Reflections in a Petri Dish | Having Skin in the Game of Unfortunate Trends.

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May your noses always be noses.
Unreliable sensory perceptions; frontotemporal dementia. Yeah… that’s a condition that gets confused with Alzheimer’s. All kinds of things get confused with all kinds of things. This world is a hotbed of personalities, states of being and conditions being confused with each other. We live in times of chronic miss-diagnosis. We live in a time where the whole medical profession is nothing more than a pill dispensing industry. Without a doubt there are physicians who mean well and even do well. I’m just about trends. What is the most significant thing about trends? What is the most important feature of trends? The most significant and important thing about trends is where they lead.
So… when we talk here about the incredible depths of contemporary ignorance and indifference, we are not seeking to malign stupid people, or people who don’t give a shit about anyone but themselves. When we talk about the ‘gross’ obesity ‘epidemic, we are not seeking to offend people with weight problems, nor are we even calling attention to a few extra pounds here and there, some heavy people (and I know a few) are just as they are supposed to be and are light on their feet and as graceful as anyone else I’ve ever seen. We are talking about the kind of weight situation that requires two airline seats and which renders the hundreds of thousands, millions actually, who suffer from this, into perpetual victims of all kinds of health problems.
We firmly believe that there are interest groups that intentionally promote dietary practices that bring the ignorant and indifferent into these states and they do it in order to sell products on the one hand and ineffective and expensive medical treatments on the other. Having observed Monsanto, Syngenta, Dupont and Bayer at work, I have concluded that feeding the world is not their motivation. Controlling the world’s food supply for the purpose of enduring corporate profit and population control is their motivation. I have observed that 90% of the politicians, presently in office, are completely unconcerned about their sworn duties to the people they are presumed to serve. They are concerned about serving those interests that have guaranteed them a large and protected income, once they have left their sold out positions. Public Service is a euphemism for self interest.

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