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Dog Poet Transmitting…….
May your noses always be cold and wet.
Day follows day and I follow my patterns and that finds me here, when I should be packing or doing any number of things like selling my VW and posting to EBay about other things. Instead, I am here with you. Interestingly, this relationship; you and I, feels quite intimate. I don’t know how many of you are telepaths. I am. I got that gift/curse as a result of my Kundalini Rising. Back then it was like having another ear. I could actually hear the thoughts and sometimes I would wind up in people’s minds AND… oh my, the immediate resistance to my intrusion was something to see. Unfortunately for the one seeking to push me out, there is only one mind and if you don’t know the technique for canceling out invasive thoughts, or you don’t have protection from on high… good luck.
I had this experience with the musician, John Hall, who was present at the Kundalini Uprising. He was not amused. In fact there were several people there and all of them were poleaxed by what happened. They just wanted to get back to D.C. and whatever they remembered of Normal. Not a word was spoken on the 70 mile drive back and we were driven directly to Dupont Circle where I was let out and not spoken to again by any of those parties  for years. Those were amazing times.
In any case, this is why I feel a degree of intimacy in this process. It accounts for the resonance back and forth and, of course, the invisible friends are not confined to any locale and they get involved here and there as some of you know; positively and negatively. The telepathy became modified because I didn’t like being intrusive in the thoughts of others so I sealed up that particular port. On reflection, perhaps I should have held on to it, given some of the bottom feeding characters I have run into; especially lately. Lessons that come to us are quite often instigated in order to save us from even more serious circumstances in future times. I comfort myself with that (grin). So the telepathy as it exists today is more of an emotional read for the purpose of positive and negative informing. And yes, I did pick up on the inner workings of those set upon putting me in harms way or stealing from me but… I let it go in order to give the possibility of it working out different, which it did not. I have since made the decision to give no slack at all in future times, which accounts for the most recent reactions from some.

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