Visible Origami | Killing for Krap and the Wrath of Tamerlane.

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The fall of a gigantic super power and its culture of excess is never pretty. It is especially gruesome when, front and center, all that one can see is the tawdry, the ridiculous and the embarrassing. Of everything I have seen, nothing sums it up better (or worse?) than this. It’s all become a cartoon; an unfunny cartoon. The leaders are cartoon characters. The social luminaries and entertainment icons are all cartoons. When it isn’t a cartoon it is a horror movie. It’s Tom and Jerry hacking each other to death with axes. It’s Roadrunner being chased by a rabid, frothing at the mouth, coyote and then… a safe falls on his head. It’s not a safe, it’s the Federal Reserve and it’s not the Roadrunner, it’s the American public, lurching on crutches down a concrete road of fused skeletons. The stretch of the highway of the dead goes on forever.

Somewhere over a millennium ago, a stunted little psychopath named Tamerlane, built a massive concrete wall and he embedded over 2,000 living men into it. There they remained screaming and crying out, until they starved or vermin and predators killed them. That wasn’t all Tamerlane did. He buried alive, over 4,000 Armenians. He built many towers of skulls at Aleppo and Damascus. He slaughtered 100,000 Indian captives at Delhi and 70,000 others at Isfahan. There’s a monster for you. History is filled with examples of this sort of thing, committed by these kinds of people.

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