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Dog Poet Transmitting…….



May you become the person your dog thinks you are.



One of the phrases that regularly reappear in my thoughts is; “those who love much are forgiven much.” You might say that the addition of that emotion in the context of sincere and even flawed endeavor, validates it in the afterglow. Whatever that endeavor may be, it is sure to be enhanced and shaped to the right end when Love is the motivator. At the same time, with Love in the driver’s seat of your life, you won’t be motivated, automatically, in any direction that runs contrary to it. This is why love is often seen as a shield as much as sustenance because it protects you. Even when others might harm you and you were not discriminating or wise enough to catch it ahead of time, it saves you from the worst of it, which is not whatever you might have lost materially, or however much it might have disadvantaged your life. What is the worst of it? The worst of it is that which gets awakened in your breast as a reaction; vengeance, resentment, hatred, anger etc. You may be sure that these are the worst fruits that can come as the result of being injured by another.



I realize there are people that question my intentions and sincerity. I’m pretty sure they question their own because people ‘naturally’ measure others against themselves; not only from conscious speculation and observation but also from established patterns in the subconscious, which account for our kneejerk and reflex responses to whatever. Perhaps there are people who think they know something about my life. Largely they know what I have told them. Why would I tell people things they can later use against me? That is my full disclosure thing. I absolutely do not want people to presume some idealized version of me. Regardless of the reason but… almost certainly having to do with the effects, over time, of my Kundalini experiences, some amount of people like to look at me as a guru figure. This has been a constant in my life for decades; from the time I was a teenager and anyone asking people who have been in my life for any period of time would find that they concur that this happens and it happens regardless of the environment and often… even regardless of my behavior.


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