media, staggering numbers of children go missing never to be seen again. I remember calling many American states a few years ago to ask for their missing children figures and it was truly extraordinary. On average, around 3,000 children a day are reported missing in the United States, never mind those the authorities never hear about. Add them together and you are talking hundreds of thousands of children.

Belgium is a small country of some ten million people and yet in the Brussels region alone it was revealed that 1,300 minors disappeared between 1991 and 1996. Around the world you find the same repeating story and multi-millions of children go missing every year never to be found.

Where do they go?

After researching this subject in multiple countries for the best part of 20 years, I can tell you what happens to many of them. They become sex objects for the rich and famous; they are trafficked around the world by rings connected to the rich and famous; and they are sacrificed in the satanic rituals of the rich and famous. Others are enslaved into government and military mind-control programmes which abduct children to genetic order.

This is covered up by controlling the system at all levels: government; law ‘enforcement’; social services; the courts; and the media.

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  1. Dossier of Depravity
    Nov 28 2006 By The Evening Chronicle

    Grim revelations today lift the lid on the shocking scale of sex abuse at a former North East Borstal.

    It was meant to give young offenders a short, sharp shock. Instead, many were left scarred for life, haunted by a brutal catalogue of sex attacks.

    The abuse of inmates at the Medomsley Detention Centre, in Consett, County Durham, came to light when former kitchen officer Neville Husband was convicted of molesting a string of young lads in the 1970s and 1980s.

    But today, fresh revelations expose the shocking scale of the abuse suffered behind the bars of the now-closed juvenile jail.

    Secret papers obtained by the Chronicle state that prison officers suspected married father-of-one Husband was preying on inmates but did nothing.

    Documents hidden for nearly 40 years reveal Husband, who went on to become a church minister in Gateshead, had been investigated for importing child pornography a decade before he staged his attacks.

    Statements by ex-colleagues tell how the 69-year-old, currently serving a 10-year jail term, had regular shipments of hardcore porn sent to him at Medomsley.

    And a second officer was also convicted of indecently assaulting a male prisoner, who had been introduced to him by Husband, of Shotley Bridge.

    The pair continued to visit and abuse the same boy after he was released from custody.

    Transcripts of police interviews also reveal thousands of indecent pictures of children were found on computers seized from Husband’s home and his United Reformed Church office.

    Medomsley Detention Centre was built in 1898 but wasn’t acquired by the Prison Commission until 1959.

    Employing just 11 staff, a 1977 inspection report described Medomsley as `Dickensian’ and read: “The detention centre has never hit the headlines and within the Prison Department has apparently been accepted as a place where nothing of any import ever occurs and one which is unlikely to cause any problems.”

    Husband, now dubbed the `Medomsley monster’, worked at the jail as a kitchen officer. After 27 years in the prison service, he became a United Reformed Church minister in Gateshead in 1994.

    But it was not until 2001 that his perverted past came back to haunt him. Previously silenced by shame, some of his victims spoke out about the ordeal they suffered decades earlier.

    Husband was convicted by a Newcastle Crown Court jury of molesting five boys and jailed for eight years. Publicity surrounding the trial encouraged others to come forward and he was jailed for a further two years on additional charges.

    But now we can reveal Husband’s depraved interest in young boys was apparent years earlier.

    A report reveals police probed Husband for importing homosexual pornographic pictures while working at a borstal in Dorset.

    The document, signed by the governor of HM Borstal Portland, reads: “The police showed me sample photographs of men in obscene and lewd postures, a signed order form and a signed cheque for 20/- which they allege was sent to an address in Sweden by Officer Husband.

    “The police interviewed Officer Husband at Portland police station and he admitted sending for a series of photographs, the sample of the series he ordered pictured two naked men, apparently engaged in homosexual activity.

    Immediately following the police interview Husband saw me privately and informed me of the statement he had made to the police.

    He told me – and the police – that he was considering writing a book on homosexuality and he had sent for the photos to assist to this end. Officer Husband is a good cook and baker, a married man with one child, buff, hearty and something of a comedian.”

    A second document dated July 1967 reveals no further action was taken by the police and Husband was allowed to continue working with children in the prison service.

    The allegations made against him in 1967 were brought up again when he was quizzed regarding sex abuse claims in 2001. We have accessed a transcript of a police interview with Husband, during which he admits the pornography he imported showed images of children.

    An officer from Consett police station asks him: “And I understand that while you were in Portland, an investigation took place regarding you importing pornographic pictures of teenage boys, is that correct?”

    Husband replies: “There was, yes there was.” Seconds later, Husband, who claimed he was writing a book about homosexuality, adds: “The pornography at that time was, it was soft porn, but again I wasn’t aware that it was boys because you got sent what you got sent.”

    The deputy governor at Portland while Husband was investigated, James Millar Reid, went on to become the governor at Medomsley.

    Statements given to police by prison officers who worked with Husband suggest suspicions were rife about his cravings for young boys, who he went on to molest in the kitchens he ran.

    One by an officer who served at Medomsley in 1978, reads: “I don’t know why but all the governors thought very highly of Husband and seemed to look after him.

    “For example, on a regular basis on rotation we would thoroughly search various areas within the centre. This was to look for cigarettes and alcohol. All main areas of the prison were searched except for the kitchen area. The prison management would not allow anyone but Husband to have access to the kitchen area.”

    After Husband left Medomsley, a search of the kitchen quarters discovered sex toys, pornography and rubber underwear in a filing cabinet. Victims’ statements, many of which are too distressing for us to print, detail how Husband abused them in the kitchen area.

    The officer’s statement adds: “There were always very strong rumours that Neville Husband was homosexual and that he was sexually abusing boys who were working with him in the kitchen. This was general knowledge among staff and boys in the centre.

    “On a night time Husband would usually keep one boy back with him after the others had been dismissed and we all felt sorry for that boy.

    Nobody reported their suspicions to anyone because Husband was so close to, and seemed to be supported by the governors and senior management.” Another officer told how he had to take time off work because of Husband’s “overbearing attitude” and that he was “too scared” to report rumours of him abusing boys.

    Our dossier also reveals Husband arranged for pornography to be sent to him. A statement given to police by one of his ex-colleagues reads: “For some time I was employed as a gate officer and was surprised to see Husband was receiving large quantities of post containing homosexual pornography.

    “Sometime the envelopes were not sealed and I used to look at the magazines and burn them without telling Husband. One package contained a video. I looked at this and found it was hardcore gay porn, again I burned it.”

    A number of former Medomsley workers have told how Husband’s closest friend in the jail was a storeman called Leslie Johnston who has also been convicted of indecent assault on an inmate at the detention centre. He revealed this while being interviewed by police in the run-up to Husband’s trial.

    It states: “After a while, Neville and I became quite good friends. We had a mutual interest in religion.” He adds: “We joined the freemasons at Chopwell and got on quite well together. We sometimes went out together with our wives to social functions.”

    Johnston’s statement went on: “At one stage I think Neville suggested that he had a lad working in the kitchen who he thought would be suitable to assist me in the stores department. Whilst XXXX was working with me in the stores I developed a sexual relationship with him.” He adds: “As a result of this I was convicted at court of indecent assault and subsequently left the prison service.”

    In the same statement, Johnston tells how he knew Husband had abused the same boy and that the pair both visited the victim once he had been released from prison.

    Husband was interviewed by police on a number of occasions. The transcript of one quiz, seen by us, tell how explicit videos of children were taken from his house in 1999.

    In September 2001, he was arrested on suspicion of possessing indecent photographs of children.

    His home PC, disks, zip-disks and a laptop from the United Reformed Church office on Cromer Avenue, Gateshead, had all been seized.

    During the interview, Husband is told detectives discovered thousands of indecent images of children, some of which were stored on disks labelled with phoney titles relating to church business.

    The Home Office declines to comment on our investigation. No-one at the United Reformed Church was available for comment.

    Victims of preacher

    Victims of Neville Husband today told of their horror at the revelations about his past.

    Kevin Young, of Jarrow, South Tyneside, suffered at the hands of Husband when he was sent to Medomsley for handling a stolen watch in 1977.

    Mr Young, now 45, was brutally targeted by Husband, including being photographed while he lay bound, blindfold, and naked.

    He said: “When I left that place I was shocked and shaken but I’m even more shocked and shaken at what has come out now.

    “These papers show officers saying things like `I felt sorry for that boy’, but I don’t think sorry is good enough.”

    The true horror of the ordeal Mr Young suffered didn’t hit him until he had a chance encounter with Husband in York in 1996.

    He bravely spoke out against the pervert preacher and after watching Husband get jailed for the attacks, he launched a bid for compensation against the Home Office.

    Despite winning a landmark legal victory allowing him to sue last November, the ruling was overturned earlier this month, meaning he will go without a penny.

    Now, dad-of-one Mr Young is calling for a full public inquiry into the case.

    Mr Young added: “The judge in November described this as a `serious case involving crown officers’ and that’s what it was.

    “The truth of the matter is I should never have been subjected to the attacks I was subjected to in light of what was known about him in 1967 in that he had an unhealthy interest in young boys.”

    Mr Young is urging any other victims to contact his support group Justice4Survivors.

    Another former inmate Richard Hall has also waived his right to anonymity to talk to the Chronicle.

    Mr Hall, now 43, of Heaton, Newcastle, was sexually abused and beaten senseless by Husband in 1980.

    Today, he said: “It never goes away but it’s right these things come out because people need to know.

    “It seems from these papers that there are some people who might have suspected what was going on all along, which leaves a nasty taste to say the least.

    “It’s the other victims who perhaps haven’t come forward I worry about.”

  2. I was an inmate there,I knew Husband and Johnston, Johnston attempted to, lets say, ‘get to know me better’, I declined and he never tried again.
    Husband I never knew about,I only met him a few times.
    Inmates at Medomsley were abused everyday, not sexually (to my knowledge) but certainly physically, beatings were given for the slightest of reasons and officers looked the other way if they were not actively taking part in it.The majority of officers viewed the young inmates as their personal punchbags and they had ways of meting out a beating without marks showing.If they did mark an inmate they told any visiting relatives that visits for that inmate were cancelled,visiting rights would then be restored once the marks had disappeared.
    There were no innocent parties amongst the officers and governor at Medomsley, they all played their part, they were cowards and bullies and they relished being so.
    Even the chaplain would point out any inmate that ‘annoyed’ him knowing full well that that inmate would then get a beating.
    I once saw an inmate with a badly swollen black eye receive another one from an officer because when asked who had done it had replied that he had fallen down the stairs.After receiving the second black eye for ‘telling lies’ another officer appeared and having been told the story turned to his fellow officer and informed that it was he that gave the first black eye.They laughed their heads off.
    Cowards and bullies.

  3. once again the north east of england is so corrupt so deep with abusers in council in prison in all areas will we ever get to the truth.i myself have been campaining for well over 22 years for justice and the truth into why persons let abuse of children occure and the simalartys beteewn jersey and witherwack house childrens home an d others not surprising .the next one is the isle of white of which david is aware off.

  4. Emailed to Members of Parliament

    I was a victim of sexual abuse at the hands of Neville Husband at the Medomsley Detention centre in Co Durham in the Northeast of England.

    I was promoted again to write you all Members of Parliament Not feeling sanguine about the chances that some Members of Parliament will even take the time to read this as a number of emails and documents have been sent to every MP in this country and only one person had the decency to write back to say how sorry he was that these things happened to you and I wish you well with your campaign.

    This MP is and has always been a consistent liberal.

    The overall majority of returned emails were auto responders or emails not from the MP but their secretaries which for one thing breaches the data protection act as the addressee does not necessarily read the email and the mail is private and of a highly confidential nature and should indeed be read by the intended recipient only! Nevertheless that is the position. At this point I wish to say that the parliamentary restriction is nothing more then a way to cover things up.

    My Parliament, in my country should be available to anyone in the country and all should be responsible for stamping out institutional child abuse. It is the direct responsibility of those elected into the highest positions of respect in this country to make sure that when a victim is writing to them that they do not treat it like the ramblings of a lunatic or dismiss it as “He’s not my constituent so he’s not my problem.” What happens if it is a MP who is the abuser?

    Who do his/her victims go to tell when almost every MP in this country turns their back on the victims whom are trying to tell them of the abuses that they have had to endure and further injustice of those in power at the home office dragging these victims through year and sometimes decades of litigation while knowing the full incontrovertible facts and truth of these cases.

    Many are in fact so close the current unfolding case at Les Chenes, (now known as Greenfields) the secure children’s home and school based on the island of Jersey, we are now hearing for the second time about the institutional child abuse that has been going on there. In 2002, British childcare expert Dr Kathy Bull produced a report which was given confidential access by the BBC. It was in the wake of her findings that Les Chenes was re-named.

    More to the point we are hearing about a cover-up within their Parliament where the health minister has been fired by those who would rather protect the interests of Jersey in the international world of finance then look after the Island’s children or help them in times of great stress and pressure to and past the point of criminality,

    I would also like to bet that their parliamentary protocols are exactly the same as the UK. It is time for the doors of parliament to swing in both directions as one way traffic will always tell the story one way and either fail to see another way out or blinker themselves away from the truth in the hope that these abhorrent crimes will not tarnish their reputations or stop the flow of cash coming to them.

    Two professionals in positions of service to society were sacked for speaking out, although this is of course denied by their employers. One was Jersey’s former minister for Health and Social Security, Senator Stuart Syvret, and the other a social worker. Simon Bellwood, this British social worker confessed, “What concerned me most was that it was quite clear that the system was able to go on without a single senior manager or inspector picking up that the system was abusive to children.”

    How many more times do we have to hear this?

    If your job is to care for youngsters, and you are sacked because you notice that children are being abused on your watch, the choice is very clear. You keep quiet and keep your job. You speak out, and are sacked.

    It was exactly the same at Medomsley, in Consett Co Durham. Almost every member of staff knew exactly what was going on but did nothing to help the young boys in their care. Kevin Young has just come from the House of Lords after winning the right to sue the Home Office for the abuses he and others at the centre suffered. This is because those who ran the centre at the time didn’t care to stop it even though they knew exactly what was going on. They had found copious amounts of substantiating evidence to back up their testimony, but proceeded to destroy it.

    It is terrifying when you are not able to tell someone about the abuse you endure, and imagine what it’s like when even the ones you tell either do nothing out of fear for losing their jobs, or victimise you even more for speaking out. You are ensnared by the very authorities that are meant to guide and protect you.

    Those who were in the highest positions of power back then may have been replaced, nevertheless that does not make them less culpable or negate their responsibilities to the many victims that this country has produced. Most of these victims derived from the care system, and many went on into various penal institutions or were homeless and or drug addicts with deep psychological wounds that could and should not be bourn alone.

    In the news this week, the remains of a child were discovered under the floor at a former care home in Haut de la Garenne in Jersey, and are believed to date from the early 1980s. It’s unlikely the police would have gone looking for bodies without having identified and listened to the 140 victims and 40 suspects that have either come forward or given interviews.

    Perhaps we can put to bed the idea that child abuse was not really heard about in the 60’s and 70’s. If that was so, the powers that be were hardly going to be listening to victims coming forward from the 40’s and 50’s. By its very nature, when evidence and testimonies of child abuse occur, they are denied and customarily destroyed.

    Those who knew what was going on were deeply entrenched in their behaviour of denial, and we flatter ourselves in thinking things have changed in modern times. The sackings listed above occurred after the millennium, and the abuse deniers still left in employment are still receiving wages from those institutions. In the Medomsley case in particular, there were Masons from the local Masonic lodge involved. There was a sub-structure of social interaction, expectation and control that has never been rigourously addressed. As well as those in high office being members, it is said that the Masons contain many police officers, judges, clergymen and doctors.

    Society has already awakened to the fact that it is common for child abusers to hold positions of high office. The reality is that child sexual abuse is as old as the human race itself, and those who claim that they have never heard of it in any decade you care to mention are either lying, or standing upon the foundation of an education that erased any common sense they ever had.

    We won’t be fooled any more. In Jersey, there is now an opportunity for the lies of the past to be exposed so that the slate can be wiped clean. It’s either that, or the world will be subject to dribs and drabs of ‘new revelations of child abuse’ for every decade of our children’s lifetimes until there is sufficient collective determination to face up to child suffering, and stop it for good.

    The Young v the Diocese of Leeds Catholic church and one other, the one other is the Home Office and the abuse was in a Detention Centre for Boys near Consett County Durham, the abusers were many! The abuse was physical, mental and sexual all at the same time everyday for 17 years.

    The Home Office are considering their position, after the landmark ruling in the House of Lords where Lord Hoffmann, Lord Walker of Gestingthorpe, Baroness Hale of Richmond, Lord Creswell and Lord Brown of Eaton-under-Heywood unanimously shared the same opinion in favour of the victims of what after all were in the words of Judge Cockroft, Who was the Judge at Leeds who originally read the case files and used his discretion in the correct manner saying “This is a serious matter concerning Crown Officers.” I feel it would be unjust not to allow this case to go to trial?

    At this point the Home Office immediately appealed judge Cockroft’s decision and forced the case to go to the high courts at the strand.

    We then at this point were very weary men who were already suffering catastrophic psychological problems manifesting in panic attacks nightmares deep depression hopelessness and a deeper mistrust of the very authority who put us in Medomsley

    These were the same authority now dragging the victims through years of litigation and trauma when all this time they were fully aware that what we were telling them and what we wanted to tell the court was nothing but the truth.

    Collectively our group have had two of what we would say from bitter experience, the most predatory and consistently prolific pederasts who have ever been heard of as this country and that statement is being very generous. The abuse was relentless for 17 years whilst the abuser was the chief at the now “technically” closed centre. As we all no it’s none other than the privately run Hassockfield secure unit where Adam Rickwood was found hanging in his cell.
    We can only wait to see whether justice is finally done and seen do be done. The noble lords are listened to at long last. The statute laws originally brought about to deal with Medical Malfeasance for 30 years has been stopping many legitimate claims by using this dysfunctional law to manipulate and control the leakage of so called historic cases of sexual abuse on 30 years of mainly already vulnerable youngsters
    In the same way we believe they have done in the care systems institutions throughout the 50’s 60’s 70’s and 80’s.

    Every time it is mentioned or rears its ugly head so called professional dive for cover and I mean that in the literal sense. And in almost every high profile case where the high profile doesn’t get its name from the number of victims involved it is in fact because the pederasts and paedophiles or generally high profile members of our communities, except that the highest tend to put great distance between themselves and those below them, who invariably get the blame for the worst of the abuses.

    Some of the crimes committed by these lads pale into insignificance when held up against the mind blowing barrage of crimes perpetrated by those who were meant to guide and teach us the errors of our ways. Many of the victims had fully accepted that they were being punished for the wrongs that they had done.

    We now await the Home Office and what they have to say on the matter. All five Labour Home Secretaries since Labour came to power know about this case and have been given the opportunity to stop this charade form continuing knowing full well that the law commission had already made specific recommendation in 2002 to effect the current statute of limitations in much the same way as the noble lords advocated on Wednesday 30 January 2008.

    Where they changed 400 years of legal statute law that governed the guiding principles of Parliament in the way that they considered, Parliament had originally intended those principles to be interpreted.

  5. Our government is still coverng up abuse that happened in childrens homes, There was a documentary down about one care home and a government minister called sir george young could have stopped the abuse but chose not too, This was when mrs thatcher was prime minister. Drug abuse of young girls was common place,

  6. Kendall House in Gravesend Kent severely abused up to 2000 girls. Phisically, mentally, sexually abused and drugs given by force and in doses that will shock most and in a way the church of england and government do not wish you to know about out. This was not drugging children to shut them up. The government and church knew what was going on and in 1980 a documentry was done to expose the abuse at kendall house and the government and church done all they could to hush it up so you didnt get to know about it instead of dealing with it. They left the abuse to continue behind closed doors for 6 further years until its closure and some girls commited suicide and many lives have been ruined. We didnt have anywhere we could run too because no one wanted to know and our social workers knew and refused to deal with it and let it continue. Girls were severely abused, locked up in tiny rooms for months on end with drugs that left them unconcious and abused. Some girls were subjected to ECT as well as drugged and we didnt have mental health problems and many staff (six at a time) would hold the girls down and even get other girls to help hold the terrified girl down whilst they abused them phisically, mentally and with drugs. I had to write my book called Pin Down that came out last year and the paperback due out in may (not associated to the pin down enquiery) to expose what went on behind those closed doors for the first time since that 1980 documentry. The police refuse to investigate the crimes and have treated us like dirt and it is a shame i had to write a book just to be heard and expose the severe abuse and to let everyone know what they didnt want you to know. I have all the evidence too and included some of it in my book. Where is justice? Those who are in positions of trust who blatantly ignored abuse or covered it up should be treated the same as the abusers because they are also to blame for severity of abuse because they allowed it to continue.

  7. Hi

    My link is http://www.no2abuse.com and the hardback is on the home page and links to amazon uk where theres currently 18 reviews. The paperback due out in may will be renamed Trust no one as people were confusing Pin Down with the Pin Down enquiery. On the home page of my site there is a sample chapter of whats in the book.

    The documentry in 1980 was done by LWT. Sir George Young was in that documentry.

    Sir George Young and other MP’s knew and they opted not to deal with it despite people urging them too deal with it and they were fully aware of the abuse and the drug misuse. Ms Gross from the church of England refused an investigation into Kendall house which was owned by the Church of England in 1980 too and described the girls as very disturbed little girls who needed drugging which of course was untrue as we didnt need drugging let alone being made into the walking dead and severely abused. Dr MS Perinpanayagam admitted to also using CHEMO on the girls as stated in a newspaper article in 1980. Not only did we not have mental health issues or illness, we didnt have cancer either. The church of England have totally mishandled the situation and I went and met the Bishop of Rochester the end of last year and it was 3 of them (all men) against me and they denied it was their responsibility even though they owned Kendall House and knew the abuse was going on at the time. They have refused us an appology. That goes against what the Arch Bishop said last year about historic abuse and how the church would deal with historic abuse. The foster father who raped me several times, he we was allowed to continue as a foster parent as they all covered up what he done and he went on to abuse a young adult with learning disabilities and was convicted of it. I wonder how the parents and the victim would feel if they knew it could of been prevented. Its a catalogue of failures and the care system is the most abusive system you will find and children put in care come out more damaged than they went into care.

    If you ignore abuse knowing it is abuse then you are as guilty as the abusers because you dont have to take part in abuse to be part of it and those who stand by and do nothing need to realise that and stop ignoring what goes on in front of their eyes.

    The government does not listen and I emailed politely my local MP Eric Pickles who has not once replied to any of my emails or phone calls and his secretary said it was not important enough to warrant a phone call from him, Tony Blair never replied, nor did David Cameron and nor has Gordon Brown. I wonder why.

  8. I would like to see the stats on the percentages of people who came out of their homes to attend this meeting of people who actually care about the children involved in the horrific events now known to have happened on their island.

    Like if you compared the 3% of Jerseys population to that of Great Britain 3% that would be bigger then the 2 ,000,000 who went to march against an illegal war.


    John Ellis. Former senator (Member of the States of Jersey) and President of the States defence committee, responsible for police.

    Frank Amy. Constable for Grouville parish. The position as head of the parish’s honorary police, is an elected member of the States of Jersey, the islands parliament.

    John Farley. Former deputy for St Helier (Deputies are also members of the States of Jersey.

    Don Filleul. Waterfront Enterprise Board Chairman, former president of the then States public works committee.

    Edwin Godel. Constable for St. Mary parish.

    Colin Goss. Contenier for St Peter parish. Conteniers, elected by parish assemblies, are operational heads of honorary police with exclusive powers of arrest.

    Carl Hinault. Constable for St. John parish, former president of the States planning and environmental committee.

    Reg Jeune OBE. President of the States policy and resources committee(Jersey’s “prime minister”) until 1996. Former Lloyds TSB Group director and TSB Channel Islands chairman.

    Stanley Le Cornu. Constable for St. Clement parish, former deputy for St Clement.

    Michael Payne. Aide-de-camp to Lieutenant-Governor ( Queens representative) of Jersey 1990-95. Former Hill Samuel Bank(Jersey)company director.

    Edward Potter. Jurat of the Royal Court.

    Brian Richardson. Former constable for Trinity Parish.

    Leonard Gower-Ross. Former chairman of Ross Gower Ltd, a London based insurance company with offices in Jersey and Guernsey.

    David Rothband. Former Contenier for St Helier parish.

    David Seal. Founder and former managing director of Jefferson Seal stockbrokers. Also, a director of Stannifer Hotels Group.

    Derek Seymour. A former director of the Seymour Hotels Group, which owns several hotels in Jersey.

    Peter Stoneman. Senior manager at UBS private banking subsidiary Cantrade when it was embroiled in a currency-dealing fraud.

    Charges against him were discontinued in 1997.

    Alfred Vibert. Former jurat of the Royal Court and honorary police officer.

    Richard Wade OBE. Former Managing Director of Jersey Electricity.

    Peter Walsh. Former Chamber of Commerce president, standing for election as senator in October 1999.

  10. [img]http://www.justice4survivors.org/blogpictures/burry_ingyou_head.gif[/img]

  11. I am aware of how this said market works right here in the United States as the East Coast of this Country has a Major Child Trafficing ring going on. I tried to stop them but after my friend got shot and killed, (which was not on the Police Report), my efforts were pushed back. Now, in order for the Government to cover up the truth to which I am aware of, the Law Enforcement has, with no evidence to conclude or suppoert any of their claims, has labeled me…

  12. It is the courageous effort of those like you and your friend, that will expose what is really happening in this world. The hidden agenda is being exposed more and more to the extent that soon they will not be able to proceed with their plans.

  13. It is time for VINDICATORS to arise all over the world and put down the network of Evil doers. Show no mercy to those who have shown no mercy.


  14. People are only looking at sexual abuse in Medomsley. When I was there in 1983 the first thing that happened when the court transport left, was that you would be stood along a wall to be searched. Unforunetly I had a carpet tack in my pocket. The officer doing the searching pricked his finger on it. He then proceeded to start punching and kicking me. The tack had been there because I had fitted a carpet for one of my friends the day before and I had not realised I had left it there. The officer split my lipopen and caused my nose to bleed.

    We were then taken to have our stuff taken off us and be issued with prison uniform. At no time did any other officerask me what had happened to me.

    You were made to take a bath. The water was boiling hot and they would not let you put any cold water in. After the bath you had to stand in front of the other new intake naked and wait to be given some cloths.

    The next thing was you had to go and see the doctor. He asked what had happened and the officer who had did it said I had been fighting with one of the other inmates, He seemed happy with this answer but offered nomedical help at all.

    Over the time I was in there I was on report almost every day for things like running in the building or not getting to an officer who had sent for me fast enough. There was no way you could win with them.

    One of the officers would come in on a night time and make you stand at the end of your bed for hours, sometime all night. Then in the morning when you were to tired to work you would find yourself on a charge and infront the govener for mor punishment.

    I was beat up several more times by the officers. I know I had done wrong to be there but it was a very minor offence and the punishment I recieved was far greater than it deserved.

    I am not looking for any one to feel sorry for me as like I said I did what I did, but just want people to know how we were treated/mistreated at the hands of the people who were ment to be looking after us.

    I know nothing will happen to the guards who did this to myself and the others, but just by people reading this, it mite stop it happing again. Thats all I can hope for.

  15. I was an inmate at Medomsley d.c. in 1983. On arrival the screw asked my name , he then punched me full on in the face , saying ” you say sir on the end of everything around here. The next day I was made to scrub floors , a screw crept up behind me and kicked me hard on the arse ; shouting ” you stand up in an officers presence. I said yes. he then punched me twice in the face for not saying sir. This sort of thing continued throughout. We did win a moral victory once ,someone was phoning out ,letting off the fire alarm, so the screws started a mass punishment , by banning association , no seconds at dinner , it went on for a couple of days ,until the had us all stood out in heavy rain. No one would break ,then some one started whistling the tune from ; The life of Brian, s – Always look on the bright side of life. Everyone then joined in. The screws called the whole thing off. What a result for us. Here is a list of all the cruel screws – Broken nose , German , Hot dog , Doctor death , Street fighter Cyril, p.e.i .”phyco” onslo , Montague ,. They are all guilty of child abuse , What big men beating up kids ,you must be so proud. Funny old game eh? Look out — we,re coming to get yas — .

    • I was also there that year, I recognise all of those names. I can also confirm all of the treatment you talk of, running round the perimiter fence, other boys harming themselfs so badley they either tried to kill themselfs or ended up with broken limbs, just about anything to be removed from the place.

      • I was also an inmate at medomsley dc in 1983, I was in court for stealing food for my pregnant girlfriend, the value was around ten pounds, I did this out of desperation as i could not get any help from the dole and we were starving, I arrived in court expecting a fine, but was sentenced to four months. I was taken by police car on the hundred mile journey to medomsley, I remember the drive which was good, as i was in the company of two good coppers who let me smoke and share their sweets etc, then we got to the gates of hell !!
        We went to the reception desk and as soon as i was signed over to the prison department, the screw in charge punched me three times in the face and gripped me by the throat,for standing two inches over the white line, i fought i was going to die, the two coppers voiced their concerns, but were told to get out and that they had no say in what happens inside the prison. i was seventeen and scared for the first time in my life knowing that even the police could not protect me, but soon settled in, knowing when to look the other way or keep out of the way. In the first week i suffered four beatings from the screws, three of which were from onslow, the pt instructor, because of this i was not allowed any visits for the first three weeks, even though my mother had traveled each week the hundred miles to see me, but each time turned away at the gates.
        The place was full of young miners who had never done anything wrong in there lives except attend picket lines etc. they didnt belong in the system at all. then one day i was asked to break a miners arm so that he could go to the hospital on the other hill opposite the prison, to see his wife, which i did with the metal leg from his bunk, he claimed that he fell off the bunk, the night watchman knew it was me but couldnt prove it, the miner returned the next day, arm in pot, and for the first time a big smile from seeing his wife, and light duties. During that week i broke two arms and a leg, each time the screws knew it was me but again couldnt prove anything,
        then i was called to the screws office, the screw “rough puff” decided to make me house orderly, so he could keep an eye on me, that is when things got better for me, as the screws then left me alone. I witnessed all sorts of abuse from the screws to the inmates and it did scar me for a lot of years.
        The only screw that i did get on with was fat ceril ashcroft, he used to get me to raid the stores for cleaning products in exchange for chocolate and cigarettes, as his wife did boot sales.
        During my time there i witnessed two suisides, and countless attempted ones, not because of being in the system, but because of the screws.
        I remember having to bunny hop from the dorms down the corridors, running the fence, having to do 50 press ups for not standing straight on parade, playing football in three foot of snow in bare feet only wearing a pair of shorts, onslow playing killer ball in the gym, making us fight each other for his kicks, the lis goes on and on…..
        For anyone who is reading this and any other storys or statements from ex inmates of medomsley, in disbelief, it is all true, and in my opinion, that place had full government backing in the way that it operated, short sharp shock treatment was exactly what it was. even now, every time that i watch the film SCUM, i relate to every scene, because that is how it was.
        I can only hope that all the sadistic bastards who worked there, got what they deserved, a slow and very painful death. they were all monsters and child abusers, rot in hell medomsley !
        If anyone remembers me or would like to chat about there experiences in there, please feel free to contact me through facebook (karl walgrove) all the best to those who live to tell, respect to you all.


    • i remember german he abused me twice the sick ****

    • i remember them crule screws i was there in 1980 im from liverpool i got punched by husband beaten by onslow in the gym kicked in the greenhouse by big cyril abuse of broken nose and does any one remember big john

      • was in Kirk lev in 1974. I was 14 years old, got beaten nearly to death, made to stand naked in front of screws so they could look at a little frightened boy, the sad bastards, yes you Hughes, Onslow liptrop, walker, Harrison, etc….. coming to get you twats

  16. A sigh of relief indeed, as it states, from the many victims that were at the hands of the “Medomsley Monster” Nevill Husband. May strength be with you all, as you march on as the true soilders you all are…DOCUMENTARY AVAILABLE SOON FROM http://www.pienmashfilms.com


  17. Yes, you are so right about the corrupt system in Jersey, all lawyers and Advocates are top Masons, Frank Amy was too and I had predicted that in the future he would be a very sick man because he would do nothing about my report to him. This has happened, he is now in a wheel chair and finished as a constable. All child abusers will get there just deserve sooner or later. My own granddaughter was raped 8 times by a paedophile bastard in Australia when she was just 8 years old. One day, I will find this man and feed him to the sharks.

  18. yes this is going on i am one of the swoped kids and well i was adused when i was small have a fake bith papers have the problem of taped phone convsashion and well i have about 20 years of memory is well all most gone and if there is any thing thay know about thay will try and turn it in to a bad experance the cult members are james and eileen heaton in stockport nw eingland the adbuse is so bad tryed to take evry relashship i have ever had and evry frend
    the only thing i have found works at all with making them pay is asking for karma as i have now gone muslim to go back to where iti came and well its hiting all members of there famaly

  19. Respect Bill Mahoney I myself was a victim off child abuse whilst in the care of the local authorities approve schools, detention centres back in the 70′ and 80’s I became institutionalised, excuse my spelling mistakes i’m self taught to read and write, at the age of 12 I was put into a pyschiatric unit put in a straight jacket and put to sleep with an injection, i was put on a drug called amlytriptlin, then shipped out to an approve school castle howard nr york, where i was strangled untill i passed out starving my brain of oxygen, I know have found out I have abnormalities of the temporal lobe (brain damage) which i beleive was caused through the starvation of oxygen to my brain, by a male carer at castle howard approve school, i was also in throxenby hall were i had my head repeatedly banged against the metal heating pipes by another male carer, I also was in medomsley were i was pyhsically abused & sexually abused by neville husband, these are the people the crown deem fit to care for us as children teenagers i got passed from pillow to post one approve school to another,because i had the gaul to try an stand up for myself against these bullies, these were nothing more than terror camps, i’ve had a very violent past friends killed murdered etc even been acccused of murder by the police etc i beleive my violent ways were bred by those carers entrusted to look after me, wasnt just the screws who kept stum the police did also they knew wot was going on in their, as a gleefull copper escorting me to court their informed me, your not going to a holiday camp now, call all officers sir or expect a beating, that was told to me before i had even arrived their by the escorting police from whitby, onslo the sadistic bast*ard, german, rough puff, hotdog, montague, fat cyril, and the rest they all knew wot was going on at medomsley they shud all hang their heads in shame nothing but cowardly bully boys, different story weh you seem the same officers in mens jails yrs later licky asses apologising etc, I hold my hat off to Bill Mahoney for exposing them respect Bill Gypsy Dave

  20. I was trafficked AND chipped!

    What does that tell you?

  21. I would like Karl walgrove to find me on Facebook.(michael James Reidy).I too would like more punishment to be given to Neville husband.

    • Hi micheal, i have tried to locate you on facebook but with no success. So if you can find me then please do so. The same goes to any other meadomsley hero’s that wish to get in touch.
      Please send friend request followed by a message so i know who you are thanks ansd regards karl

  22. Eric I wos in medomsley December 1977 a place I wil never forget I wos beaten by broken nose my head split open beaten by onslow assaulted by mad dog assaulted by the governor James miller ride beat by I hope they get what they have coming

  23. Eric Sampson sorry about the spelling carnt rest right verry well

  24. my name is vince watson i was given a 3 month sentance back in april 83 till june 22nd in medomsley soon as i got there it started the punches and slaps round the head for not saying sir and such like needless to say i soon learned my first job in there or task was to polish all the brass fittings on windows and such like then i was moved in to the notorius kitchens with cheff [ neville husband ] were me and another lad had a arguement i forget what about when he grabbed us both and took us to hes office said we could have hes punishment or the governers witch would be extra time on our sentence so we both aggreed we have hes were abouts he punched the lad in the side of hes head then did the same to me but twiceon witch my i swelled almost instantly he was a stocky thick set man hes hands were huge thick fingerd funny wat u remember .every time i did pe onslow hit me i was always last running the fence witch made him furiuos one morning we were waiting to go to the kitchens in our dorm i was messing about making the other lads laugh wen suddenly the door burst open and onslow grabbed me and another lad who was just standing ther and dragged us down the corridor bangin our heads on the wall as we went down the hall to the screw showers he then punched him repeatedly and i thought oh oh im next so from no were i said sir we wer singing on witch he went beserk in my face ranting and raving grabbed us by the hair banging our heads back up to the dorm then marched us to the kitchens a week later after a p.e session it was on a saturday wen the full prison did it together onslow anounced that the kitchen girls had a singer and if he didnt sing they would be all running the fence on witch we went to the middle of the hall and sang we wish you a merry xmas haha wat could he do the full prison was laughing its head of every one of the screws must av clouted me one time or another i think ther was only fat cyril who showed eny humanity ther was many other tails every day was a nitemare iwas ther wen we wisled in the yard i thought it was the hitler tune u know hitler has only got one ball the other and so on yes it did feel like a little victory u could sense the almost fear in the air of the screws like they wernt in controll ad em worried a bit every body got it one way or another the scews even used to wreck our dorms and a mean tip ur bunks every thing all over then wen u got bk from recess go of it with us for the mess and told us to get it sorted sometimes i look bk and think well thats what we were ther for but luckly i wasnt sexually abused like sum lads say they were if im honest nothing like that was heard of was common knoledge we all thought cheff was gay as lol and wen i head what ad happend felt a bit lucky i suppose bieng that close to him for 7 or 8 weeks eny how he dead now and i hope the rest of them get wat cuming to em god bless all medomsley victims

    • sorry bout no punctuations took me hour to type it all

      • Thankyou so much for your brave story to what you experienced back then.you deserve a medal for being a survivor and living your life to the way you wanted it to be after you came out of medomsley.the cruelty and sense of control they had over people were unbelievable.but I am glad that Neville husband is gone as he will not do this to anybody else again.thankyou for your story.God bless all including you Vince at medomsley.

  25. Too bad there aren’t any advocates for adoptees that are sold into various forms of slavery.

    If it is that bad in a place like Brussels, can you imagine how bad it is in the US?

    Has anyone seen some of the adoption scandals that have come out in the past few years? Those children being stolen from their parents (parents told that the baby died & that the doctors will “take care of it”), & then sold into experimental programs or even to other parents… they have no advocates. No one to stand up for them… in fact… most people won’t even help them these days, given the stasi situation we live in now.

    As one other commenter said: Our only hope is for the perpetrators to get their karma for doing these wretched things. However, I would add that not only should they get karma for what they did to the children, but they are also then responsible for any negative karma generated by that child, as a result of whatever they had to endure as a slave.

    I was sold into slavery through adoption (catholic). No one cares. No attorney will help me, no doctor will remove the implants or even look at them!

    I am ignored… They want me silent. … they want me to die so their crimes will die with me. Most people really don’t seem to care…. or they’re told lies about me so I can’t get any help. I’ve had the smear campaign done, lost my job, have no health insurance, people told lies about me to get them to hate me, etc., etc…

    Justice truly is blind in this world. http://musicis2words.wordpress.com/2013/09/20/why-is-justice-blind/

    Damn them as they have damned me. Curse them as the have cursed me.

    If there is reincarnation, I hope every one of them who helped to destroy my life gets to come back in a life like mine: completely orchestrated, with no freewill to speak of, implanted, mind controlled, messed with, drowned at 3y/o, all of it!

    Then we can see how well those who are torturing me with the implants do in my shoes.


  26. Oxbrey if you can remember me in was in there in 1981 dorm 4 with Stephen bell. Would love to hear from you. If you see this get in touch

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