Smoking Mirrors | Those Pigs in Kevlar Blankets at The Molotov Cocktail Lounge.

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Between the Common Whore Curriculum; The, “I Can walk around Naked if I want to but you can’t talk to or look at me Movement” and the, “It’s in the Spirit of Necessary and Useful Knowledge; Pederast Pedophiles for Plato in the Athenaeum”; there is no question that the 2% of whatever it is 2% of, has taken control of whole segments of the culture and is demanding that 98% of whatever else is left of whatever that is, must submit to the global agenda of the forces of darkness; basically, bend over and squeal like a pig. It’s for your own good.

Should a day go by without some shining example of the good work being done by those who work for charitable organizations? I guess not. Well… Let’s not leave the festering sexual swamp of contemporary dysfunction yet; this Cream of Entropy Soup. Here’s a lovely expose on something or other. What is it? Is it an animal, vegetable or mineral? This kind of thing is all part of the war against everybody, being waged by Politically Correct Lego Monsters from The Black Lagoon. It stands to reason if there is a monster double feature playing on The Truman Show screens hanging everywhere around you and also inside your mind that this is the logical outcome of so many of the rest of the things being mentioned here except that this happened before they did? Did it? Time is dancing in skin tight lederhosen with no fabric in the back, down in The Inferno Room of a Berlin Kink Circus, or is that Rent Boy Square, Piccadilly?

All these things happened and are happening and obviously… much worse is happening. The moment you see something like this you know it was put on by those pretending to be the victims of it. As the heat from this kind of thing, which they were the architects of, ratchets up with every passing day and their gratuitous genocide against The Palestinians, creates more and more global outrage well then… then? Then they have to work that victim thing. So… now… on Ebay, you can find lampshades made out of human soap that melt in all kinds of psychedelic colors when you turn the lamp on. You can only use the lampshade once or twice though… not like the myth itself which you can use over and over and over again. Who says, “neffer again!!”? Of course ‘again’. Yes!!! Again and again and again!

via Smoking Mirrors | Those Pigs in Kevlar Blankets at The Molotov Cocktail Lounge..

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