Police still investigating death of Miss. politician

The Clarion-Ledger: In the last five months, five lawmakers have died. The latest was Sunday, when state Rep. Jessica Upshaw, R-Diamondhead, was found dead at a residence in Simpson County of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. “I have been legislator for 26 years, and I can’t remember in my first 20 years, five people (legislators) dying while in office,” said state Rep. Bill Denny, R-Jackson. “It’s astounding. We have lost some of our best people.” […]

The Sun Herald: Upshaw was appointed by Gov. Phil Bryant to be a part of the board tasked with planning how to spend billions in RESTORE Act fines BP will pay as a result of the 2010 Gulf oil spill.

AP: [… She] gave no indication in recent days that she was contemplating taking her own life, according to a former lawmaker who was with the woman the day she died. […] [Former Mississippi State Rep. Clint] Rotenberry fought back tears at times, but also managed a smile while talking about the good times the two had shared. […] Rotenberry said he and Upshaw had spent the weekend together, first going to her house on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, where they enjoyed a leisurely drive along the beach. “It was such a beautiful, relaxing day,” he recalled. They returned to his house Saturday. He said the two woke up Sunday morning and she checked her email and then they watched part of a romantic comedy. Rotenberry said he took a shower, but Upshaw wasn’t in the house when he got out. He found Upshaw’s body in his garage near the open door of her car. […] Chief McCullum said authorities received a 911 call about 1:20 p.m. to report a suicide at the house […]

via Police still investigating death of Miss. politician — Was watching romantic comedy after trip to beach — “Astounding” that 5 lawmakers have died in office in 5 months — TV airs interview with boyfriend (VIDEO).


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