Smoking Mirrors | An Off the Rack Lawsuit from Lipshits, Dewey, Cheatem and Howe.

By Visible

Back to those presidents but first, let’s have a listing of great minds from history and what they had to say. I’m guessing there were some great speeches over the years and also things that came into the public view that were not originally intended to, like Nixon and Billy Graham, discussing the greatest and most constant material scourge, in presently recorded history …but I keep thinking, wouldn’t it be wonderful if some president (certainly not the Nimrod presently in office), presidential candidate or powerful person of either sex were to call a news conference and say something like this;

“I am soon to be much older than I am now and I am old now. It is to be presumed that I will depart this plane in the not unforeseeable future. Having been a politician for most of my life, else-wise I would not have become president, as it takes a lifetimes of deals and arrangements, for one to finally be in a position for that to happen; unless one were a simple laboratory concoction, like my predecessor, Barry Sotero, who was made from a variety of chemicals in the Rand/Monsanto facilities.

“I have often wondered why no president other than myself, has ever chosen to stand before you, as I myself have come to do today. I will tell you some of the reasons for that, as I will tell you my reasons for breaking the extended silence that has hovered over the life of this nation, like the atmosphere inside a crypt and with much the same meaning, implications and aroma. For many of them, it was the fear of death. For many of them it was the lingering force and awareness of blackmail, as well as the threat to their families and friends and… finally, how history would treat them, given that the worst creatures ever to draw breath upon this planet, control history and the media as well.

They also decide who writes the books you read and whether they are sold or distributed. At least they did, until the internet came along. Yes, these Talmudic vampires have had their way with cultures and societies, not to mention economies and what wars have come and gone (a shocked murmuring can be heard moving through the listening and watching audience, accompanied by a few gasps and some unintelligible cries of outrage; no doubt these are given voice by those who are representative of those, of whom the president speaks and who far outweigh the percentage of their own numbers in the general population vis a vis the halls of power.)

via Smoking Mirrors | An Off the Rack Lawsuit from Lipshits, Dewey, Cheatem and Howe..


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