Visible Origami | No Truer Words; By Their Works Ye Shall Know Them.

Dog Poet Transmitting…….
May your noses always sniff out the truth.
There is a reason that you hear phrases like sniff out the truth and how something doesn’t pass the smell test. The thing is, the sense of smell is the only one that goes directly to the brain, through the nose and what filters and channels stand between; it goes right up.
If you see all kinds of similar related directed actions coming out from seemingly disparate sources with the same intent, there are various theories that can emerge. One is that these are all connected though the connection may be blurred or concealed. Another is that a mysterious feature in the cosmic clock has been activated to bring something to the public’s attention in myriad ways.
I want to say a few things about The Tribe, before I get into the associations, because everything I am going to talk about is backed and financed by members of The Tribe at some point; obviously so and not so obviously. I use the words ‘Tribe’ and ‘Zionist’ rather than the ‘J-Word’ for a reason. First off, these things do not apply to all members of that demographic. Some of these people are pretty much like anyone else and not a conscious part of the conspiracy against the rest of humanity.

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