Visible Origami | Dancing the Baraka to the Pulse of Shiva’s Drum.

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

May your noses always be cold and wet.

I had been hearing things coming out of the ethers; that sounding board for the word of the ineffable; that resonating, sympathetic medium that is Shiva’s Drum; at least to my way of thinking. It matters not; it’s my image in my posting (grin). Like I said, I’ve been hearing things, things promising me a positive change in my weather. I hadn’t seen that happening. I went on as one must do and Today; what a shift! Regardless of whatever news I get as the outcome of what I showed up for today, it’s still a shift because you can feel it. This is the next.

One of the most overlooked aspects of good fortune is one’s emotional climate. It’s one thing to have good fortune and have it manifest in a material sense. It is another thing to feel good about it; not self satisfied, which generates arrogance and a sense of entitlement but a deep down sense of well being, as if all were right with the world.

We hear ancient aphorisms. We see it in scripture. We say it to ourselves to make us feel better about it not happening to us …AND what is that? It is the understanding that just because people are rich and famous, powerful, influential and well connected; not to mention temporarily beautiful, doesn’t mean that person is happy and in possession of a certitude of rightness about the situation. Quite often, especially in these times, people run roughshod over others in the pursuit of riches, power and the like. Try as one might, they cannot hide from their ever watchful conscience, the wrongness of their path. Yes, some of them are psychopaths and sociopaths and have no connection to a functioning conscience but the majority are not from that genre and those cannot escape a perpetual uneasiness about themselves and this results, further up the line, in ‘ashes in the mouth syndrome’; a sense of looming doom and the certainty that it was not worth it.

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