Smoking Mirrors | The Ides of Hell are Calling your Name.

By Visible

We are entering the zone. I call it ‘the zone’ because that is the place where justice finally steps out of the shadows from which it has been watching the action; “though the mills of God (justice) grind slowly, they grind exceedingly small”. What befuddles us most is the appearance of things. Our media, our sources of information for the world external, are saturated with lies. These organs of disinformation do not reflect reality but rather present life as it appears in a funhouse mirror; people, events, conditions …are stretched into a consumable absurdity. We’ve gotten so used to it that it seems to be normal. Normal hasn’t been around here in a tortoise’s age.

Guru Bawa, in one of his many discourses said that one of the hallmarks of the end times is the appearance of cannibalism. St. Dalmer of the Darkness was the precursor. Of course Emperor Bokassa was no slouch either. Economic pundits study trends and make projections, so do sociologist and experts from all of the synthetic sciences, where the results reflect the conclusions they are paid to fabricate and deliver. Those possessing jnana or an inspired, metaphysical perspective, can note the real trends taking place. Catamite scientists can only evade what ‘is’ up to a point because… what is, is what is and what is not, cannot be sustained beyond a temporary period of time. This is why all lies are inevitably revealed to be lies and are exposed for all the duped world to see, when the time comes. When the time comes.

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