Remedies for Harmful Effects of Chemtrails

Brain Washing At It's Fimest

PUBLIC LAW 95-79 [P.L. 95-79] TITLE 50, CHAPTER 32, SECTION 1520 “CHEMICAL AND BIOLOGICAL WARFARE PROGRAM” “The use of human subjects will be allowed for the testing of chemical and biological agents by the U.S. Department of Defense, accounting to Congressional committees with respect to the experiments and studies. The Secretary of Defense [may] conduct tests and experiments involving the use of chemical and biological [warfare] agents on civilian populations [within the United States].” -SOURCE- Public Law 95-79, Title VIII, Sec. 808, July 30, 1977, 91 Stat. 334. In U.S. Statutes-at-Large, Vol. 91, page 334, you will find Public Law 95-79. Public Law 97-375, title II, Sec. 203(a)(1), Dec. 21, 1982, 96 Stat. 1882. In U.S. Statutes-at-Large, Vol. 96, page 1882, you will find Public Law 97-375


Source: Help One Another, An Anthology of the Teachings and Remedies of Hanna Kroeger, 1913-1998,

Page 101

Chemtrails or radioactive fallout cannot be seen or heard. It is a shadow. It is a danger to mankind. Radiation lingers in the grass that the animals eat. It is in the air, rain, snow and water. The harmful effects of chemtrails and radiation are primarily noticed in the weakest area of the body.”

Here are two of several remedies, see anthology or website for more.

Eat burnt toast with butter and cinnamon

Mix 1 tsp baking soda, 1 tsp sea salt, ½ tsp cream of tartar in 1 qt water. Drink every 2 hours.


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  1. Charcoal capsules might be a more appetizing alternative to burnt toast, not to mention more convenient.

    Edible, food grade clay also acts as an internal “sponge”, attracting and binding harmful elements and enhancing their elimination.

    They are both effective in cases of food poisoning and heavy metal exposure.

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  4. Hello,

    I am from the US and am deeply mortified by our Government and even more by blindness of my fellow citizens. I do see more awareness now than in the past few years. I hope that people from other countries can understand that we as citizens of the US have virtually no control of our Government, no matter whom it may be we vote for as President. We are by no means “FREE”. Most of us just don’t realize this.

  5. That cocktail sounds lethal — could be that the treatment in this case is worse than the “disease”…. (And I don’t think my cat will drink it, either.) I can’t imagine that those in the know who are orchestrating the chemtrails are downing the mixture every two hours, but I could be wrong. To be quite honest with you, the way things are going with every facet of existence on this planet, I think the lucky ones are those who get to “exit” early, and not have to hang around for the grand finale. But that’s just my opinion. Prost!

  6. Roasted coffee is slightly burnt, which I’ve read is somewhat toxic due to certain hydrocarbons, but if burnt/charcoal-like substances with cinnamon and butter actually help against chemtrails then coffee with a spoonfull or two of cinnamon and some cream is a tasty way to ingest such a remedy. For keeping a clean system I think it would also be a good idea to eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, eat additive-free, minimally processed foods, drink tea (for more antioxidants), and maybe take a multivitamin. Don’t take any pharmaceutical drugs unless necessary. Many of the most popular pharmaceutical drugs (Tylenol, for example) are quite deadly.

  7. The shapeshifting aliens “fallen angels” that run our government are trying to kill most of us and take over the world. God has another plan!

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