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Dog Poet Transmitting…….
May your noses always be cold and wet.
My friends, this years Darwin Awards have come out and we are going to share them with you  AND if you haven’t had enough we are sending you to the Slush Pile afterwards. There are some real winners in the Slush Pile. I apologize for turning you on to something that you will be unable to stop reading.
Every so often I see something like this and I just have to shake my head. I note the long, exhaustive list of credentials and prestigious fellow associates and I shake my head again. If I shake my head any more, I expect to start feeling like one of those life like plastic dolls with the Pet Rock rattling around in its head. I’d like to think it is ONLY caused by my shaking my head. I don’t know though, do I?
I live in a world where anything is possible but only certain things are probable. I’m not in a position to say one way or the other whether this tale is true. Meanwhile though, my subconscious is screaming, “Bullshit!” at the top of her lungs. Speaking on this order of things, Mr. Visible is watching the latest Transformers film and oh… what an excruciating turd it is. It is most notable for the acting chops of the not ready for Bay Watch blonde who plays Marc Wahlberg’s daughter. Not since Sophia Copola in Godfather 3 have I seen someone with so little acting ability. That she is connected or that she paid in the coin of her realm for the role is without a doubt. I became fascinated while watching her perform. “Can it possibly be as bad as it looks?” I ask myself. The response is not long in coming, “It is worse.”
Either the Greeks know who is behind their problems or… this is another one of those sympathy cards like the acid tossing in the West Bank. Here we are told that a Palestinian terrorist threw acid on a family yet… they were only slightly, or was that lightly wounded? How do you get slightly wounded when someone throws acid on you? Perhaps it was Lysergic acid? Citric Acid? Upchucking Acid Reflux?

via Smoking Mirrors | Pooka Time in The Circus of the Absurd and Ridiculous.


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