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May your noses always be cold and wet



I must admit, I don’t really know what it’s like out there in the places where I used to be. It seems like an entire lifetime ago and… I suspect that it has been. One of the things we have to keep in mind when things change for us is that… it is always a possibility that our whole world will also be changing too, in accord with the force that initiated the change in the first place. This isn’t always the case but… I have been led to believe that when the particular change takes a great deal of time; far more time than one might reasonably have suspected and… when the circumstances within the changes are fraught with serious events that can become almost like watermarks and… when finally, on the cusp of the change FINALLY coming to pass, everything starts moving in uncanny ways, there’s something more than the obvious going on. I used to know that this kind of thing happens but I had forgotten; it involves people and circumstance as well, coming seamlessly together.



Can’t look at the news, since Arizona is at St. Louis this morning and I don’t want to accidentally come across the score. It’s a brilliant sunny day today. The weather here has been magnificent all through the fall. That is quite to the contrary of conditions in the USA! USA!! USA!!!



Torture reports are a big, big deal and the bad guys are really doing that purpose of demonstration thing so that everyone can see where they are at behind it. This news is circulating all around the world as sort of a Christmas gift, after a fashion. We also got the surprising news that the torture psychologists were given 80,000,000 dollars for their contribution to the torture. Imagine that! This article was given us with a picture of one of those ‘torture psychologists’. It’s no big thing for him, nor… according to him, is any of it true either. Why… of course not.


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