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Dog Poet transmitting…….

May it always be Christmas Day in your heart. Ruf!

I love Christmas. I love Easter. I love Thanksgiving. I haven’t got much use for New Years Eve or The 4th of July. These latter are amateur hour on the highways. I consider myself a professional in that regard (grin). I have driven many times, blitzkreiged and also stopped by the PO-lice both on the highway and at temporary traffic stops for checking this very thing AND- never once have been cited for being impaired. This is because I take driving under such conditions very seriously. When I know that my senses are altered, I operate with that understanding and my attention is intensely and narrowly focused on the task at hand.

In no way am I seeking to brag about this and condone it and I recognize that it opens a window for self righteous anal retentives to come at me about it. That’s all past business anyway. However… there is always a lot we can do in any situation or circumstance besides the automatic that people put into play because they are lazy or lack the imagination. End digression.
The reason I like certain holidays, is due to the spirit filled state I enter on a regular basis. Christmas Spirit and the correlative spirit of the others are very real conditions and available to anyone who seeks them out or puts themselves ‘in the way’ of this state. What will and does cancel out this state is Materialism and cynicism; despite the seeming joy of the act of giving; this token and routine ritual of exchanging objects instead of this state of being, which is a wonderful thing to be sharing and far superior to objects. Of course, there are those who give gifts from Malkuth and gifts from Tiphereth at the same time. “God Bless us every one!” as a character in a book once said.
Last night I was told to record a Christmas Album with music as similar as possible to the traditional carols. This isn’t my normal style; not that I have one and not that I’m normal. There is a significant downside to my doing this and that is that it comes up against the contemporary cynicism of many readers who believe in nothing traditional and hedge their bets about God by shaping him according to the parameters of what they feel comfortable acting out as.
I’m not like a lot of the people who come around here. I’m not an adult. I never became an adult. That was denied me and I am grateful. I had one of the worst childhoods I know about though… I know there are worse childhoods; much worse. Mine was amplified exponentially due to my having been overly sensitive. If I had had a little more insulation and a little more of a hard side, I would have been much better off but… I was extremely sensitive and so it injured me in a way I never recovered from. I suspect it did make me into the person I am today, doing what I do, day after day and not minding, not even thinking about it. I often feel like a pack animal or a horse. I am carrying something that is greater than myself like a dog and its owner. Being beaten into submission might have helped make this possible.

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