Bahrain’s revolution underway as the Day of Rage announced

Bahrain will be the next in line for a popular revolution. The youth have decided that 14th February would be “The Day of Rage” against the Al Khalifa hereditary dictatorship that has repeatedly failed to make use of the opportunities for a return to civil, pluralistic and representative rule.

The day they chose is significant. It is the tenth anniversary of the referendum on the ruler’s charter, and the ninth year after the repeal of the country’s only legitimate constitution. It was a black day in 2002 when the dictator, again with a stroke of a pen, announced the imposition of his tailor-made set of draconian rule, and the repeal of the 1973 constitution. For the past nine years the country has been embroiled in endless conflicts, bloodshed by the regime and limitless suffering by the people. The wave of arrests of Bahrainis by the Al Khalifa rulers whose ancestors had invaded the country in 1783, was the final act that had set the stage for the final showdown between the people of Bahrain and those invaders.



via Bahrain’s revolution underway as the Day of Rage announced – Bahrain Freedom Movement.


25 Responses

  1. I strongly support the King of Bahrain. In bahrain everybody is enjoying quality life and people are happy. There is harmony among the people.

    We should not support any such stupid step and should not appreciate such steps.

    • It appears that not everybody agrees with you…

      • I Believe the revolution is coming soon in bahrain due to discrimination of government against the original people of state and all body now the neutralization process is never stop ,

        bahrain must change the leader system

    • good for you…. stand up for what you are proud of

    • stupid there are people dying, in bahrain are you retarded?why dont oyu et with th program!

  2. Then what does that say about you, Hammad Khaliq?

  3. I call on the organisers of this event to be more sensible and thoughtful. There is no synonysm between Bahrain and other arab countries where popular revolt against repressive rulers took place recently. In contrast Bahrain is a prospering, peacful and stable country under tit’s wise and able leadership. I have the oppurtunity to visit a large number of countries and to have some insights into their political landscape. Bahrain’s citizens are enjoyoing privileges and much care by it’s goverment to an extent which even the citizens of so called western countries can never think of.
    So please come to your sense and do not spoil this country and it’s image as paradise of the gulf.

  4. Are you kidding me? People here are too lethargic and lazy to actually do something. The locals I have talked to said their biggest concern is to “decrease the wait time for our free house that we get when we marry”….really?….come on now….. Egypt made me proud of humanity…but this day of rage is pathetic…

    • Excuse me, Bahraini people are not lazy at all ok , mind your language. Its just because of their hospitality you are here in Bahrain. Every country has its own dynamics dont compare Egypt with Bahrain.
      Its just the Organisers need to be more sensible and thoughtful as mentioned by Muhammad Zainul Abedin….
      Peace should be maintained in Bahrain at any cost, further we should stop the interference of Hindu nation India which is the closest ally of Israel. India wants to gain control and supports people against Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan and GCC countries including Bahrain.

      • I agree, the Indians should go…that would help with the wages of Bahrainis….. supply and demand….. Bahrain needs to bring up the salaries of the average Bahraini worker and that means creating some competition for workers but the Indians have saturated the labour market.

      • Being a Bahraini citizen I think several times before discussing this kind of issues….Your point is quite aligned with what I think and is based on practical approach. India is not a Muslim country and they have close ties with Israel and they are being promoted by them everywhere. Its not other neighboring countries dont have talent, its about the opportunities Indian are having by USA and Isreal.

        We should stop depending on Indian specially non Muslims resources as they cant be our friends and there are only two countries in the world that represents their religion one is Israel (which we dont consider as country) Jew and India (Hindus). Infact, I see Pakistan is being surrounded by cowards otherwise more opportunity should be given to Pakistanis rather than Indians.

  5. Bahrain is prosperous?yes for foreign citizen,I am a Filipina but I strongly believe that Bahraini people must deserve more the privilege in this country,.fight for your rights!

  6. I strongly agree with Hammad, peace is our need and we cant be compared with other nations. Prosperity needs time and not everybody can be fully satisfied.

    We should condemn the protest and as far as presence of foreign nationalities, The Indians have developed a monopoly and they tend to hire only Indians and therefore capturing local bahraini people rights. I am not against foreign people and I appreciate the contribution by Pakistanis for our security i.e. army, police, and for commerce, engineering, Indians for engineering… Philippians for nursing and other work, Jordanian, Syrian for their other expertise but Indians quota should be restricted.

  7. they want free land not only 1,000 dinars..too bad to see their poor houses,blame the poor system of the government who trust other than its own people

  8. i’m agree…when i’m first in bahrain,it’s like indians colony more than arabian country. I don’t have problem with multiracial but when i read others comment,suddenly i realize that is true. There’s should be limitation of population foreign compare to locals,so the right of locals stil be protected and serve well.

  9. do protesters have tear gas to throw?lol,this is people’s voice vs. well-armed policemen(pakistani,indian,jordan etc.)ofcourse it’s easy for them to hurt these protesters coz they dont belong in the same blood,be fair!

  10. The world these days is very complex, things r not always what they seem. There is dis harmony in bahrain that needs to be addressed. you may not see it cause u choose not to see it . There are many corporate scumbags & vultures in Gcc, hidden corruption. very less customer protection & peoples rights r not adhered to . All gcc countries are made on the backs of cheap labuors who are in cases abused & not paid. All infrastructure & facilities r made by outsiders yet they r discriminated. A person will be blind & dumb ass not to see some of these things. Even bahrainis r discriminated against themselves ( e.g Shias , sunni divide)
    By the way Emirates airline was established with the help & support of PiA. Many of defense forces especially navy & Airforce of gcc countries were started with help & support of pakistan airforce & navy. Nobody will admit this as this is not public knowledge. You can take uae, bahrain, qatar,saudi as examples. Protests should be handled in a subtle way to stand up for peoples rights & misgivings in the past.

  11. Alyn… dont you have same concerns when Israelis and US forces do the same with IRaqis, Palestinians, and other people……

    Dont force your democracy over us…. America and Western countries are not father of the world… everybody knows that two black cancers of the world are eating GCC i.e. America and India with Israel…

  12. What I see in Bahrain is that the King is a coward who is afraid of criticism. Because he tolerates no popular dissent or discussion and regularly orders the arrest, detainment and torture of dissenters and thosw who disagree with him, he keeps the lid on the kettle of anger and a stopper in the spout so long that it must burst in these ways. He employs his family in so many important government posts so that he can be assured of hearing what he wants to hear and not what needs to be said.
    I wish that protests like this were not necessary, but I wish for a more just society in Bahrain moreso.

  13. Ahmad Abu Mustafa.. what you say about Hindu Indians in our country? they burn Muslims in their country and if you just replace them with Bahrainis most of us will be employed.

  14. Mobeen…thanks sweety but i hope u get what is my point;-)

  15. i thing the people in Bahrain not enjoying in this life
    because there are no money no work for young
    i support people in Bahrain

  16. […] a week ago, Bahraini pro-democracy demonstrators held their “day of rage” as thousands of protesters flooded the nation’s capital, Manama. The demonstrators […]

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