How the MSM got us again. | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

by Anthony Kininson

Ok kiddies; gather around, I have a riddle for you. I’m going to list some things previously available to a nation before the Zionists ruined it. Here it goes!

What country provided $20,000 to newlyweds for purchase of a home? Who paid half for a vehicle? Who made petrol 7 cents a gallon? If you wanted to be a farmer, who provided free training, free land and a home, free equipment and livestock, free seeds and money to hire help? Who made all loans interest free by law from the state before we instituted and evil Zionist Rothschild central bank? Who spent millions if not billions on water and electricity to nations other than his own? Who provided free education and quality healthcare, and if you couldn’t get adequate of either in the country, they paid for you to travel abroad? Who said that a home was a basic right and he would make sure everyone would receive housing before his own father, which he honored because his father died before getting housed? Who had a quality of life higher than Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Brazil? Who had the support of nearly the entire country? If you guessed Libya and Col. Gaddafi, you are correct.

Obama went on live TV and said the people of Libya were tired of the tyrant Gaddafi and we had to remove him. This is an outright lie, demonstrated by how 1/3 of the entire country came out in Tripoli to protest out bombing. It was said that it was the Libyans revolting, which was a lie; they were Zionist foreigners who were supplied with arms from NATO. How do we know this? Well, they lied and said they got their arms from raiding Libyan army bases. This is simply not true because the Libyan army used AK-47’s, and these rebels were armed to the teeth with shiny new FNFAL rifles with new 7.62 NATO rounds. And not only did we provide state of the art Anti air missiles, they came complete with their own CIA handlers to train in how to operate them. We lied and said he was bombing his own people, but it has been proven that was a lie, and videos of rebels firing anti- aircraft guns and scores of dead bodies were staged for the media. The also showed men and children dead or with injuries, but there is video of them applying Hollywood style fake blood, and one guy in a coffin starts laughing.

via How the MSM got us again. | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED.


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