Visible Origami | Mysterious Winds of Unknown Provenance

By Visible

We’re walking corpses but we refuse to admit it. We come to life when we die, whether we accomplish that beforehand; preferable, or as the natural result of the life cycle. One who is aware of this condition fixes their mind on what lies beyond. Why would anyone pursue the temporary at the expense of missing the eternal? Yet there is a mad rush for this.

Humanity fascinates me. I can sit and watch people for hours and used to do that with some regularity until I couldn’t leave this room very often due to all the chores. I watch people shopping. Many of them do not go out for specific things, like I do. They go out just to shop. I find that really strange. When I am in the supermarket checkout line, I study what people buy. The amount of poisonous soft drinks and the size of the containers is impressive. I’ve seen people buying gallons of this swill. Sometimes they have 8 different kinds of pork in their cart. They’re big on pork over here and evil things, like blood sausage and head cheese. There’s something here called Lieberkase. That is some toxic stuff. After awhile people begin to look like stuffed sausages. I stand there with my vegetables, good pasta, rice, sometimes a chocolate bar (high end Free Trade chocolate) and some nuts and rarely if ever do I see people shopping healthy. Sometimes they are there with their kids and there are bags and bags of chips and all sorts of candy concoctions. Then there’s the processed food, with ingredients that have sixty letters in them and sometimes there are forty or fifty ingredients. I study this stuff, yet another part of my fascination as a cultural voyeur.

I want to live somewhere where people eat right and live right, where they take more joy in each other than they do in in their possessions; people who know what their real wealth is, people who appreciate the truly finer things in life, which are not Dom Perignon and a Stradivarius cigar, with some inarticulate arm candy, draped over the arm of their easy chair.

via Visible Origami | Mysterious Winds of Unknown Provenance.


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