Quote of the Day – If this was a genuine act of terror…

If this was a genuine act of terror, what it tells us is that DHS, TSA, FBI, CIA, the Fusion centers, are all a complete waste of taxpayer money. All the databases, all the warrantless scanning of our emails, social media, phone calls, all the crotch-grabbing, cameras, microphones, GPS tracking, naked scanners, were totally and completely useless. Even the bomb sniffing dogs, on site in Boston supposedly for a training incident, failed to sniff the bombs. From top to bottom, the entire security industrial complex laid a big fat egg on this one. They failed, simply and utterly. And therefore, there is no more justification for the people of the United States to put up with this erosion of our Constitutional rights. Simply on the basis of total incompetence, Boston justifies the firing of the Federal government.

Mike Rivero

via WHAT REALLY HAPPENED | The History The US Government HOPES You Never Learn!.


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  1. Wow, exactly.

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