Smoking Mirrors | Turkish Taffy Dancing Girls and Sugar Plum Fairies Melting in Macarthur Park.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.



Karma and seeming coincidence and other imponderables can be fair surprising. This is why I recommend one leave good footprints; keeping in mind that none of us have been totally consistent about this but that NOW is always a good time to make that house policy. I know many a tale about people thousands of miles from where you might expect them to be, who ran into someone they never expected to run into and which might have been the reason they were thousands of miles away from where you might have expected them to be in the first place.



The point is, you can’t run from what’s coming for you. All you can do is change who you are and that might change the shape and potential of whatever is coming for you. It’s kind of like throwing a ball at a wall. The ball has left your hand. You can’t bring it back. What you can do is race toward the wall and catch it as quick as possible; given that each bounce is a mark of Karma on return.



Yesterday I wrote a posting about forgiveness. For some reason, people got the idea that this was somehow connected to Michael Vick. People do this sort of thing. If they have a strong opinion about something they will conspire in their own minds to find a way, any way to tie events and people together to suit their outrage about something. My posting was completely independent of Michael Vick other than him being a member of a certain football team. It was inspired by the spittle flecked venom (metaphorically speaking) of a commenter who is filled with hatred, not just for Michael Vick but for all kinds of things; at least that is how it looked to me, while using my intuition in the experience of reading the comment.


via Smoking Mirrors | Turkish Taffy Dancing Girls and Sugar Plum Fairies Melting in Macarthur Park..

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