Smoking Mirrors | Of Mice and Munchhausen

By visible

It’s been said that beauty is only skin deep but that ugly goes all the way to the bone. The problem with the police forces and the security personnel in the empire is that it took a wrong turn, when the bought and sold politicos traded their souls and their asses for filthy lucre from Banker Nation and then Israelis became the training instructors for the police departments. As a result crime has now become a major province of those entrusted to prevent crime, as well as to see that justice is done.

Across the globe murdering thugs are about their business. It is business as unusual. A great deal of the nasty shit that is presently operative, is due to these freaks in human skin, seeking to cover their tracks and to secure their precious bodies from the wrath of those they have milked to a dry bone. It continues apace. The not so little demon engine who could, has ridden roughshod over our dreams and our fortunes.

However, Kali Yuga is the time and place where all of this gets sorted out. People know this and they don’t know this. Knowing this can ease your mind because, knowing this, you know that it does get sorted and your only job is to have positioned yourself to get sorted where you want to get sorted. That’s really all you have to do. You don’t have to worry about Fukushima, World War 3, or some terrible natural disaster because you will be rightly and righteously positioned, in respect of the cosmic GPS.

via Smoking Mirrors | Of Mice and Munchhausen.


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