Reflections in a Petri Dish | Wu Wei, Aft Gang Agley and Whatever’s Right.

By Visible

The long awaited shit hitting the fan is on the doorstep now so… don’t open the door. This is in reference to all that’s been said in this posting so far. We must all be watchful at this time and we must consider where we are, in proximity to what is, very likely coming, given the general intransigence of the general population. If the alarm doesn’t wake you up, other measures must perforce occur. Don’t let the sun come up and find you sleeping (parabolically speaking) and don’t let the sun go down on your anger. Much can be repaired if we engage it early and especially not add unto it. There’s a definite propensity for that in the air right now. For myself, I’m thinking of getting in touch with my friendly astrologers (grin) but what good will it do, beyond what can occur by listening to my interior stars?

They call Hollywood actors stars and part of that is due to their charisma. They feed off of the attention of their admirers and it gives them a noticeable glow, which is also a false light. Some number of politicians and religious leaders have this as well. It accounts for their being able to do a lot of things they shouldn’t be doing, simply because a large portion of the public believes they wouldn’t be in that position unless they were meant to be. There is another light that is acquirable, but both lights require ignition, either through shaktipat, or Old Scratches benediction. In one case, the current goes in one direction and in the other case it goes in the other direction.There are only two directions and there are seven portholes, where the force expresses itself. On the one hand, the practitioners are mainly operative through the top 4. The other faction works through the bottom 3. Since this is Kali Yuga, or at least the fading echo of it is still paramount at the moment, one should be able to intuit which faction is having the most influence, ‘for the moment’.

Hopefully I have conveyed how important self reflection and self analysis are at this juncture in time. You can be sure I will be engaged in it as often as is possible. I would prefer to sidestep Savonarola Avenue, as well as Rasputin Boulevard (I can already see Talmudic snakes, coiling around those terms and getting into position for a little projectile vomiting). I can see where I’ve been unconsciously flirting with things similar but far less identical, inadvertently. Contemporary malefic forces are truly sneaky. You have to take your inventory every day. Luckily, I have a monitoring minder, who clues me in when I get to certain margins that are not always visible. They’re there but they might well be vibrating above or below the bandwidth of your eyes.

via Reflections in a Petri Dish | Wu Wei, Aft Gang Agley and Whatever’s Right..


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