Health Ranger update: the revolution of open-source grassroots inventions –

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

(NaturalNews) As Natural News fans and readers know, I’m working hard on a series of inventions to be released in 2015 that will revolutionize preparedness and self-reliance globally. These are all 100% off-grid inventions that require no power to operate and are therefore collapse-proof.

Many physical parts of these inventions will be posted online as open-source, downloadable 3D printing files, allowing anyone anywhere in the world to print out these devices. (Some simple assembly is required after printing the parts.) This will empower people in first world nations as well as developing nations where citizens of villages or small towns will soon be able to access 3D printing services in a nearby city.

Unlike the Defense Distributed project, these are not 3D printable objects that have anything to do with tools for self defense. Rather, they have to do with creating abundance and self-reliance at the grassroots level.

Some of the objects I’ll be releasing can be almost entirely printed at home, and others require additional parts or materials that must be acquired through other common means. For example, one of the objects I’m working on right now requires a simple steel rod hinge which can be made by bending a paper clip into a straight line, inserting it into the hinge hole, then bending the ends with a pair of small pliers to keep the hinge in place.

In every case where additional objects are required, my inventions are designed around readily-available common objects that are easily found, even in an era of social chaos, financial collapse or serious disruptions of society. In fact, these are items you could even find in the aftermath of a war.

via Health Ranger update: the revolution of open-source grassroots inventions –

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