HR-8791-The Homeland Terrorism Preparedness Bill-Video

You can only guess what Representative John Haller is describing as he introduces this bill for a vote:

Looks real, doesn’t it.


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  1. I wrote a reply to this video at another website, detailing what I guessed the meaning of the bill could be. since my posting the website is no longer available. anyway…I think the bill is about NBC attacks here in the USA. NBC= nuclear biological and chemical warfare. The threat is real and drastic measure will be employed to adress the issues if this actually occured. CONTAINMENT, SUPPRESS the SPREADING OF and CLEAN-UP would be in order. IF 80% of the population were killed the bodies would need to be removed and processed immediately to address the health impact for the survivors. most likely this endeavor would be too complicated and the only thing to do then, would be to abandon the clean-up and move the viable survivors to undrground facilities free from chemical,viral and bacterial contamination. The air-force would certainly be needed to perform large scale sterilization procedures, via: incineration. I could detail alot more but I think this should suffice. Remember…Im only taking a wild guess at this so dont taken my word as an infallible truth.

    • its zombies cant u tell. its all there

    • FAKE Video- do ur research:
      Rep. John Murtha
      (D) Pennsylvania, 12th District

      It is a very critical time in American history and its right now, not years down the road but right now, we must tread lite and speak strong. Yell out to the house of washington and it decendants let them know that we are here and that we are many………….

    • This is definitely a hoax, a well made one but the 1st thing you’ll notice is the chair behind him in the closeups is not there in the far away shots, I also found the video under john haller on the Onion website. Thank God it is a hoax.

      • Why thank God that it is a hoax?… Biological Warfare is a very real possibility, not just from terrorists, but from the many “crazy” zealots we have living in this country. Whether the video is a hoax or not, the scenario is very real, and after 911, only an idiot would think “that couldn’t happen in the USA”… I would truly hope that the government does have a plan in place should that ever happen. If they didn’t – it would be just one more failure of government. … And As for the comments I’ve seen saying “How can they vote on something when they don’t know what they’re voting on… they would all have printed copies in front of them, and I’m pretty sure they can all read… duh. The speaker would only say “classified” because he knows they’re being broadcast. But whatever, …hoax or not, the possibility needs to be addressed, and a plan in place. If there wasn’t (isn’t) a plan, and it happens, the entire country is going to be really upset with the government because they aren’t prepared for it.

    • RE: david
      i can agree with you “guess” and can only hope that this kind of bill is fake (for the sake of mankind) but if it is not that we need to prepare for this horrific oncoming disaster. You might ask the obvious question ” how can we prepare for something that constantly states “CLASSIFIED” well we can’t, we can only imagine what can happen when the day comes. some people have been talking about a alien invasion, zombie like disaster (i believe can happen (would enplane all the zombie movies) a major terrorist attack, there are so many variables to consider its almost imposable to prepare for it. the best thing we can do now is consider some of the things that can happen, the first thing that i think will happen is a EMP or a HEMP (google it) also youtube ( how to make a faraday cage) that will protect sensitive electronics. When and if this day comes we will need to ready ourselves as much as possible for the worst, but we as (current) Americans need also keep an open mind about all of this and need to consider that all this just might not happen. We don’t have any actual proof that a zombie or alien attack will happen. we just need to be ready, just in case

    • Well here it is four years later … FYI, being in the military, the correct acronym is CBR (Chemical, Biological, Radiological), and has been upgraded to CBRN (*ibid, and Nuclear).

      Yep … That’s all I wanted to say. Seriously, that’s all there is in light of this information … It’s a parody … A hoax …

    • But then why would we need to create a new bill of rights?

  2. I don’t read much into this. I’ve already been informed by other sources that this video has been proven a hoax, and looking at the instant repositioning of his hands between one of the close up pictures and a far shot during which the audio is uninterrupted, I am inclined to agree. Also, the end shot (which arguably could have been added by another party in addition to the logo throughout the video on the lower right hand corner) which mentioned “America’s Wild Goats – A Disappearing Nuisance” seemed a bit out of place. Granted, it could still legitimately have been an advertisement for an unrelated issue appearing next on the program being aired, but it still seems a bit fishy.

    Call me crazy.

    • how about stupid, or better yet, DEAD. LIKE most assholes who claim ‘sources,’ you don’t name them. this isn’t a hoax, i’m watching the motherf****r read the billl. NO TIME LAPSE F*****!!

      • This so=called FAKE Bill isn’t fake! GH Bush stated, ” If the people knew what we were going to do to them they’d string us up by our thumbs!” Can’t find this onine anymore either. THE LORD GIVITH AND TAKETH AWAY! Now I wonder who representsw the LORD in USA? Sick B…..ds!

    • You people really are morons, do you really trust any goverment that much? It was told to be a hoax by our goverment. You will know when Martial law is implemented and then you have no choice.. WAKE THE HELL UP PEOPLE!!!!!!

      • F**K YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! because ppl say its a hoax it automatically is a fkn hoax?… wow doesnt take much to change ppls mind now does it?

  3. This video is NOT a HOAX. It’s a PARODY!

    The word “hoax” presupposes the intention to deceive.

    The Onion (, the political ezine which produced this video, never intended to deceive anyone, merely to evoke laughter, a chill down the spine, and marvel at the apparently real look of the video.

    The original context is at:

    There is no Congressman Haller.

    There is no HR 8791.

    The logo prominently displays “Onion-SPAN” … NOT C-SPAN.

    So chill. This is a great opportunity for some of us to examine how easily we can make a mountain out of an onion!

    • Mischa,where do you get your information? this denial has to stop.
      There is a Rep.John Haller, HR 8791 was passed, why do people call this a Hoax or a Parody when they seriously have no clue as to the validity of this. The onion news network logo was placed on this video to convince us that this is a fraud when in actuality this is a real session happening in congress. All sessions and congressional votes are video taped by law. If any of you choose to stay asleep, and in denial that is your prerogative but please don’t try to influence others by stating this is fake when you do not know or will not face the truth. Look up the bill HR 8791 in the library of congress and you will know that it has passed. People please try to seek and speak the truth and do not be a source of disinformation. the truth will set us free.

      • lol. There isn’t a Rep. John Haller. Rep. John Murtha was the representative from the 12th district of Pennsylvania when this supposedly passed. Further, it has been shown to be from The Onion (look up The Onion) if you have never heard of it.

  4. If there is no bill, then why do I get this when going to

    The Library of Congress > THOMAS Home > Bills, Resolutions > Search Results


    Next Hit Forward New Bills Search
    Prev Hit Back HomePage
    Hit List Best Sections Help
    Contents Display


    The text of H. R. 8791 has not yet been received from GPO
    Bills are generally sent to the Library of Congress from the Government Printing Office a day or two after they are introduced on the floor of the House or Senate. Delays can occur when there are a large number of bills to prepare or when a very large bill has to be printed.

    THOMAS Home | Contact | Accessibility | Legal |

  5. this is for when the stock market crashes.. anyone that is against the goverment and there new world order will be detained and killed in femas concentration camps!!! there are camps all over the u.s the goverment are evil jesuite punks who think they will get away with all this mass murder!!! america will fall by the secret socitys and the puppet obama’s adminstration!!!! we should fight to the death!

  6. this is assinine. No funds, execution of this mutt reading this bilge. Why, he himself says “jeez’ when seeing the number of times the word “classified” is reiterated. In fact, this is an authorization for a blank check. Kill the bastards that wrote it as this seems the only way to stop these whackos. Bullet through either eye will do it. get to work.


  7. Even if the lettering claims it a hoax, they still used, real people, the actual house of reps, and clearly shows his mouth moving along with everything. This could of easily been future taping or past taping with onion logo to ease peoples minds. But==hr8791 does exist. All you have to do is call your congressman and ask about the bill! it is real!

    Have fun!

    • “Rep. Haller” was added to the video via greenscreen. There has never been a Rep. Haller. At the time, the representative from Pennsylvania’s 12th district was John Murtha.

  8. If this was utmost important and the severity of the issue. Wouldn’t you think more politicians would be present? And would the people in the background be walking around as if this guy is not speaking on a serious matter? Not saying HR8791 is not real and this guy is saying exactly what he is reading.

    Something major will take place in this world shortly. These fema coffins, concentration camps and bailouts, housing bubble..etc It’s been planned and orchestrated many years ago. People there’s an agenda that has been taking place and the final piece of the puzzle is moving into place.

    If you listen too these politicians and majority of presidents of the past and future have mentioned of world depopulation.

  9. it is swine flu… if “80%” are affected then they will declare marshall law and send people to camps too “isolate them”

  10. Look at the background! when zoomed in and out 😉

  11. Simple, this has happened before the Caucasians in America murdered all the Spanish people in the Americas and labeled them with the Spanish flu, the flu never existed.
    It was only propaganda to persuade the majority of the Caucasians to believe the Spanish people carried the flu. So the Caucasians could terrorize and kill all the Spanish Americans back in that day; and wrote in the history books that the Spanish flu killed the Spanish people in America. But the Caucasians killed all the Spanish people and placed them in death camps. So the Caucasians took the American Spaniards money land business everything.
    This process happens all the time. Caucasians are the invaders killing off all other races by using the political system correctly to do it right without looking like the evil people. That is how the Caucasians took all the farm lands for the Spanish people in the Americas in the early 1900s and late 1800s. Same thing is happening now, the Caucasians have enlarged in population here in Americas and need to spread; now is there time to take land for the MEXICAN-Immigrants. So the process starts again ever 100 to 200 years. The swine flu is here to label all Mexican immigrants in American even the ones who are in American legally and was born in the USA. The Mexican heritage people will be put in death camps because the FOX news channel and other RADIO stations will spread lies again like it did with Spanish flu scenario.
    This will make all the Caucasians unite together as “REBELS” under the British flag again and murder all the Mexican heritage people; and put American Mexicans and Spaniards in death camps, Mexican/Spaniards etc will lose their business’s, land everything. The Caucasinas will take the land and business. And the history books real read, written by the Caucasians the “swine flu” kill 80% of the population in Texas and all states where Mexicans/Spaniards reside but are known as Americans. Spanish flu and Swine flu is all a lie, again used to make the Caucasians plot of one race world control the wealth etc.

  12. what happend to my original post? removed by an admin eh?

  13. This is a hoax and a joke from “The Onion”. Look at the logo for criminy sakes. If it was for real they certainly wouldn’t let it go viral on You Tube. BTW Mr. Ramirez, Caucasians have nothing to do with it and you are not being fair. There are only good people and bad people and it just so happens that some are Caucasians. Idi Amin did some pretty horrific things too as well as the Conquistadors (guess we forgot about Christopher Columbus and the Spanish killing all the Indians and such huh?). Guess all those Mexican drug lords cutting off ppls head don’t count huh? History is full of assholes. All you can do is try to not be one unless you are one and just can’t help it. Get over it. Some ppl in general just suck no matter their color or race. Just depends on the timeline it seems. I hope for the day when all the “good people” gang up on all the “bad people” and then the “good people” can have a life free of the “bad people” regardless of race, color or national origin. Hate and generalization gets us nowhere Mr. Ramirez and just perpetuates the problems.

  14. Here Hear Vee!!! I have been a stranger in a strange land all my life!! There are a lot of ass holes here in this country of all races!!! When in Baltimore 85% of blacks did not pay rent, 45% whites and only 20% Hispanics but then again I only rented to 5 Hispanics. Then I came to a little town in Oklahoma and 90% whites don’t pay or rip you off but there is less than 1% other race… Yet I remember in Calif. Getting cut and stabbed and threatened a lot by Hispanics…
    i will say one thing though they do seem to have a greater community bond than others though, whereas i noticed Blacks will screw each other over just as much as anyone and whites to a lesser amount. But in villages in the Caribbean where I grew up most blacks were very loving and kind… It seems to be the place and the time that makes the difference. Bullies, ass holes and conartists need no excuse but we have no excuse to let them ruin our lives!!!!!! “All that evil needs to prosper is for good men to do nothing”. Welcome to the result of years of doing nothing. So something!! Go ask anyone who has taken an oath to support the Constitution my seven questions and then arrest them for fraud. If they don’t know the Constitution they vacate the position and are pretending to be something they are not, fraud is a federal offense and yo ucan arrest them!!

  15. the homalnd terrorism bill is not true it does not even say c span and it is not a .gov address, i will call c span and there will be a lawsuit involved with who ever is responsible for faking a goverment congress and whoever is involved including you!!!

  16. This is not a very funny “Parody”.

  17. DD, of course it’s not a funny “parody.” It’s ruddy hilarious!! What makes it even more hilarious is the fact that so many people actually beleived it.

    Other worldly powers? Enormous size?

    Let alone the fact that any form of flesh eating bacteria is wholely impossible to weaponize, ESPECIALLY in an airborne form.

    I’m surprised the people who believe this haven’t already suffocated from forgetting to BREATHE.

  18. My name is Edward Petrossi, you may google or utube me just to know how healthy and positive I was, and now I am on Neurontin, Morphine, Vicodin, diazpam and amithriptiline just because cops in Modesto city wanted to Favor an alcoholic whom I had restraining orders against her,gets drunk, I leave my apartment and sit down by the pool on the grass, then suddenly cops come and just break me down to death! we should unite and save our planet from these corrupted system; they can’t over come billions of people for few who think of themselves as g-ds and treat the whole world-us as their Slaves!
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    Then on 12/03/09 (police report 09-101738) I was involved in an staged accident by Modesto police department; since as soon as cops appeared, in the matter of a Seconds, 2 ambulances arrived, then despite the fact that I told them I don’t want to go to hospital, the E.R personnel insisted and they Have to transport me in Memorial Hospital, where I was held for 12 hours without water nor food and when I objected, they told me that I am going to have an “Open Heart Surgery” by doctor Azadi. I am trying to reach Attorney General Mr. Eric Holder in order to have these serious “Police Brutality/Abuse” to be resolved and make them pay for what they have done to me and what they intended to do to me for wanting to have my “Heart” taken out!!! But, my attorneys from Bay area Still can’t get the Police Report!!! It was Just for the Alcoholic lady whom after her mother passed away became Homeless, and I let her live with me, Got Drunk and I had enough and told her Just leave the hell away from me and suddenly from my anger, I just brook the glass in the bath room, which was extremely wrong on my part. Then I just got out, and had to calm myself down, for me dropping a ball that brook the glass. But I million years I could Not ever think that she (An Alcoholic who was/is Always Drunk, and My neighbors, Church bodies, Friends and Family Knew/Know her extreme problems; and when I was told by Pastor Mark Krieger that I need to Let her Hit the Bottom, where my response was “Didn’t Jesus say that God will leave 99 sheaps and Goes after the Only Last “LOST SHEEP”) Would call cops on Me, and claiming that I am going to kill her and such, while I had one year “Restraining Order” against her, and My mother had “Five” years restraining” order against Her as well. But these Cops just Love to Serve Ladies with Passion without even asking me anything else except my Name!!!! Well she is White and I am Originally From Iran, when George Bush marked Iran on the Axes of Evil, while Plotting their Murderous Game with Just 2 Saudis who Had their Orders and were paid to Just Fly those towers and still Studies are U.S allies and Iran name whose Government Was Supported and are in Charge for CIA’s Help to tackle Shah of Iran and Bring Barbarians in Power! Thanks for Being Such a Great & Positive Role Model. All that Matters Now is to Digest the “Bitter Truth” that Our Mother Earth Calls/Needs OUR HELP. It is Not Fair to Let these Bastards/Murderess to Kill and Distroy ALL, and Sell their Under Ground Bases for 50k, for smaller place and 100k for bigger place, where Every one can LIVE UP TO “One Year” Do we really have to Let all of this Beauty, Wealth, Water, Food, Mountains and Everything in it, With Everyone on this Planet to Be Destroyed and Get Us All Murdered and Convince Us to buy a place “MADE BY UNITED STATE MILITRY” to Just Live under Ground, If any One can Offered to Pay that kind of Money!!!!?. WAKE UP WORD!!!!!! This Earth Can Feed and Support million time More than present population on earth (near 7 billion), if they Distribute Mother Natures Free Wealth to Everyone! We Must Not Let them to Hire the Most Wanted Murderers with different IDs and Big Pays in order to Just “Follow Orders” and “KILLLLL” Since they Already Proved how they Commit what is Expected From them!!! They Got their “A+” for Being Ignorant of Any ones Life! This is Our Calling!!!! Please Wake Up and Listen to This Brave Heart Person and people like me; ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! It Must Ring The “BELL!” That they are going to Nuke the Earth, and by then it would Be to Late to See Who, How, OR? AND Why They Did it. Don’t Let them Get Away with this, and Let them Flee/Escape to Multi-Trillion Dollars Space Stations, where they Would Live as Aliens (U.F.Os). Life is Not all about Alcohol, Sex, Drugs AND/OR JOB Anymore!!! We Will/Are Blessed With Everything With Need on Earth, Let’s Put an End to this Trauma, We can Be all Turn to Be Good People; But Now the Mother Earth Needs Our Help, We Must Give Her a Second Chance in order to Survive, Otherwise, We All are Doomed by Heartless Politicians, leaders of conspiracy, hypocrisy, Corruptions and Murderess… Nothing is impossible, FREE Our Earth From these Wicked People! We Need Our Safe Life, Our Future and Family to Have a Normal Life; Lets’ Restore the Order and Let them Know that their Pyramid is Going to Crash, No more Abusive/Slavery-System Of All Nations for Few Assassins/Terrorists Who Now Want to Destroy Earth as Well as All Nations!!!!

    I Just Need Justice! WE JUST NEED TO LIVE AS FREE PEOPLE! Not Slaves of the Murderous and Corrupted SYSTEM! I am all the Way with YOU My Friend/Brother! I Have you in my Positive Vibes and Support in Everything that YOU have Said; & if Every Word can Play or Be Like a “SPIRIT”, Then All YOUR Words and Mine MUST BE HEARD & Touched and Sensed By the “MOTHER NATURE” and We All WILL PREVEIL INJUSTICE. They started they True Color by Murdering Innocent People on September eleven: THE TIME IS NOW For us to Stand Up and Become a Family of “Positive One” against the Family of “Negative One”

    Peace and Love,

    • Reply to Edward–I am sorry for all you have suffered. I know that most of what you said is happening. But you have to consider that America is under God’s judgment. It has been prophesied many times over that America is goin’ down. And yes, the elite are intendin’ to save themselves by buildin’ large bunkers and whatever else they want underground with our tax dollars. There is only one answer–to be numbered with the faithful remnant of God YHVH, or Yahuveh, and to know His son, Yahushuah. I recommend you run not walk to His end-time prophet, Tom Deckard, at You can also look him up on youtube. Glean everything you can from this man. Follow him. He’s been called to lead Yahuveh’s remnant to safety.

  19. haha awesome! i missed the lines about other worldly powers and enormous size first time round, and was taken in enough to do some research!! nice one onion, well put together vid

  20. if it was a threat from a faction or country here on earth why then would they classify so much? please look into project disclosure, project camelot, bob dean thats where my research started. this bill was passed! we gave these unknown people an unknown amount of money for protection we are not going to receive from an unknown enemy. wake up people. do your own investigation these are good starting points

  21. 3. “Congress shall now vote for approval of HR 8791, the Homeland Terrorism Preparedness Bill. Said bill request emergency response funding up to and including 1 TRILLION dollars to prepare for national level terrorist attack and/or attack from UNIDENTIFIED BEINGS. Funding for first responder personnel and vehicles will be doubled if said attack leads to more than 80% of national population being effected by UNIDENTIFIED BEINGS. This funding shall commence in conjunction to the first attack on THE UNITED STATES or the first large scale outbreak of VIRUS X depending on upon which comes first. Civillian and military units shall be trained in containment and combat of UNIDENTIFIED BEINGS including iratirated MUTANTS with possibility of VIRUS X BEING airborne, OR THE POSSIBILITY OF flesh eating, HOSTS and/or all the above. In such event as A DOMESTIC REVOLT ON US SOIL OR spewing/UNIDENTIFIED BEINGS escape or released or otherwise become uncontrollable, Air Force units may also be directed to combat said BEINGS due to their enormous size and other worldly strengths. Should event occur in urban areas, Jesus… That’s DANGEROUS, far surpassing our darkest nightmares. Should casualties exceed 100,000,000 PEOPLE, body disposal actions should be holded and associated resources shall be reallocated through SEWAGE SYSTEMS underground FEMA-BASED protective birthing centers. A new bill of rights shall be drafted and approved by THE ELITE OF TEN. Having now reviewed the bill, I ask you to please cast your votes.”

  22. If one looks at the date of this supposed hoax and cross references it with the congressional record one will find something curious to say the least. The record for the activity on that day conspicuously does not exist (At least on the online archive). A physical copy of the congressional record is supposed to sent out to the capitol of each state and stored there for public review. I wonder if it is missing there too?

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