Visible Origami | Catapulting to the Bending End

By Visible

These are times of frenetic impatience. So many people want to be there already but they’re not ready. The cosmos is not fond of such chicanery and will expose you at the optimum time and you won’t recover from it. Better by far to let it unfold and fly, when the wings are tuned to endless and tireless flight. That’s when you have the wind beneath your wings, that invisible lift that affirms the cosmos approves of your engagement. You can’t make the grade, unless you are recognizing of the fact that you are just a front for something of primal essence, rather that a self important charade based on no enduring source of intelligent light.

Whatever quirks and strange behaviors that may have existed prior to consciousness ascension are of no importance. They fall away in the immediacy of transformation. Such things are guaranteed for those determined to that end above all other things, or for those born to a moment in time when the cosmic clock comes into accord with the personal clock. Nothing can stop this, other than one pushing for it before it is meant to occur and there’s a lot of that. There’s a lot of spiritual smash and grab going on. It’s big money and no difficult trick to seduce, mystify and mesmerize those who pursue these states out of desperation, or latent affinity with deception; hoping to occupy a similar space as soon as opportunity arrives when the right time presents itself, through some mysterious unknown process. Everything that was out of balance, or sorted into the wrong slot, magically adjusts itself, within and without and the proof of that is evident in every following event that affirms it by relentless adjustments, all of them dovetailing to a single point of focus. It’s unmistakeable. Every other alternative is a mistaken detour of eventually unnavigable jungle. The denser the foliage the more certain it is that you are going in the wrong direction.

via Visible Origami | Catapulting to the Bending End.


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