Smoking Mirrors | The Zio-Satanic Consortium on its way out The Door.

By Visible

In times of materialism, a certain thing happens to the collective human sexual force. It is sucked out of people, via various forms of external stimulation. This force is the essential power in all magic; good and bad. This force can move in only two directions, up and in and down and out and you WILL eventually be ‘down and out’ if you opt for the latter.. This force does not move sideways. Always in times of increasingly materialism, the sexual force goes through more and more intense forms of perversion and the perversions get legitimized …because those who interpret the meaning of human sexuality are on a payroll, or are themselves already perverted …and looking to sell their particular brand of strange, in order to increase the numbers and no longer be strange.

Certain groups of demented materialists, are daily engaged in proliferating certain forms of behavior, because they lead to the breakdown of civilization and an orderly and fair society. Fair does not mean that which political correctness intends …because all of us are not equal in ability, intelligence or a natural disposition for the sort of industry that guarantees success. When I say fair, I mean that the opportunity is there for everyone to achieve that which they are capable of. Political correctness is being pushed by the Zio-Satanic consortium, for the purpose of re-instituting communism …because it not only negates the spirituality that keeps such excesses in check …but it reduces the population to the status of worker drones, with an all seeing overlord government …that is not restrained by any dynamic of checks and balances. As can be seen by what the Zionists did in the Soviet Union, it is possible to murder, imprison and enslave tens of millions of people with impunity. That is the intent of the moment.

via Smoking Mirrors | The Zio-Satanic Consortium on its way out The Door..


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