Throughout history, while usury and all the things which have to be involved with it have evolved amongst many conflicting beliefs, usury’s consequences can only be consistent with the process interest imposes upon a monetary system.

Interest inherently and irreversibly multiplies debt so long as its subjects maintain a vital circulation. Usury thus requires ever more usurious sums of interest from hapless subjects, even to the inevitable fatality of their industry. No more efficient and thorough tool ever existed to usurp government, to dispossess countries of their wealth, to compromise proven principles, or to corrupt and divide people. Nor could any object moreso require accomplishing all these things.

The origins of usury are ancient enough to be forbidden not only by the Old Testament, but by all three major religions derived from The Book. The Knights Templar operated an early international bank, although it is not clear their bank was ever intended for the pervasive quasi-governmental role of the modern central banks which have been imposed across the world.

The purpose of the recent genre of course is stupendous unearned gain. The medium is the subverted, privatized currencies of the world. The private Bank of England therefore would be a forerunner of the recent design, if indeed as our Parable of Perfect Economy tells, it turned the armies of the mother country England into the instrument by which its usury would be imposed upon the colonies.

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  1. Shift B Inflation from Turmel’s Miracle Equation exposes Big Lie of Economics.
    Interest does not fight inflation. Inflation is not
    more money chasing the goods, Shift A, it’s Shift B, the same money chasing less goods after foreclosure
    caused by interest.


  2. Having found you thanks to Google, I have now put a link to this post under the Usury category of my blog. See http://forumnews.wordpress.com.

    You may also want to look at our online petition entitled “Stop the Cash Crumble to Equalize the Credit Crunch”. See http://tinyurl.com/666rwd

    With best wishes for more power to your blogging elbows,
    Organiser, Forum for Stable Currencies

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