The United States of America is a Corporation Owned by England

I don’t know if this article is true, but I do understand that The United States of America is actually a corporation that is owned by England according to IRS Publication 6209.

Beyond this, you may not realize that when you were given a social security number you became a corporation. When you get any documents from the IRS, or look at your social security card, notice that your entire name is spelled in capital letters. Corporation names are always written in all capital letters on legal documents.

Does any of this have significance? I’m not sure.

Here’s the article.  I’m posting it as interesting and possibly an April Fool’s article.  hmm….

Source: Casper Update

Previous postings on FOURWINDS, primarily by “S”, (with a little help from “us”) have found their way into all the right places in D.C. with FITZGERALD being the most important. He is now running the show, THE BIG SHOW, not just our little show. He is being protected by CHINA and INTERPOL.

Senators, Congressmen, Sup. COURT Judges, BUSH etc. are being informed they do not work for The United States of America but are employee’s of the hundreds of CORPORATIONS they formed. CORPORATE ATTORNEY’S are switching sides en mass guiding and directing our guys to buried bones and hidden truths. Rulings from FITZ are being handed down, all money stashed in the CORPORATIONS must be returned. Vast sums taken out of the U.S. by the QUEEN over the past century must be returned.
Other Governments are demanding to know just who and what have they been doing business with. BUSH has been informed he is PRESIDENT of his CORPORATION not The United States. All money flows into CORPORATIONS of every kind and nature, to the extent they still exist, must be returned immediately. Even those who “made off with” large quantities of the peoples money (Al Gore was the example used) must return everything including their retirement funds. “THEY ARE ALL ABOUT TO HAVE TRIPLETS” they in such a rage.
Who says one man can’t make a difference? Who says “Miracles on 34th Street can’t happen?
The writings of “S” coupled with the courage and fortitude of FITZGERALD are overcoming decades of deceit and corruption. Charges are pending against BUSH including embezzlement and TREASON and endangering the American people. PAULSON is in it up to his ears along with the CLINTON’S. This is a developing story. Who knows what has happened in the last half hour. We will report as permitted to do so.
We expect deliveries today, so our ability to report will depend on what the non-disclosure says. The Wld. Court has said the non-disc is illegal.

11 Responses

  1. Regrettably there is some TRUTH to the articles! in

    fact, Corp U.S. the Government, inclusive of it’s

    componet parts: I.R.S., Federal Reserve(Nothing

    Federal nor, in Reserve, it is Specifically

    a “euphamism” for the “CENTRAL BANK,” That your

    Fore Fathers Warned You About!) as are: Social

    Security Administration( Not OLD AGE RETIREMENT

    INSURANCE, as is still being espoused today by

    some Congrssional Reps., It IS a TRUST in toten,.


    YOUR Number, IT IS the Corporations Number, YOU

    are merely a corporate ENTITY ,paying into, the

    TRUST as evidenced: by a NAME likely the SAME as

    YOUR NAME, but in Capital Letters, indicative of a

    Trustee / corporate entity, by which YOU. Pay into the

    TRUST, which Goes to the Genral Fund of the

    Federal Reserve/ Central Private Foreign Owned Bank!

    You and “ALL Americans HAVE BEEN DUPED” ,

    Thanks to: Woodrow Wilson and Col. Edwin Mandell

    House, Paul Warburg, Sir Rothschild (In Fact:

    “Myer Amschell Bauer”, J.Peabody Morgan and other

    participants of the Jeckyll Island Club and their co-

    CONspirators like: F.Delano Roosevelt, whom in

    1943 after the WAR, to settle the DEBT created by their

    WAR… QUIT Claimed ALL Assets of Corp U.S., the

    Corporate Government, To: PRIVATE FOREIGN

    BANKERS; of the Rothschild affiliations, under what is

    termed the BRETONWOODS Agreement!!!

    You may wish to read:

    “Secrets of the FEDERAL RESERVE” by Eustace

    Mullins, others of his are reciprocally enlightening and

    assistive, for one wishing to remove themselves from

    the stealthy, deceitful, “tacit operations, of

    TRICKERIES of the COLORABLE ARTS of what is

    termed LAW, “IGNORANT MASSES,” by the Masonic

    Monopoly, a cabal of law merchants, bearing GOD’S

    Curse of Cainnaan, evidenced in part, by their

    Evil BLACK ROBES, for the Evils of: Able / Hem!

    You may also read:”The Creature from Jeckyll Island”,

    and see: Not my Government .org. May the GOD of

    Israel, YAHWAH, assist YOU on your prayerfull quest

    for TRUTH and KNOWLEDGE, of the GODLY path of

    enlightenment! May the TRUE GOD of Israel, protect

    and SAVE America and the Peoples of the tribe of Set /

    Shem / Able, GODS Favored ONE! Ahmen!

  2. where does it say in the form 6209, i searched throughout and did see what the author is saying about England

  3. Illiteracy,
    Slavery in the twenty first century
    Made possible by an invisible enemy
    I call him apathy
    And fear gives him his opportunity
    Because nobody wants to appear foolish
    Amongst their peers

    So they hide behind a veil
    That turns into a mask
    And when their doing time
    That’s when they hear about society
    We all want to get involved then
    And set out a new task

    But we’ve taken the bibles out of schools
    Made up a whole heap of different rules
    But forgot the one thing the remains true
    “Where there is no vision, the people perish” (Proverbs 29:18)

    • What does the bible not being in schools have to do with anything? Anywho Im also having some problems finding the things said above. Help?-

    • You might need a Helement. The British Empire was defeated by the USA in war with the help of France. I think all of you might need to get over the death of the British Empire because all of you are in denial.

    • My God, another bona fide religious nutjob. Now I see why this page exists. It’s a place for nutjobs to post their ignorance.

    • Illiteracy? You mean like not being able to differentiate between their, there and they’re?

  4. Sorry about the Above Error IT should have be more accurately spelled: Trust in Tontine? Sorry for any conFusion or FRUStration?
    Eyes WIDE OPEN mulon lobe sic semper tyrannus

  5. This post is retarded. I really think all of you need help. Get over your denial, the British empire is dead, and the UK is a sinking country. Soon the UK will be Giligans island.

    • Jafo, you like basic education. The British Empire has nothing to do with the country, it is part of the establishment, which is run by the bankers – the Rothschild family. America is owned by the banking establishment, not the British people.

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