Swimming out Beyond the Borders of Belief.

By Visible

It’s a strange, strange world and getting stranger all the time. We’ve had a mother lode of strange in these tormented times. We move from abuse to outrage and then back to abuse again. Our politicians are automatons, programmed by a low order of demons, who are set into operation by the Synagogue of Satan. It is long past the stage where there are any arguments that can counter this mendacious certainty. It stands to reason that reasonable and creative stands have to be taken before there is no ground to stand on whatsoever. It’s like the disappearing geography of Gaza, only it is happening all over the planet, as the Spawn of Satan make their last push to bury the world in darkness.

In Kentucky and in Texas, as well as in other states, around Zionist controlled America, local officials are crying, “Hold, enough”. As the totally possessed, hate zombies of the political elite, seek to employ gun control, based on false flag events, initiated by Zionist controlled intelligence and law enforcement agencies, the citizen purchases of guns has gone through the roof. This was noted at the most recent Cow Palace gun show. How can they engineer gun control when their proclamations to do so, result in an insane rush to acquire firearms, by everyone who can see the writing on the wall?

It should be irrefutably apparent that whoever is behind this is not of American origin because… why would you destroy the country you were living in? Why would you destroy the manufacturing base, destroy the job market, ruin the economy; thus forcing a reduction in public services and local law enforcement, having also destroyed the housing market, so that there are no longer property taxes to provide all the necessities that a country cannot do without, from schools, to fire stations, to street lamps and whatever. Crime soars and then you get this alongside it. Then, of course, you get this as well; ‘ruining lives, it’s job one’. Of course, if you want to snatch a batch of kids from any number of locations and use them as test animals, or rape and kill them in a Satanic ceremony, that’s perfectly okay. Rank has it’s privileges and the ranker it is, the better.

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