NY Police Commissioner Ray Kelly: “all terrorism is theater”

By Martin Hill


April 27, 2013

New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, in a recent TV interview discussing the Boston bombings, affirmed what false-flag aficionados have known for years: that “all terrorism is theater”.

Airing April 21st on with CNN’s “GPS” program with host Fareed Zakaria, gun-grabber Kelly also referenced other false flags, such as 9/11 and the 1993 attack on the twin towers, where the FBI admittedly supplied the bombs. [See The FBI Allowed the 1993 WTC Bombing to Happen , 9/11 Index of What Really Happened, and FAKE TERROR – THE ROAD TO WAR AND DICTATORSHIP. A CBS NEWS report with Dan Rather about FBI complicity in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing is available here.]

KELLY: No, we haven’t seen an increase in threats, but our operating assumption is that we’re always at risk. We’re a city that obviously had two horrific attacks here: 1993, 2001. We have had 16 plots against the city since then. So we are on alert all the time. We’d see no — there’s no recourse, but to be on alert.

ZAKARIA: I notice that the most of the plots that you talked about, the 16 that you thwarted, these were against big, symbolic targets often. What happened here in Boston was an event. Is that a difference that is meaningful?

KELLY: Well, all terrorism is theater. This event was a major event certainly in the life of Boston. It was a holiday, it’s the end of the marathon, it was timed to go off when probably the maximum number of people would be there crossing the finish line. So clearly it was meant to put on a show. So, it was very significant. We had plots here against the subway system, against the Brooklyn Bridge. I see this sort of in the same ballpark, if you will.

via NY Police Commissioner Ray Kelly: “all terrorism is theater”.


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  1. Reblogged this on CONSPIRACY THEORY TODAY and commented:
    I really think this guy just needs to shut up. Kelly talks out if his arse most of the time with little thought. When is bloomburg going to tell him to shutup and put his big head on the desk.

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