Smoking Mirrors | The Invocation of the Beast Nature and the Unnatural Course of Empire.

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I am hugely entertained by Mr. Apocalypse. I have conferred personhood on him and for all I know he’s sitting in a control room somewhere, mixing and mastering. You see examples of his work every day and here is one of those, seriously ingenious examples of; as you read it, your mind (my mind anyway but… there’s only one mind) starts to consider; “Does this writer realize in his scoffing and adjective, laden disinfo offering that he is detailing what the truth of the matter is?” His scorn for Putin and Co. is over the top, yet he painstakingly adds in all information of value to be had; by a reporter anyway. The writer is presently IN Moscow so apparently Putin is good to go with freedom of the press.



The great clock of cosmic time ticks relentlessly on and the hands move according to the rubbing together of the planets in their courses. You might say that this is the real soundtrack to the movie of our lives. In accord with this rubbing together, there comes the expected stupid, blundering and dangerous incompetence of stuffed and curmudgeonly walruses, barking and honking in the corridors of power and leaving hissing radioactive, orange snail tracks as they go. Of course, Stupid is the new Smart in the American Congress; there is nothing more fatal than uninformed dickheads, whose reach exceed their grasp. As was stated long ago, “Pride goes before a fall.” Empires are arrogant; that is one of the dependable attributes that you never fail to see in the personality and behavior of Empire and all the more so when that Empire is in decline. Empires operate according to predictable patterns. They are nearly always large and ungainly beasts, by comparison with other governments going on elsewhere. This particular Empire (and maybe that is the case with all of them) has been hijacked by Banker Vermin who are not only looting the country right down to the ground under its feet but also directing it to engage in wars for the sole purpose of Banker Profits.


via Smoking Mirrors | The Invocation of the Beast Nature and the Unnatural Course of Empire..

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