Reflections in a Petri Dish | Down the Wrong Way Highway Moonwalking into The Dark Backwards

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May your nose always be cold and wet.



They’ve done a lot of things to sensitize and then desensitize human nature, according to some unpublished, diabolical plan. The home has been invaded by the television. Out of doors, people are suited up with cellphones, headphones, Mp3 players and hidden and insertable, vibrating devices that also help to take one’s mind off of all the loud, pushing and unpleasant scurrying, conniving and desperation grasping taking place all around; not to mention all of the bad vibrations that are the fruit of the time. We live in an age of weaponized, psychological programming. It comes at you through the television. It comes at you through the ever intensifying onslaught of images and bigger and bigger screens hanging in public places. It comes at you in the schools and in the workplace, due to ever more and more legislation of social mores. Viewpoints and opinions are now becoming a matter of law. You can’t get away from any of it. It is even coming at you in your sleep. Vile entities are chanting dark and noxious paeans to all sorts of demonic personalities, who look at this historical period as FEEDING TIME!!! Then there are all the microwave devices, conning towers; visible and invisible and… as has already been stated; endless programming that you might be aware of and might not aware of.



What this makes for is a lot of uptight people and… I’ve certainly seen a lot of that lately, as people’s irritation level continues to rise and rise. We live in an age of prickly pears and misanthropes. People are becoming curmudgeons long before the time they used to be funneled into that state, as a result of not being able to process ordinary human emotion and interaction. A great deal of it comes about due to rising selfishness, resulting from the ubiquitous promotion of self interest. Self interest is seen as a positive attitude; greed is good!”. Win by any means and at all costs or… sink into failure and ignominy.


via Reflections in a Petri Dish | Down the Wrong Way Highway Moonwalking into The Dark Backwards.

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