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Dog Poet Transmitting…….



May your noses always be cold and wet.



The big news of the moment is the Torture Papers; which has mostly to do with Bushligula but… of course, Howdy Doody factors in. The heat of the inferno is doing a wax job on the back of the neck of the Bozo of the moment. The word is that he’s drunk and angry. When that happens to a man in his position it means; pressure. Yes, it means pressure and pressure translates into stress and it comes from down below. It’s not something you can easily get away from because it is coming from inside and its hard to know what to do about that. If it’s from outside you can react on it or call in your chief of staff and instruct him to go to the military and have them bomb the shit out of someone. These things he is doing but… it ain’t helping. You can chalk it up to Mr. Apocalypse because everyone, infernal and supernal, has to integrate with him because he is the atmosphere in the enveloping phase in which we find ourselves.



Here is a descriptor of a musical envelope; “The intensity of a sound is generally not a static quantity, but changes over the duration of the sound. This change in the intensity of a sound over time is called an ENVELOPE. Thus, at the beginning of a sound, the intensity does not change in an instant from silence to peak level; rather, it requires a certain amount of time, called the ATTACK TIME (or simply, the ATTACK), to do so. Similarly, at the end of a sound, the intensity does not suddenly plummet to silence. The amount of time required for the intensity of the sound to diminish to nothing is called the DECAY TIME (or simply, the DECAY), or the RELEASE.”



You get a feel- maybe you get a feel- for how much of what is said there might apply to Mr. Apocalypse; things like intensity; attack time, decay AND… the release. Heh heh. You get certain images that speak in mental pictures… there’s a feeling that attends. Mr. Apocalypse is an envelope that dominates as something greater and more impactful than all of these things that occur within the envelope. This is all a kind of reaching on my part; an imperfect effort at seeking to communicate something that will never be effectively transmitted through the medium of words.



Mr. Apocalypse is behind the coming out of those Torture Papers and the force behind the ever larger and more pervasive independent media. He’s behind the rising awareness among the fed up, in transition, Shit from Shinola Brigade, who are catching on by the day. He rides on a replicating stallion that appears as a single horse, expressing itself as a stampeding herd of horses and is known as the internet.



Mr. Apocalypse is a consciousness that is stronger than any other consciousness or every other consciousness put together; in this particular time slot. He is a kind of Zeitgeist, though that is essentially a more superficial descriptor of something much deeper. We are talking about that which is primary and expressing through the multiplicities of the secondary and tertiary, like the broomsticks of the Sorcerers Apprentice and just as difficult to stop. Everyone is affected. Whatever direction you are headed in, Mr. Apocalypse accelerates that and whatever activity you are engaged in, it is defined in value by the ultimate decision maker, when it comes to fate, destiny and final resolution. We be moving apocalyptically.


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