Dimensional Shift and the New Earth- Has Jesus Christ Spoken?

Richard C. Cook – richardccook.com April 20, 2011

Jesus Christ and the 2012 Prophecies

Prophecies of a major dimensional shift in connection with 2012 may be found everywhere, but not always with recognizable authority or adequate explanation. But now this may have changed.

From the heart of Europe – Hungary – comes a comprehensive and detailed message said to be channeled from Jesus Christ. First transcribed in 2009 in Hungarian, and in circulation there in the region of the Carpathian Mountains, it is now available in an English translation for the first time.

The title is: Dimensional Shift: The Guidance of Jesus Christ on the Threshold of Global Transformation. This document is now being released into the public domain in English translation exclusively through the RichardCCook.com website as a free PDF download.

The book is short—about 16,000 words. But those who acquire it will likely read it over and over again.

via Dimensional Shift and the New Earth- Has Jesus Christ Spoken?.


5 Responses

  1. David L. Wrightsman

    Well, having read this document I am here to tell you all it is not only propaganda of an evil nature but most likely the channeling of Satan’s words himself. It is, filled with many inconsistencies, only referencing limited scripture, not adding any value or substantiation to the holy bible at all. It is, extremely un-Christ like with references to become light and then stating that once we become entities of light we will have craft that can travel within the universe. If we are next to our Heavenly Father who needs mechanical devises?As the bible says, as we approach the return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, many charlatans will appear to deceive you. Do not be deceived by this awful, satanic literature.

    • David L Wrightsman, you are speaking the truth.

      Are you aware of Constance Cumbey’s work? She wrote ‘The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow’, exposing this dark deception, comparing the outpourings of New Agers and their chanelled entities with the pages of scripture.
      Your sister in Christ (the true, Christ)

  2. THE FATHER OF LIES WILL DECEIVE MANY. he’s going to use all kinds of tricks. this one is scary because i was sure he was a little more intelligent than this, using bible references and words like evolution in the same message, for starters. but he knows better how thin our faith is these days and he knows how to manipulate us because of it, just the way he did it in the garden.

  3. Strange this page was emailed to me just now – I was reading Randall N Baer’s ‘Inside the New Age Nightmare’ as I opened it. That absurd Hungarian fraud is interesting because of who Richard C Cook is. Google him! I’d be inclined to say he should know better but Satan has a raft of temptations for all of us – I have fallen for plenty in my time.

  4. Thank you fellow children of God for exposing evil….Praise Jesus!
    Blasphemy, Charlatans, Liars Everywhere ….Satan is very deceiving.
    We have but only ONE job is these end days: speaking,sharing, spreading ….preaching the true gospel of GOD….. FATHER, SON, HOLY SPIRIT…that JESUS CHRIST died so that our sins may be forgiven…and our souls may enter God’s Holy Kingdom … .EXPOSE EVILS HORRIFIC LIES….We as true Christians …as servants of the LORD, thus is our duty to our CREATOR. Maybe God have mercy on their souls.
    Thank you LORD!

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