Visible Origami | Mr. Apocalypse is Gonna get You, One way or The Other.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

This is The Apocalypse, make no mistake about it and Mr. Apocalypse is the walking and talking embodiment of a cosmic archetype who, like all cosmic archetypes, has a job description and does it well. Let’s see if we can come up with some useful illustrations. Can anyone stop the wind? No. You can shelter from the wind and ‘most of the time’ you can close the wind out via some kind of a structure but you can’t stop the wind. You can use the wind to run windmills and you can generate energy with the appropriate technology. You can’t stop a volcano but you can run from it, if you start in time. Of course, some volcanoes, super volcanoes, can threaten all life on Earth. However, you can manifest a geothermal technology (my favorite out of all the presently known technologies) that will power every need in your home. You can stop the course of a river and you can alter it but you have to let the river pass somehow or the river will overcome every dam or obstacle. No one can stop the ocean but power is there in all kinds of moving water and it will provide for you, if you know how to harness it.

What’s my point? Mr. Apocalypse should be viewed in the same way. No matter what, you are going to have a relationship with him. I’m going to use a bad example but it’s fitting. You can make love to someone or you can be raped by them. Interacting with Mr. Apocalypse is like this. He IS going to get your attention, one way or the other. You may like it and you may not like it but it’s going to happen anyway. You can tense up while getting a shot or you can relax. It might hurt either way but it will hurt a lot less if you relax. Fear can play a big part in the level of pain. Apprehensive anticipation of anything can put you through suffering long before actual suffering occurs, if it ever does; keeping in mind that often our fears are not realized. Still, most of us are in a constant state of suffering. It’s gone on for so long that many people are unaware of it, unless it intensifies to an appreciable (appreciable?) point. Absence of Suffering is Serenity or Tranquility. You should be able to easily tell if you are in possession of either of the latter.

You can go through your life as an enemy of truth, armed with denial and elaborate justifications, all either focused or constructed according to whatever the components of however your self interest expresses itself. A certain amount of self interest is sane. It depends on how you define self interest and which ‘self’ you’re talking about.

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