An Open Letter to David Rockefeller

From The Shot Heard Around the World

Dear David,

I sincerely hope this message finds you in a state of calm reflection. Please forgive the snake comment but you must admit you’ve been behaving in a perfectly serpentine manner.

Let’s consider this a simple message from us to you that it’s “Game Over”. Sure, there will be some residual after effects from the overwhelming momentum of your dark plans (not all yours we realize, but you represent them so well). Your skeletal system is still in place loaded with people in key positions attempting to put a stranglehold on the future at your directive.

In fact, it’s somewhat amusing to imagine some of those on our distinguished guest list invited to attend this 9/11 event immediately scrambling to call their lawyers upon receipt of our certified letter. And what’s even more amusing is the advice most of their lawyers probably forwarded on -“Hold your tongue lest you incriminate yourself.” These are people who clearly don’t get it. They don’t concern us. Their days as public servant are nearly over.

They will be replaced with the fresh energetic loving dynamism of kind, intelligent souls who truly envision a bright future for the next generation. They will not impede the progress of the human spirit or the will of the mother who wants only the best for her child. Mothers and fathers have sacrificed their children far too long behind a long string of maniacal lies. Whether they were sacrificed in one of your falsely conjured wars or through your family’s allopathic medical model of slash,  burn,  and poison—an absurdly ineffective model, by the way, which has astoundingly found its way into nearly every village on earth. Even you must find it a bit bewildering how people have so easily traded the natural healing gifts that God so graciously bestowed for free in exchange for your costly and deleterious medical applications that have only served to weaken and deprive them.

Yes, mankind has been painfully foolish in following your many destructive directives. We understand whose bidding you do. One only need look at the fruits of your work to understand that. Your usurious banking cabal has virtually enslaved mankind in a kind of mental trap as many have yet to wake up to the reality that there is no debt to the World Bank. How can anyone be in debt by exchanging labor and tangible goods for pieces of paper that are backed by nothing??? They can’t, as the paper represents a fictitious notion, a sort of conjured fantasy cooked up by your comrades in crime whose greed knows no limit. Others could sit on top of the world too, David, if they could convince enough people that they all had to trade their labor and goods first for a fist full of symbolic pieces of paper. That’s an easy one. And then to charge interest on top of it all! That’s just rich! Please forgive the pun. It’s becoming all too clear why God forbade usury or interest. Painfully clear.

But now you’ve pushed it too far. You really ought to drop that Kissinger fella you hang out with. He’s a bad influence on you. Certainly, he’s the one that pushed this Swine Flu Genocidal plan forward. You probably even warned him that it was too much, too fast. You guys are getting old and even if you have one of those young Falun Gong hearts pumping away in your chest you are still eager to see your plans of massive de-population seen to the end. Given the circumstances, it’s understandable your lack of restraint.

Acutally, if you could thank Kissinger for us that would be great because it seems that this final lack of self-restraint and all-out abandon to wipe out humanity has finally pulled us together in a common fight like nothing on earth has ever done before. Many of us who have been fighting for the truth for years and have taken the abuse being labelled as crazy or paranoid or conspiracy theorists are, for the first time, seeing a 90% acceptance rate in the belief that you all are conspiring to kill us. Yes, David. It’s really that serious. You didn’t plan for that contingency. Some of us have been saying for quite awhile now, “Don’t be concerned about the sleepers. They will wake up right at the last minute when we need it. This will lull the globalists into a false sense of arrogant complacency.” It seems our instinct is playing out on the world stage at this very moment.

So, come David. Put away your FEMA concentration camps, er, I mean quarantine camps. You are not going to exterminate us. Put away the HAARP. You know, that big weather machine mind-control technology gizmo that cost who knows how many billions of our exchanged energy labor input. You can put away the chemtrails. You don’t need those anymore. Put away the little nano microchip that Hitachi created. You aren’t going to turn us all into cyborgs. Put away the blue beam project. Honestly. Projecting holographic images of a fake alien invasion to terrify the masses into your hands? Or of the second coming of Christ to steer them into some false religious doctrine? I guess we gotta give you guys credit for your audacious creativity. While you’re at it, go ahead and tell Monsanto to do away with the terminator seed plans. That’s all over.

David, really? Control all food on earth??? And then follow it up with this ridiculous Codex Alimentarius which is supposed to frighten people out of growing backyard gardens? What in the world do you have to gain from such a ridiculous notion??

Well, I guess it’s just as well that you are so insulated that you don’t realize how many people are quickly waking up to the fact that they, as sovereign souls under our Collective Creator, have absolutely no obligation to follow these codes and statutes that sap so much human energy in creating and likewise fighting. It’s just another game. A game of absurd rules put down on paper by corrupted cowardly souls behind closed doors and then delivered to the people as “LAW”.

When you step out of the charade and see it from an objective viewpoint as more and more are doing, it seems so pathetic to watch the others genuinely pleading and begging with their legislators to not pass a certain bill never realizing that the bill, even if enacted, is as flimsy as the piece of paper it’s written on as it doesn’t even apply to them in the first place! If they would just see through the whole charade they wouldn’t waste their energies and it would all dissolve away. You know that too, don’t you, David. You’re terrified people will find it out. That’s why you label people who are intent on reclaiming their freedom as terrorists.

I suppose, freedom is a terrifying prospect for one intent on oppression. There’s a great online book that people are reading from Johnny Liberty called The Global Sovereign’s Handbook. It explains a lot of this. It’s one of those books that is cracking people’s minds wide open and showing them a viable blueprint for how we can live without tyranny and oppression in peace and freedom under God. The original intent of the United States is a brilliant one. Human as the Sovereign. You ought to give it a quick read just to keep up with the competition, if nothing else.

I mean David, can we just agree that this power trip has just gone beyond ridiculous? Real men don’t want to overpower others. They are secure in their consistent ability to stand as a man, side by side, equal with other men. They feel no consistent threat from others as they are secure in their own skin. They feel no need to surround themselves with mountains of wasteful technology. It is only those that put out aggression that receive it all back and so feel they must build a fortress around themselves. You know… karma.

Have you thought of your own progeny in any of this?? Apparently, not. Well, let me do that for you. Believe it or not, I genuinely care about the new little babies born into the Rockefeller family. I don’t want them shot up with poisons as an oppressed being, nor do I want them to be forced to follow the very unhappy family legacy of serving as oppressor. I want them to live happily and freely with the rest of us.

Things are being broken back down into wonderfully simple solutions. For example, people are re-learning the art of building houses simply with their hands and the natural resources found locally whether it be stone, clay, sand or wood right on the land. No mortgage, eco-friendly, and a soulful experience building your own nest with your own hands. David, I bet there’s a little Rockefeller out there somewhere who would like nothing more than to romp around in the mud and help his parents build a house, maybe even just a fun playhouse for him. Something he could look at and feel proud of. Something that would comfort him. Something built with love in the spirit of fun in connection with nature.

People are also re-learning the connection between clean natural living and abundant vibrant health. It’s so easy. In addition, people are putting their hands back to the earth to grow their own food. I guess we ought to thank Monsanto for pushing us to the brink where growing our own food locally and organically is the only sensible solution. Always was. We just forgot ourselves for a minute. We’re on our way back. Oh, David. It is the most precious thing to watch a child plant a seed and the delight they take in it as it grows. Maybe you have seen this for yourself. I hope so.

And how about the fact that people are even beginning to realize that defecating in their drinking water is just plain stupid. I would love to know what genius thought that up? Even animals don’t do that. People are realizing that if we just stop polluting, the earth has its own self-cleaning system. When we stop polluting in a lake, miraculously, the fish start to come back to life. We don’t even need to do anything! The earth so generously serves US!! David, we just need to break it back down to basics and stop the pollution allowing nature’s divine wisdom to take her peaceful course.  We have clean technology if you would just stop suppressing it and killing off all the inventors of it, please.

No wonder Kissinger can sell you the whole earth-is-over-populated-and-there-aren’t-enough-resources-to-sustain-us-all story. Have you stopped to see the way you are living? The resources that support you could support an entire nation! You’re absolutely right that something needs to change. You’re just looking in the wrong direction. Tell yourself a lie long enough and you will start to believe it.

Did you know that you could fit 2 billion people in Australia and give them an acre a piece? Assuming people live in families and wouldn’t need to sprawl out one person per acre, you could literally fit the entire world’s population quite comfortably in Australia, with no overcrowding. How’s that for taking a new look at things? See, David I guess that’s the point. it’s all in the way you look at it. Well, certainly you know that or you wouldn’t have made sure you had all the media in your hip pocket to spin your careful version of reality out to the rest of humanity.

And as the dead sea scrolls describe the same horrors depicted in Revelations, they also ask “Will you change it?” Pity that no one ever talks about that, instead remaining focused on the potential horrors. Perhaps that is by design? Is that one of those important pieces that was cut out of the Bible? Maybe it’s locked away in the basement of the Vatcian somewhere? Locked away so people never realize their true power? Yes, we have the power under God’s Will to steer this gorgeous planet in virtually any direction we want.

It’s time we begin choosing life over death. The devil has played with us all for far too long. That includes you, David. Consider rejecting him this time and pass a new legacy to your progeny. That would be one of those fantastic stories of redemption retold for the next millennium, eh, David? Maybe there is a horrific end to this world to come, but who says it has to happen now? Only God knows when that day will come so let’s quit trying to play these silly self-fulfilling prophecies. Some people are running headlong into your plans because somehow they see that as a key to entering heaven. I think it is a simple self-loathing that sends them headlong into your folly. When they re-awaken to the possiblities of all they can contribute under a new cooperative system, that self-loathing will drop away. It is a temporary loathing, appropriate for a human who has allowed themselves to be enslaved by your system. They will shake it off quickly as soon as they step into the new system — a system which is more of an un-system really. A new paradigm of the expression of creative freedoms in harmony with All that Is.

Don’t you think it would be prudent to take a careful examination of your long life at this point? Wouldn’t it be really wonderful if you could exit off of this earth on the good foot? You have the power to do that. If you agree with your friend Kissinger – that power is the ultimate aphrodisiac—then you should jump all over this opportunity because you have the power to send the devil packing with a quickness. We’re sending him packing anyway, but you could join us and send him off just that much sooner, thus saving your soul in the process. We are a forgiving people. We have to be. We have all played a role in this collective mess. It’s a new day. We are turning over a new leaf and forging forward to compost the old broken system of oppressor / oppressed to plant a new future in the rich fertility of symbiotic cooperation. We are not to compete with nature or God’s laws but to cooperate within those rules. There is a balanced place for technology as well. We are the stewards of this Earth and we are taking it back into our custody to manage it intelligently, lovingly under Creator in the same spirit of Freedom and Diversity that was originally intended in the land you call home. This is the Real New World Order mankind has been building up to so thank you for that perfectly suited phrase.

So I have taken a chance, a gamble if you will, in the hopes that maybe an open letter would touch your soul, your heart, show you the sense in adopting a new approach much like an open letter addressed to Vladimir Putin in a best selling book called “Who Are We?” by Vladimir Megré. The letter urged Putin to put a plan into place that would make Russia the richest, cleanest, happiest, healthiest land in the world. ( I include a pdf copy of the letter to Putin here.) Putin wisely put the plan into place less than 2 years after the letter was published.

I see no reason why this plan can’t be duplicated the whole earth over. Everyone should be allotted a full 3 acres of land for free to build their own little corner of paradise on earth sustaining themselves with wise permaculture practices growing food forests that cooperate with nature allowing nature to sustain us rather than working so foolishly hard to manipulate it into diseased contorted versions of itself. People have taken discarded scrubs of desert and created lush oases of paradise with smart permaculture management so don’t argue the “not enough arable land” argument.

There is to be no taxation of the land, nor is anything produced, sold or bartered from the land to be taxed. Humans have a right to basic needs of life and this plan affords that without anyone having to spend anything. Many have already set themselves free and have begun co-creating a beautiful world with their own hands. There is a surge of eco-villages cropping up all over the world. Recall that the Russians averted tragedy during their economic collapse of the 90’s by turning to the land that feeds them. They grew their own food and now 70% of all food eaten in Russia is organically grown on small family garden plots. Ahhhh. The thought of it.

America will do the same when you pull the economic rug out from under them. Americans are super resourceful people. They will create their own local script to barter and exchange with each other. They will pull together and reconnect and re-engage with real life again. No more ‘tell lie vision’ to confuse them. It will probably be one of the best things that happens as everyone will realize they never needed your symbolic pieces of paper in the first place. And when they read the Global Sovereign’s Handbook and realize that they have been jumping through hoops for nothing, the transition from dependence to independence will happen in the blink of an eye and then we will quickly mature into the interdependence stage of symbiotic cooperation.

We are not going to give you that civil war you may have been hoping for. Perhaps tickets were already being sold for the ultimate snuff film to be viewed live from all the CCTV cameras posted in major cities throughout the world. Yes, I imagine a perverted few had already reserved their front row seat to see it live on the big screen safe and secure in one of your D. U. M. B.’s (deep underground military base, in case you can’t keep up with all of your acryonyms). Perhaps the ticket includes buttered popcorn?? I’m sorry to make fun. It’s just all so foreign to me—this bizarre bloodlust. Perhaps I would have done the same thing had I been born into your circumstances so I am foolish to point fingers. I am grateful to God I was born into a simple humble life surrounded with all I needed and a mountain of love. This is what I wish for every new child born into this world as does any caring, sentient soul.

And finally, you may ask yourself who I am. Does it matter? I am no one and I am everyone all at the same time. And now I am off to contribute to the solutions by helping to make reparations in a land that my country sadly helped to destroy. We must forgive ourselves and move on in constructive creativity. I hope to take a nifty invention called the Waterboxx which enables one to reforest the desert without any irrigation system or any maintenance. See the genius we humans have? I hope to inspire the people to reforest their desert with food forests for the next generation to enjoy. See, David, I need everyone to remain alive, move into vibrant health and begin helping in the regeneration of life on our gorgeous gift of an earth. If you were smart, truly smart, you’d see that too and pass down the greatest gift to your progeny by clearing the Rockefeller name and immediately switching your plans from plans of destruction to plans of rejuvenation. Forgive us our debts and we will forgive you, yours. Deal? I bid you peace in your deep reflection.

A Simple Soul


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