Smoking Mirrors | Racing Down the Highway in Stolen Cars.

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May your ears always be open within and without.



It is truly impressive how the force of false media can control public perception. Sandy Hook is a good example. When you think about all these staged events, orchestrated by intelligence agencies, with crisis actors and the outrageous numbers of people who must be involved for this to take place and who have obviously sold their souls for money or are kept in silence by fear… it boggles the mind that it can even happen but it does; The Bombing of the Boston Marathon, obviously a government op, all those staged shootings elsewhere. Then there’s the phony shooting in Ottawa and that bizarre fabrication in Woolwich. Nothing else besides being a willing automaton for the forces of darkness makes sense and then? There’s all the evidence of exactly that.



When you think about what low life’s the people engaged in all of these things are; all those false flags and the financing of world wide terror, mass murder in the Ukraine, genocide and living torment of The Palestinians, fomenting of race wars and now appearing more and more in the public view, the ritual sacrifice of children (including rape and murder effected to manifest the greatest terror, since that is a kind of fuel and power generator)… well, it’s hard to explain how they could be such incredible monsters, without bringing in their near certain supernatural alliance with ancient forces of darkness. They surrender their humanity through a series of ever greater offenses against their humanity, in order to make themselves a living abode on the manifest for creatures who ordinarily reside in the infernal regions.


via Smoking Mirrors | Racing Down the Highway in Stolen Cars..

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