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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Hopefully we can clarify some things today; for me and for you, or maybe only ‘about me’ for your benefit, at least as far as interpersonal things go. I am not a lamb. I am not a fluffy bunny or a cuddly cat. I am not a Saturday morning cartoon character. EACH OF US has characteristics and qualities with supernatural association; HOWEVER… in most of us these features are LATENT. We have to awaken them and this; I and some others have managed to do. For me, it came about through an intensity of brutal trauma, aspiration, powerful psychedelic experiences and periods of Brahmacharya and other physical austerities. I also had the good fortune to be brought into the presence of a powerful master on a timeless beach years ago and was able to see the very characteristics of which I will refer to here today, operating in him …in an unmistakable fashion.

Unless we are some kind of cosmic blockhead and archetypal dullard, we all come out of a tradition that is connected to us at some point in our lifetimes. You can find out what this is by subjecting yourself to whatever it takes to strip away the veneer of your self conscious assumptions about who and what you think you are. There are various ways to initiate suitable trauma or favorable conditions to bring revelation about but I do not recommend many of them in general …because, I HAVE SEEN that most people cannot handle this when it happens. It takes a certain type of person to be able to just drop all of their ideas and attitudes about themselves. In my case, I had all sense of self beaten out of me to begin with so there wasn’t anything much to get rid of. Occasionally, our lives are geared in an unavoidable fashion to a particular end. This was the case with me. What any of that means, overall result wise, I have yet to discover but I suspect that time is much closer than it was.

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