Visible Origami | Love and Fear and the Heart of the Populace.

By Visible

One of the primary qualities of Love is expansion. Fear and selfishness express themselves in contraction. If love is not permitted to expand it will shrink. Like anything that is not exercised and employed, it heads toward Vestigial Canyon. It shouldn’t be hard to understand why there is too little love in this world. Of course, in times of material darkness, the first casualty is Love. It should go without saying that Fear, Selfishness, Greed and Miserliness are all hot-housed during times of material darkness. They pass for acceptable qualities in these times. In ‘their’ words, “Greed is good”; I think Ayn Rand said that and who the Hell is John Galt?

Let’s consider Love in metaphysical terms. It’s said that God is Love. If that is so, it implies that Love is conscious, or perhaps, at the upper end of it, it possesses the capacity for consciousness. Maybe it possesses it at all levels but the quality of the consciousness is variable. Or one might say that the manner in which Love employs itself varies depending on its octave. At one level, Love would express itself in the capacity to share. At another it would express itself as the desire to serve. At its highest point it expresses itself as sacrifice. This we see in the tales of love personified in the lives of certain individuals who have made their mark on history but who are also the victims of legend and myth. All kinds of stories are told about these super beings. It’s not that I don’t think they are capable of anything said about them and… more. It’s that many of the stories are teaching allegories, fraught with symbolism, constructed to convey a point. As a guy named Pontius Pilate once asked, “What is truth?”

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