Reflections in a Petri Dish | The Shadow Cast is not what Cast It.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.
Watching something called “The Queen of Versailles”; unintentionally funny here and there and tragically sad elsewhere. It gives you a real insight into how people with an exclusive material focus get the way they do. For someone like myself, you cringe at the sight of it and the kind of children they produce are nightmarish in their lack of vision, personal drive, human potential and the habit patterns that being rich engenders. If you add in a complete lack of taste; along the lines of wanting to build something as kitschy as an homage to Versailles and it come with a fashion perspective that includes faux (or real) animal furs… it’s what it is. You certainly learn something about banks and mortgage companies. They got to go, with prejudice, regardless of the fact that most of their clients are as fatuous as the bankers are greedy. All the caricatures you see about bankers are understated because there really isn’t a way to show the degree of spiritual depravity they have manifested in themselves.
These are truly uncertain times and there is no escaping your being aware of it, since you live in it and have costs like rent or mortgage, maintaining a car, food, clothing and whatever comes with your particular lifestyle. Like you, I am aware of the pressure; real or imagined (out of an undisciplined subconscious). I sit at the gateway to my mind and I observe the thoughts of, “How will I maintain myself once I get where I am going?” “Will the authorities take exception to my complete lack of respect for them and my knowing what corrupt clowns they are, or will my act be polished enough (grin)?” I don’t have to list all of the mental post it notes that come and go. You all have some version of this, unless you are exceptional.

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