Smoking Mirrors | The Cowardice Implicit in our Denial of the Truth

By Visible

The Bankers are stealing everything that is not nailed down and they’ll get to that in due time too. You could do something about it. Every country could go the way of Iceland. Every citizen could step away from the mind control, wage slave machinery, of their fabricated indebtedness. They are sucking you dry while you scorn and ridicule those who risk it all to liberate you. No one can be so stupid as to not see what is going on. The real truth is that they are frightened of and obedient to their overlords. Many of them aspire to be just like them. Everyone is playing a role here and that role is an amalgam of defense strategies that protect them from nothing.

This is what’s going on with your finances. Here is a litany of what they are up to. They kill without conscience. Their crimes are legion. They are demons in the flesh. Deal’s are made for profit and survival every day, by those who forfeit their souls for temporary gain and position. No writer or composer who criticizes them has any chance of reaching a wider audience. They’ve got a list and… if you’re on it, you are marooned on the island of the marginalized and forgotten. You are banished from the marketplace. You are exiled into the wilderness but… you are not alone. Both justice and judgment will come when the time is right and everything will change by some marvelous and unseen power.

via Smoking Mirrors | The Cowardice Implicit in our Denial of the Truth.


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