Visible Origami | The Ascent and the Descent and the Dead Zone Zombies.

By Visible

As the world changes and the world remains the same, more and more loopy, bizarre, absurd and ridiculous statements and events, present themselves through the individual, human conduits of the cosmic, Cloaca Maxima. The Conduit in Chief, Twinkle Toes Obama, can now moonwalk like Michael Jackson. We should perhaps call him the backpeddler in chief. He’s got the super slide feature operative because the floor has been greased by the blood of his constituents. Zionists, dual nationals and lobbyists, are nose-hosing the ground for nutrients, which ‘build dark bodies 12 different ways’.

Yes, Obama, trying to speak through a mouthful of crow feathers, has let the Europeans know that everybody does it; “what’s the big deal?” Is this a thing of beauty or is this not a thing of beauty? First they create Al Qaeda, then Israel attacks the U.S. in Al Qaeda costumes, then they pour out financial, logistic and military aid to Al Qaeda in Syria, after having done the same in every other country they trampled under their feet, under orders from Israel. John McCain is taking photo oops (spelling pun intended) with Al Qaeda. Is that a great country or what? …or was? or… or… uh… uh… sigh…

via Visible Origami | The Ascent and the Descent and the Dead Zone Zombies..


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