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Dog Poet Transmitting……..



May your noses always be cold and wet.



Like I been saying (seems I say this a lot, seems I have reason to say it a lot because these things are happening) change is gonna come (cue Sam Cooke–  listen to the song by one of the last centuries great songwriters. I miss Sam Cooke) and precisely where those who have resisted and manipulated change don’t want it to come  See, behind the scenes, those serving the machine of monsters, know there’s a power shift taking place. It’s not being talked about but there is a coverslip of chilling fear, trembling and fluttering like a white sheet on the laundry line on a Palestinian rooftop. It’s no space blanket, baby. It’s not going to keep you warm. The mid-little people know there’s something up. There’s a change in the wind. Even if they have no clue as to its intention and intensity, there is a hidden sense in all of us. It is the origin of hunches and intuitive feeds and, as is often the case, it is precise and on the money; although the details and dimensions may be an unknown, the essential vibe is what it is and the subconscious has pulled its trumpet out of the case and is blowing Stardust for all the Morlocks who have been running the place into the ground. You can look for a large uptick in unintentional humor across the board, concerning all kinds of things.



You can also look for an increase in the despicable inexplicable Yeah, the demons are afoot, seeking whom they may take unawares. You’re going to see evidence of this sort of thing low and high. What has long been concealed and suppressed, is roaring to the surface like some Hell rider on a subterranean subway train, with flaming red eyes, rising up out of previously unexplored regions of the mind. It’s Steven King Island, floating on a sea of non Newtonian fluids and keep it in mind, you got to keep moving or you’ll sink. That’s the case on the metaphysical plane as much as on the temporal. Hey! As above so below! They got banks in both places too. Most people don’t know that. I know that and some of you do too. I’ve got an account in one of those invisible banks and I am the currency.


via Smoking Mirrors | The Small Print on Mr. Apocalypse’s Business Card..


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