Smoking Mirrors | Dinner with the Devil and the Patanjai Method

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

The power of the obvious is as great or as muted as the mind of the perceiver. You see what you see based on what you permit yourself to realize, to the degree that that realization puts you in danger of estrangement from your colleagues and the world around you. The world is sick and you are sick, to the extent that you accommodate it, for the purpose of the sensation and appearance of operational harmony and a security in the freedom to maintain your place in it.

England and principally London and more specifically, The City, is the financial center of the planet. Decisions of life and death the world over are made in The City and the will of The City dictates the policy of the House of Lords, the House of Commons and #10 Downing Street. MI5 and MI6 are the leashed and unleashed Doberman Pinchers of Commerce. The Black Nobility of the Royal Family and the debauched aristocrats who use the Magna Carta for toilet paper every day, are with loving and fearful fealty, bent low to osculate, possibly in the manner of the French, the central locus of the devil’s rear end. It’s a religious experience. The first line of offense is the international bankers. Chief among them is the Satanic Rothschild dynasty, whose main focus is the spread of dissension, discord and the promulgation of wars for the purpose of financial profit and geopolitical advantage in the pursuit of financial profit. Until the primary source of world wide oppression and discontent is rendered impotent, there can be NO JUSTICE AND NO PEACE.

via Smoking Mirrors | Dinner with the Devil and the Patanjai Method.

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