Mossad Boston Marathon Bomb Found | NODISINFO

Filthy Mossad is at it again, ruthlessly murdering people, in this case, Americans, just like they did on 9-11. In addition to the three murders as many as 170 people were injured, many severely. With the unwinding into oblivion of the Sandy Hook hoax, desperation took hold. The Mossad had to act. Therefore, it blew up the Marathon.

Apparently, the first bomb has been found. This seemingly confirms reports that the bomb materials were placed in a pressure cooker. That would seem to go along with what one local observer discovered after the terror attack, which is what appears to be a circular device inside a bag:


The above photo was taken just prior to the detonation. The anomalous bag can’t be there simply by accident. Placed outside the fence, this was the ideal place for the deadly device, so it wouldn’t be interfered with. Those unassuming innocents: they had no idea what was about to happen to them. Furthermore, note the alcove in the back, right screen: it is empty.

It can be seen that there is a device anomalous planted on the outside edge of the fence. Then, this is the epicenter of the bombing, as can be seen by the brutally wounded of the immediate aftermath, along with those who have fallen back for protection in the alcove. The remaining smoke which emanates seems to arise from the precise site of the anomalous bag/device.


via Mossad Boston Marathon Bomb Found | NODISINFO.


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