No True Justice, No Real Peace Until the Bankers Are Arrested and Out of Power | The Lone Star Watchdog

by The Watchdog

I have seen the sign after the LA riots and recently for ” Justice for Trayvon” the sign and the mantra of “No justice, No Peace”. I will admit that there are injustices in the black community that need to be corrected. This is part of the picture of what is polarizing our the people of this once great republic.

The truth is we are being played like a fiddle in a divide and conquer game by those who rule behind the curtain by those we did not elect, but have their puppet leaders doing their bidding. This game to divide us fighting amongst ourselves whether Democrat/ Republican. Liberal/ Conservative and black and white. We are trapped in many paradigms that need to be shattered so we can come together against a common enemy to all of humanity. That is the Private Central Bankers.

These Private Central Bankers and their social engineers keep us divided into sub and counter cultures for the purpose of our destruction and to condition us to be deceived by propaganda that undermines our moral fiber daily. They attack the family unit and control all forms of media from entertainment to the news. For many decades they have done a real good job contaminating our minds to believe a certain way to accept their global government. Now the trance is breaking over the nation and the establishment is scared. No one is watching or reading their garbage anymore.

via No True Justice, No Real Peace Until the Bankers Are Arrested and Out of Power | The Lone Star Watchdog.

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